Thursday, July 25, 2019

Church of Greece appoints Day for the Protection of the Unborn Child

The Theotokos greeting Elizabeth, and the Precious Forerunner bowing to Christ in their wombs (source)
Church of Greece appoints Day for the Protection of the Unborn Child
On July 9th, 2019 the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece decided to formally address the issue of abortions in the country. The movement "Let me live" was received with joy and gratefulness, and they appointed the First Sunday after Christmas (on which the Church reads the Gospel of the Slaughter of the Holy Innocents by Herod), as a day dedicated to the protection of the life of the Unborn Child. They mention specifically that: "Faithful to the Word of the Gospel and the Tradition of our Orthodox Church, [the Church] proclaims the truth, that the unborn child is a person, an icon of God, from the moment of conception, and she struggles for the protection of its life unconditionally and without presuppositions."
Icon of the slaughter of the Holy Innocents (source)
Through the prayers of our Holy Fathers, Lord Jesus Christ our God, have mercy on us and save us! Amen!

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Metropolitan Avgoustinos Kantiotes on St. Panteleimon the Great Martyr

St. Panteleimon the Great Martyr and Unmercenary (source)
Metropolitan Avgoustinos Kantiotes on St. Panteleimon the Great Martyr: He was cast out due to jealousy
"For he knew that for envy they had delivered him" (Matthew 27:18)

My beloved, we are honoring the holy memory of the Great Martyr Panteleimon. Our topic will be the question: What was the reason that St. Panteleimon was persecuted? To this we will give a short response.

St. Panteleimon lived and struggled during the era of persecutions, when the Roman Emperor was Diocletian. He was born in Nicomedia of Asia Minor. His father was an idolater, but his mother was from the women who planted deeply into the heart of their children their faith in Christ. Therefore, she taught St. Panteleimon the truths of the faith.

He was well-sown. He had a call towards learning. He studied medicine near noted scientists. He became an exemplary physician. There were many physicians then, like there are today. However, it is rare today to find a Christian physician. The majority are faithless, materialists. And these have no worth; may God protect you from falling into their hands.

St. Panteleimon differed from them. In what way did he differ? He differed in three ways.

First, regarding money. They were lovers of money. They charged their patients a lot and became rich. St. Panteleimon was unique, a man of ideology. He used science as a mission. He was seen at night visiting huts [of the poor and sick] like an angel. While the others went only to the houses of the great ones, he went to the houses of the poor and served the sick.

And a second way in which he differed from the others. As a famous Greek university professor once said, physicians frequently study medicine like veterinary medicine, and many doctors act like veterinarians. They don't see anything else beyond veins, bones, flesh, ribs, hearts and lungs. Man of course is these, but behind this is something invisible. There is a "little motor", which moves the biological body, and there is the existence of man. And the doctor, when he doesn't see this "little motor", is blind, and is not in the position to perform his work. This "little motor" is the spiritual factor, the soul of man. A multitude of experiments and observations have shown that the soul with the passions, feelings, conscience and impulse greatly impacts the body. There is an interconnectedness between body and soul. This is what our Church chants during the 15-days of August, and which is scientifically correct: "From the great multitude of my sins, ill am I in body, ill am I also in soul..." (from the Small Paraklesis to the Theotokos). And both are sick but the root of evil is sin. Therefore, St. Panteleimon made the correct diagnosis. He saw that, when the soul is freed from guilt, the body is given life, and man breathes deeply. Many illnesses (apoplexies, heart attacks, cancer) have as their cause the spiritual world. Some bitterness from remorse or from slander or from divisiveness or from injustice or anxiety waters the body with poison.
St. Panteleimon the Great Martyr and Unmercenary (source)
So he differed first for not taking money, secondly because he saw man as a psychosomatic whole, and thirdly, for besides the other medicines which the other physicians had, St. Panteleimon had a rare and unique medicine, and this was the faith. He believed deeply. Because of this, together with medicines from herbs from the earth that he gathered, he knelt next to the pillow of the sick, praying, and--let the faithless disbelieve it, we believe it--the sick man was healed. And to this day, we see the sign of the Cross in clinics, hospitals and healing centers. How truly awesome a thing is the power of faith, a medicine of healing for bodily and spiritual illnesses.

This was St. Panteleimon. And because of this, his healing center was marked every day with a line of sick people, while they did not go to the other physicians of Nicomedia anymore. This being passed over, however, enflamed the hearts of his colleagues with the yellow lamp of jealousy. They were jealous of him, they hated him. They saw that, as long as he was a physician in Nicomedia, they would have to change careers because everyone was hastening to St. Panteleimon. And the sick, who themselves were loosing hope, found their healing near him. Behold therefore the cause of jealousy. Because of this they cast him out. They hated him from the beginning. With what slander did they do so? As an unmercenary? As one taking advantage of people? As an adulterer? As a fornicator? As a dangerous person? As a criminal? None of these things. If they condemned him with these during that decadent regime, it wouldn't work. They condemned him with a condemnation that took hold. Isn't that how it is, that the slanders of the faithful change in every age? Sometimes they use slander A, other times B, other times C. I will not dwell on this, I will just mention that, from the time...with various slanders, with foolish things the jealous attack the worthy men to discredit them--though at the heart of the matter, they don't believe the slanders--and people are no longer judged according to proper and steadfast criteria (ethically), but according to other criteria (politics).

They condemned him therefore with the condemnation of that era that was so devastating: that he was a Christian. And this condemnation led man to dash him to pieces. He was seized, led before rulers, confessed his faith with boldness, suffered all kinds of martyrdom, and thus, his holy soul flew to the heavens like a wholly-white dove to dwell in the heavenly mansions, in order to rejoice together with the Holy Angels and Archangels.

Behold, my beloved, the cause of the persecution and the martyrdom of St. Panteleimon: jealousy.

O jealousy, a great and abyss of a passion! It is a worm and viper that consumes the bowels of he who is jealous, but is also the grave of great men. Terrible are its consequences. If we open the holy stories, we will see that, from the beginning, this was the destruction of the human race. "Out of the jealousy of the devil", says Solomon, "death entered into the world" (Wisdom of Solomon 2:24). Satan was jealous of the magnificence of man, and was filled with wrath against him. Because of this was the first blood spilled upon the earth, due to jealousy. Cain was jealous of his brother Abel and he murdered him "in the field" (Genesis 4:8). From jealousy Esau persecuted Jacob (ibid 27:41), the eleven children of Jacob persecuted Joseph the All-comely (ibid 37), King Saul persecuted David (I Kings 19:10), and a long line of holy men were snuffed out.

And we have examples from our own national history. Great men were snuffed out like the righteous Aristides in antiquity, Socrates who drank the poison, and in later years, Harilaos Trikoubes, etc.

But why do we need other examples? Cast your eye on the Praetorium and to Golgotha. "Which of these two do you wish that I release?" asked Pilate, "Barabbas or Jesus?" Everyone cried out together: "Barabbas". And the Evangelist notes psychologically: "This he did", Pilate, in other words, "for they delivered Him up out of envy." (Matthew 27:18) The envy of the Scribes and Pharisees, which were like fireflies quenched before the great sun that is Christ, led our Lord to Golgotha. Therefore, my brethren, it is a general rule. If there ever appears some person, some worthy personality, who would perform their duty, he will elicit envy and rouse up persecution. Meaningless people do not bother, those who offer help and give their lives to those around them, they are the ones persecuted. St. Paul said this: "All those who desire to live piously in Christ Jesus will be persecuted" (II Timothy 3:12). All those who believe in Christ will be persecuted, along with all those seek to live according to His commandments. It is their fate. All those living, either through his word or through his example, bring about an earthquake. However, this is an earthquake of salvation. Blessed are the communities who have such men, either in science or in the military or in politics or in the holy clergy, for they become the agents of the proper way.

Pray, my brethren, that the sickness of envy might be healed, that it might abandon you. And may our Lord, through the intercessions of St. Panteleimon, transform all our hearts, and may we go forth with virtue and love, to the glory of God. Amen.

+Bishop Avgoustinos

(Homily of Metropolitan of Florina Avgoustinos Kantiotes, delivered in the Holy Church of St. Panteleimon, Florina, 7/27/1976) (source)
St. Panteleimon the Great Martyr and Unmercenary (source)
Through the prayers of our Holy Fathers, Lord Jesus Christ our God, have mercy on us and save us! Amen!

"She who loved Christ, the most beautiful..."

St. Paraskevi the Great Martyr (source)
She who loved Christ, the most beautiful, and through purity, was herself made beautiful in soul, and through all kinds of pains and trials approached Him as a spotless bride. Therefore, He made you worthy to dwell within His bridal chamber in the heavens, where you ever entreat Him, O All-praised Paraskevi, on behalf of those who honor you.
-Kathisma from Matins for the feast of St. Paraskevi the Great Martyr


Through the prayers of our Holy Fathers, Lord Jesus Christ our God, have mercy on us and save us! Amen!

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Akathist to Sts. Joachim and Anna the Ancestors of God

Sts. Joachim and Anna with their daughter, the Most-holy Theotokos (source)
Note: A wonderful edition of this beautiful Akathist is available from St. Paisius Monastery in Arizona. Please consider supporting their endeavors.
Akathist to the Holy and Righteous Joachim and Anna
For Blessed Married Life

Kontakion 1:
O holy and righteous Joachim and you Anna, the forbears of Christ, elect among the human race, who gave birth to the all-blessed, holy Maiden, of Whom the Son of God was born in the flesh! In that you have great boldness before Christ God and stand before His heavenly throne, earnestly entreat Him, that we may be delivered from misfortunes and thus may ever cry aloud to you: Rejoice, O holy and righteous Joachim and Anna, Ancestors of God!

Ikos 1:
An angelic messenger was sent to you by God, O holy and righteous ancestors of God, when you both expressed your sorrow – You, Joachim in the wilderness, and you Anna in the garden – offering up supplication unto God. Thus the incorporeal one brought the joyful tidings that you would give birth to an all-blessed daughter, in whom the whole human race would be blessed. And with him we also offer you joyful praise:
Rejoice, branches of the vine of life who blossomed forth in holiness from the root of David!
Rejoice, you who gave birth to a daughter more blessed than all the generations of men!
Rejoice, most honored forbears of the incarnate Son of God!
Rejoice, most excellent disclosers of the mystery hidden from before time began!
Rejoice, closest relatives in the flesh to the Consolation of Israel!
Rejoice, blood relatives of the Savior Who was promised to the world!
Rejoice, O holy and righteous Joachim and Anna, Ancestors of God!

Kontakion 2:
Seeing himself belittled by the high priest in the Temple of Jerusalem because of his lack of children, the holy Joachim was sorely distressed. In bitterness of soul he withdrew to his flocks in the wilderness, and there he offered fervent supplication with tears, that the Lord grant that he might be called father by a child of his own. And thus he added fasting to prayer and in the contrition of his heart cried aloud to God Almighty: Alleluia!
Sts. Joachim and Anna embracing the Most-holy Theotokos (source)
Ikos 2:
Knowing the extent of her husband's grief, the holy Anna wept bitterly in her house and prayed that the Lord would remove from her the reproach of barrenness. And we, remembering the patience of the righteous ones, cry out:
Rejoice, O divinely chosen pair who gave birth to Her who would become the Mother of One of the Trinity;
Rejoice, you who produced an immaculate Mother for your creator!
Rejoice, you blessed pair who raised a Daughter who is most blessed among women!
Rejoice, you whom God heard amid your barrenness!
Rejoice, for your tearful entreaties passed up to heaven and reached the ear of the God of Israel!
Rejoice, for your temporal reproach has been transformed into eternal glory in heaven and on Earth!
Rejoice, O holy and righteous Joachim and Anna, Ancestors of God!

Kontakion 3:
Filled with the power of God, the angel of the Lord appeared to the holy Joachim in the wilderness and said to him, “God has heard your prayer and has been pleased to grant you His grace! Behold, Anna your wife will conceive and bear you a Daughter, who will be the joy of the whole world!” And having said these things the incorporeal one commanded him to return to the Temple of Jerusalem, where he would find his spouse praying, that with her he might also chant there the hymn of praise to the God of Israel: Alleluia!  
Sts. Joachim and Anna embracing Panagia (source)
Ikos 3:
Having great sorrow in your heart, O holy Anna, you entered the garden of your home, where your eye saw little chicks lying in a bird's nest in a tree, and you immediately added supplications to your prayers, that the Lord might permit you to become the mother of a child. And lo!! The angel of the Lord appeared to you, saying: “Your prayer has been heard, your sighs have passed beyond the clouds and your tears have come before God! Behold, you will conceive and bear an all-blessed Daughter, in whom all the peoples of the earth will be blessed, and through whom salvation will be given to the whole world! Her name will be Mary!” Mindful of these most angelic tidings, let us chant these things to the ancestors of God:
Rejoice, you who were chosen for ineffable glory!
Rejoice, you who walked blamelessly in all the commandments of the Lord!
Rejoice, you who received eternal consolation amid your fleeing sorrow!
Rejoice, you who were exalted beyond expectation by the right hand of God!
Rejoice, for your humility and tribulation the Lord remembered you!
Rejoice, for you were chosen to become the forebears of the Son of God!
Rejoice, O holy and righteous Joachim and Anna, Ancestors of God!

Kontakion 4:
Beset by a storm of doubt and perplexed by the angel's tidings to him, the righteous Joachim immediately set out for the city of Jerusalem, where he found before the gates of the Temple the holy Anna, greatly glorifying the Lord, who declared to him the joy of the angelic appearance and the prediction of her childbirth. Wherefore, when he had told his spouse of his own vision, he cried with her unto the Lord: Alleluia!
St. Anna holding the Theotokos (source)
Ikos 4:
When Anna's relatives and friends heard of her all-glorious conceiving, they glorified the God of Israel. And he divinely wise Anna promised the fruit of her womb to the service of God and offered up fervent thanks to the Lord. And singing with splendor the most glorious conception of the holy Maiden Mary, we say upon her blessed parents:
Rejoice, joyous heralds announcing to us the Redeemer Who is come into the world!
Rejoice, grandparents of God Who in His mercy assumed our form!
Rejoice, you who through your blessed Daughter provided flesh for the Word of God!
Rejoice, you who called the incarnate God your grandson!
Rejoice, worthy servants of the great mystery of piety!
Rejoice, most excellent means of God's condescension to men!
Rejoice, O holy and righteous Joachim and Anna, Ancestors of God!

Kontakion 5:
You were chosen to give birth in the flesh to the all-holy Birth-giver of God, the divinely radiant star who showed forth Christ God, the Sun of Righteousness, O most blessed Joachim and Anna, and have received the enviable title of Ancestors of God. At her holy birth heaven and earth rejoiced and the whole human race was sanctified, crying out to the God of Israel Who is wondrous in His Saints: Alleluia!
St. Anna embracing the Theotokos (source)
Ikos 5:
Looking as parents upon the Mother of the Creator, the holy Maiden Mary who was born of you, you reverently ministered unto her as the ark of God; wherefore, do not turn away from us who fall down before you in prayer and say:
Rejoice, you who were filled with radiant jubilation at the birth of the holy Maiden Mary!
Rejoice, you who were filled with delight at the sight of the holy Maiden!
Rejoice, you who were moved to compunction at the sound of her voice!
Rejoice, you who after these tidings were blessed by the high priest of God!
Rejoice, you who tended well the unblemished ewe lamb in your house!
Rejoice, you who received the Mother of the Lamb and Shepherd as your Daughter!
Rejoice, O holy and righteous Joachim and Anna, Ancestors of God!

Kontakion 6:
You were shown to be proclaimers of the wonders of God, O Saints, when you fulfilled your vow to God and with glory brought the three-year old holy Maiden Mary to the Temple of God, that She might abide there in the Holy of Holies; and for these things you hastened with joy to chant unto the God of your fathers, the glorification: Alleluia!
St. Anna embracing the Theotokos (source)
Ikos 6:
The divine Maiden shown forth like the full moon at Her honored entry into the Temple of the Lord and the angels marveled at Her beauty. And taken Her from your hands, O holy Joachim and Anna, the High Priest Zachariah led Her into the Holy of Holies with honor, for She was truly the living ark of God; and he blessed you as is proper with such praises as these:
Rejoice, you who have given birth to the universal joy of the human race!
Rejoice, you who have nurtured the cause of the restoration of mankind!
Rejoice, you who brought the living ark of God to the Temple of the Lord!
Rejoice, you who gave your holy Daughter to dwell in the Holy of Holies!
Rejoice, you who are revealed as the relatives of God who will become incarnate!
Rejoice, you who conversed with the angels!
Rejoice, O holy and righteous Joachim and Anna, Ancestors of God!

Kontakion 7:
Having fulfilled the desire of your soul and given your promise to God, O al-blessed Joachim, you departed this earthly life in holiness and righteousness, passing on to the Lord. Wherefore, we ask you to petition Him that we also may be counted worthy to receive a peaceful and unashamed end, crying out to Him: Alleluia!
Sts. Joachim and Anna embracing the Most-holy Theotokos (source)
Ikos 7:
You led a new and God-pleasing life in your widowhood, O holy Anna, abiding at the Temple of God and ministering to your all-blesses Daughter, wherefore, we praise you as a true and God-pleasing widow and the grandmother of Christ and with love we fervently honor you and your husband, Joachim the grandfather of God, and offer you such hymns as these:
Rejoice, you just ones whose righteousness shines like the sun forever!
Rejoice, you friends of the angels, who truly dwell with the Saints in the presence of God!
Rejoice, you who stand near to the throne of heaven!
Rejoice, you who have great boldness before Christ God!
Rejoice, adornment of the Church Triumphant in heaven!
Rejoice, good supporters of the Church militant on earth!
Rejoice, O holy and righteous Joachim and Anna, Ancestors of God!

Kontakion 8:
O holy and righteous Anna, having reached the end of your earthly journey, in the arms of your holy Daughter, the Birth-giver of God Mary, you slept the sleep of death and were transported unto God with hope; wherefore, glorifying your holy dormition, we entreat you, O most honored grandmother of God; When we also begin to fall into the sleep of death, beseech Christ the Savior that our soul may part gently from our body and escape the power of the demons, and that we may be granted eternal salvation, and may cry out to Him in the joy of the Saints: Alleluia!  
The first steps of Panagia, before her parents, Sts. Joachim and Anna (source)
Ikos 8:
The whole Christian world blesses you as is proper, O holy righteous and ancestors of God Joachim and Anna and in prayer glorifies your honored names. The Church of Christ celebrates your memory with splendor and offers hymns of praises unto you:
Rejoice, beacons who graciously illuminate the darkness of our souls!
Rejoice, you who mercifully look down upon mortals from the heavenly heights of your glory!
Rejoice, you who ever pray with Mary the Birth-Giver of God!
Rejoice, you who with great might move Christ God to mercy!
Rejoice, you who save from all misfortunes those who cherish faith and love for you!
Rejoice, you who deliver those who call upon your help in prayer from a violent and sudden death!
Rejoice, O holy and righteous Joachim and Anna, Ancestors of God!

Kontakion 9:
All the angels of God and the choirs of the Saints of God in heaven greet you, O holy and righteous ancestors of God, Joachim and Anna, and on earth the generations of men praise you with prayerful hymns and cry out to God in thanksgiving for your intercession: Alleluia!
Sts. Joachim and Anna, with Christ and the Most-holy Theotokos (Source)
Ikos 9:
Our eloquence does not suffice to praise you fittingly, O holy forbears of Christ; yet as you are merciful, do not reject our inadequate praises, but be fervent intercessors and advocates for us before the Lord, fulfilling the deficiency of our souls with your holy supplications, that we may cry out to you this hymn of thanksgiving:
Rejoice, mediators who win for us the joy and eternal glory we desire!
Rejoice, fervent advocates before the Lord who acquire temporal and eternal blessings for us!
Rejoice, you who by your intercession preserve the faithful from deadly pestilence!
Rejoice, you who by your supplications dispel mortal plagues!
Rejoice, you who by your mediation cause earthquakes and violent storms to cease and restore calm!
Rejoice, you who amid all tribulations and misfortunes hasten to our aid!
Rejoice, O holy and righteous Joachim and Anna, Ancestors of God!

Kontakion 10:
 O holy and righteous ancestors of God, Joachim and Anna, you have shown yourselves to be beneficial helpers of those who desire salvation of soul and diligently strive for this. Being called the guardians of monks and nuns, and offering unto God common supplication for all the faithful, that in thanksgiving into Christ the King of glory, Who has glorified you throughout the world, they all may cry out: Alleluia!
Sts. Joachim and Anna embracing at the Golden Gate (source)
Ikos 10:
With the bulwark of your prayers, O holy and righteous ancestors of God Joachim and Anna, preserve and protect us from the temptations of the diabolical who seeks the destruction of our souls; for we know that your petition before the face of Christ our God, your Grandson according to the flesh, is able to accomplish much. Never cease to make supplications to Him on behalf of all who with love honor you and cry aloud:
Rejoice, fruitful olive trees pouring forth the oil of the mercy of God upon us in abundance!
Rejoice, you two cypress trees of excellent foliage who turn the burning heat of our passions into the stillness of dispassion!
Rejoice, purple and fine linen of which the tabernacle of God's dwelling place was wrought!
Rejoice, turtle doves mated for life, who brought forth the immaculate dove!
Rejoice, you who reign eternally with your Daughter the Queen of all!
Rejoice, you who celebrate with Her in splendor in Her heavenly mansion in Sion on high!
Rejoice, O holy and righteous Joachim and Anna, Ancestors of God!

Kontakion 11:
Mercifully accept our hymns of praise and do not deprive us of your compassions, O holy Joachim and Anna, ancestors of Christ; for though we are unworthy of your holy intercessions because of our sins, yet as you are good and full of pity, grant it to us and help us to cleanse ourselves of defilement of sin through repentance, that in purity of heart we may chant unto our Creator the hymn of praise: Alleluia!
Sts. Joachim and Anna embracing the Theotokos (source)
Ikos 11:
O Brethren, let us recognize the holy ancestors of God, Joachim and Anna, as two radiant candles which lit the universal Lamp. Illuminated with the brightness of their heavenly glory, let us sing to them such words as these:
Rejoice, you were counted worthy to raise Her who is beyond compare more glorious than the Seraphim!
Rejoice, you who were resplendent with heavenly brightness!
Rejoice, you who were filled with the sweet fragrance of the Spirit!
Rejoice, you who bear unto God the incense of your prayers for the whole Christian world!
Rejoice, you who ever stand before the throne of Christ with Mary the God-Bearer and John the Baptist!
Rejoice, you who stand near the throne of heaven!
Rejoice, O holy and righteous Joachim and Anna, Ancestors of God!

Kontakion 12:
O holy ancestors of God Joachim and Anna, ask the Lord that He grant us divine grace and mercy, forgiveness of sins and correction of life; and never cease to entreat the countenance of Almighty God in our behalf, in that you have acquired great boldness before Him. Falling down before you with fervor for this purpose, we beseech you as our true intercessors and helpers and with real compunction cry out to the Creator of all: Alleluia!
St. Anna embracing Panagia (source)
Ikos 12:
Singing of the great might of your intercessions before God, O righteous Joachim and Anna, we magnify Christ the Lord Who has magnified you; we sing also the praises of His all-immaculate Mother who was born of you; and in our zeal we offer you these right fitting praises:
Rejoice, you who are glorified from the East even unto the West!
Rejoice, O our protectors whose vigilance in intercession is never wavering!
Rejoice, you who grant your gracious help to every Christian soul!
Rejoice, you who fulfill the entreaties and petitions of the pious!
Rejoice, most excellent healers of the infirmities of soul and body who exact no fee!
Rejoice, most diligent and pleasing mediators who obtain for us temporal and eternal good things!
Rejoice, O holy and righteous Joachim and Anna, Ancestors of God!

Kontakion 13:
O holy and righteous ancestors of God Joachim and Anna! We entreat you with zeal and love, falling down before the footstool of your feet; we ask that you beseech the Lord God, that He will deliver us from the everlasting damnation prepared for sinners, that, saved by the loving-kindness of our God and aided by your holy prayers, we may sing in thanksgiving to Him the angelic hymn: Alleluia!

(Kontakion 13 is read 3 times, then read Ikos 1 รจ Kontakion 1)
Prayer to the Holy and Righteous Ancestors of God Joachim and Anna:
O ever-glorious and righteous forbearers of Christ, holy Joachim and Anna who stand before the heavenly throne of the great King and possess boldness before Him; He was well pleased to become incarnate of your all-blessed Daughter, the all-pure Birth-giver of God and Ever-virgin Mary. We, the sinful and unworthy, come to you as mighty intercessors and diligent advocates for us. Entreat His goodness, that He turn away His wrath from us, which we deserve because of our deeds and that, overlooking our countless transgressions, He may turn us to the way of repentance and set us firmly upon the path of His commandments. By your supplications preserve our life in peace. Ask that we may be successful in good things. By your intercession, may God grant to us all things necessary for life and piety and may He deliver us from all peril, misfortune and sudden death. May He allow us to live out our lives in peace and tranquility, in all piety and purity. Having thus passed from this transitory life in peace, we may attain unto everlasting rest, where by your holy entreaty, may we be granted the heavenly Kingdom of Christ our God, to Whom is due all glory, honor and worship with the Father and all-Holy Spirit, unto the ages of ages.
St. Anna holding the Theotokos (source)
Through the prayers of our Holy Fathers, Lord Jesus Christ our God, have mercy on us and save us! Amen!

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Metropolitan Avgoustinos Kantiotes: On the Prophet Elias and the Wonders of Prayer

The Holy Prophet Elias (source)
Metropolitan Avgoustinos Kantiotes of Florina: On the Prophet Elias and the Wonders of Prayer
Today, my beloved, we celebrate one of the greatest Saints of our faith, the glorious Prophet Elias. He lived before Christ, but he is also "the second forerunner of the coming of Christ" (from the Apolytikion of the Saint). He is one of the most beloved Saints, and many bear his name, and on many hills there are built chapels in his name, and many villages celebrate his name.

Should we tell of his life? It would take much time and you don't have much stamina. So that I might not tire you, I will tell of a few essential things from the life of the Prophet Elias. I will mention three of the wonders out of the many that he had done.

The one was that once, with his prayer, there was a drought that hit along with a famine in Judea. He also was hungry, because the Saints suffer hunger. He went to a village and everyone closed their doors to him. Only one house, a hut, opened their door. And who lived there, a rich man? It was a poor widow with her children. She received him. She had nothing to offer him hospitality, only a handful of flour and a little oil. And these she did not hold back. As soon as she saw him, even though she didn't know who this old man was, she said: "Come in, Elder." She immediately took the flour, made bread and gave him to eat, because he was tired from his journey. This occurred in Zarepta of Sidonia. And then--let the faithless disbelieve; it is their right, but we believe--from that hour on, the widow's house was never lacking in flour and oil. (Third Kings 17:8-16).

What does this mean?  Where there is the blessing of God, everything is riches. One can have incomparable fields, vineyards and olive groves, one can have sacks of gold and silver, one can have it all, but die from hunger. And one can have a handful of flour, a little piece of earth, a bucket of soil, and this will sustain you, as long as one blesses the Lord. These are not just words, they are reality. Because of this our Church chants: "The rick have become poor and hungry, but those who seek the Lord shall not lack any good thing." (Psalm 33:11) Everything, therefore, is a blessing. Some place too high an emphasis of work alone, because above work is the blessing of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Another miracle: While the house of the widow had flour and oil, the rest of the village was suffering hunger, for it had not rained for three and a half years. The impious King Ahab gathered the people of Israel on Mount Carmel, and there, the Prophet Elias censured them for their lack of steadfastness. Until when, he said, will you stand limping with your two feet? If our God is true, then follow Him. If Baal (the idol) is true, then follow him. They heard him without speaking, how would they be justified? Then he told them, I will only preach the true God, while the priests of the idols were about 1000. Today, therefore, we will test who is the true God. Bring two calves, and you will choose whichever you wish, and let us prepare a sacrifice with wood, but we will not light them on fire. And I will prepare the other for sacrifice and will not light it on fire. And you will entreat your god, and I will call upon the Lord my God. And He will hear me and will light and burn the calf of sacrifice, because He is the true God.

They agreed. The priests of shame placed their altar, and their calf upon it, and began to entreat, calling out: "Hear us, Baal". Noon passed, evening came, nothing. Their god was shown to be false. Afterwards, Elias places the clean altar, places wood and the calf upon it in pieces, and tells the others to sprinkle it three times with water (in order that there not be any possibility of fire). And as soon as he prayed, fire descended from heaven and consumed the whole calf, and the wood and the stones and even the water! Nothing remained. Then everyone believed that the only true God is the Lord. Immediately, the Prophet Elias commanded: cease all of the priests of shame, the priests of idolatry. And he took them to the brook of Kisson, and there--terribly--he slaughtered them all (ibid 18:19-40).
The Holy Prophet Elias (source)
Let us now return again to the house of the widow. What happened there? One day her child fell deathly ill and died. The mother said to the Prophet Elias: "Come to my house to explain to me for which of my sins my son was put to death." "Give me your son." he told her. He took him to the upper room, laid him in his bed, and having prayed to the Lord, breathed three times on the child, and then--let the faithless disbelieve, we believe that there is a God Who works wonders through the Panagia and the Saints--the child was resurrected. "I see that you are a man of God", the widow said. (ibid 17:17-24)

I told you a few things, my beloved, about the Prophet Elias. One more thing I will mention. When it came the time for him to flee from the world, he did not die like we do. As he was walking, a fiery chariot took him and lifted him high. The Prophet Elias still lives. He is hidden somewhere, in one corner of the universe. And we expect him to come again. You don't fear the Prophet Elias, because it seems that you are Saints? I am afraid of him. He is a thunderbolt against sinners, prostitutes, adulterers, blasphemers, atheists, shameful people and all who remain unrepentant. His word is burning. He is the "second forerunner of the coming of Christ", the forerunner of the Second Coming of the Lord. And the Second Coming of the Lord is approaching, it is coming! The signs are many. There are signs which will precede the end of the world, and one of them is the appearing of the Prophet Elias.

One sign of the end of the ages is, as Christ Himself said, that there will be earthquakes, terrible earthquakes (Matthew 24:7). And continuous earthquakes are occurring. Another sign was mentioned by St. Kosmas Aitolos. When they asked him when the end of the world was coming, he replied: "When you see women walking naked in the street." And we see this in reality. Women walking around [naked], corrupting the world*, and even in the church they dare to enter naked. Another sign is the divorces that are increasing, while formerly divorce was unknown and only the shovel of the undertaker separated couples. Another sign that will appear is the 666. The devil will come out and begin to seal people, all, small and great will take this identification. These are the signs of the times. Go and sell your shirt and buy the Book of Revelation and read it, it is all written in there, what will occur.**

Within your houses, have fear of God. How will we be saved? With prayer. With what prayer? Not dead prayer, but living prayer which comes through tears. In the old blessed days the Christians listened in the Church of Christ with contrition. Today, we find the church dead. In the old days, in the crags of our homeland dwelt holy people. And what did they do? Were they partying at night? Before they would go to sleep, the father and mother, along with their seven or eight children would kneel in prayer to God. Show me today a family that prayers together! We have lost the mind of God. Where is prayer, family prayer? Where are the tears, the contrition? Where is Confession and Holy Communion? Where is almsgiving? Where are the wonders of our people?

Because of this, I advise you to take the Gospel and the Revelations and all of you read them, men and women. Pray night and day, at noon and in the evening. And if you can't say many prayers, say only one prayer: "Lord, have mercy", "Lord, have mercy", "Lord, have mercy". And if you say it with your whole heart, you will be heard, and you will work wonders, and the stars will descend to earth.

Let us live like this, therefore, my beloved and blessed ones, with Christ, awaiting the return of the Prophet Elias, and entreating God to save the world. Amen.

(+) Bishop Avgoustinos, recorded from a homily given in the Holy Church of the Prophet Elias, Xanthogeion, Amyntaiou, on July 20th, 1987) (Source)

*Note I: This described lack of modesty, and lust in general is of course not only seen in women, but in men as well, as day by day, filth of body, mind and soul is growing and is being exhibited more externally, in society, TV, the internet, etc.
**Note II: Thankfully, there are many good Orthodox guides to reading the Book of Revelation, including the most famous commentary by St. Andrew of Caesarea (translated here), published talks by Fr. Athanasios Mitilinaios, a series by Fr. Thomas Hopko, the series of talks by Fr. Josiah Trenham, etc. Metropolitan Avgoustinos ends this sermon very poignantly, focusing not on fear of the 666 or the Antichrist, but on fear of the Lord, and emphasizing the need for prayer, repentance, contrition, the Holy Scriptures and the Holy Mysteries of our Church.
The Holy Prophet Elias, with scenes from his life (Source)
Through the prayers of our Holy Fathers, Lord Jesus Christ our God, have mercy on us and save us! Amen!

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Akathist to St. Marina the Great Martyr

St. Marina the Great Martyr (source)
Akathist to St. Marina the Great Martyr,
written by Dr. Charalampos Bousias

Kontakion in the Plagal of the Fourth Tone.
She who mindfully abandoned the impiety of her father, and followed the untrodden path of martyrdom out of love for her Bridegroom [Christ] in Heaven, O comely virgin Marina, we praise you who destroyed the enemy, and cry out with fervor: Rejoice, O all-spotless Martyr.

O Marina, perfect and comely martyr and famed sheep of the Chief Shepherd and Word, (3) as His all-praised bride, you reclined your neck unflinchingly in the stadium and were beheaded on behalf of piety, rousing the faithful to cry out to you:
Rejoice, great champion and comely martyr,
Rejoice, greatly-suffering child martyr.
Rejoice, you who were nourished by the love of the Creator,
Rejoice, you who were delivered by the power of the King of all.
Rejoice, for you bore pains in your flesh gently,
Rejoice, for you followed the path of martyrdom.
Rejoice, the chastity of all spiritual champions,
Rejoice, the gladness of youth brave in soul.
Rejoice, greatly-flowing spring of graces,
Rejoice, unending source of wonders.
Rejoice, through whom Pisidia takes boast,
Rejoice, through whom the guile of the serpent is conquered.
Rejoice, O all-spotless Martyr.

An all-beautiful offspring of Pisidia, O Marina, you saddened your father who was a priest of the idols, as you showed his belief to be utter delusion, and you proceeded towards faith in Christ until martyrdom, reclining your neck to beheading, while crying out to Him: Alleluia.
St. Marina the Great Martyr (source)
Being founded upon the truth, O Marina, you remained unshaken by the assaults of the deceiving enemy, O Martyr, therefore you trampled upon his wretched attack through your struggle, therefore we cry out to you with fervor:
Rejoice, elite adornment of the youth,
Rejoice, the healer of all those suffering.
Rejoice, you who dispersed the darkness of your father,
Rejoice, you who struggled mightily and radiantly.
Rejoice, sweet fragrance of the love of Christ,
Rejoice, aromatic myrrh-vessel of manly*** martyrdom.
Rejoice, for you received your call to preach of your Bridegroom,
Rejoice, for you delivered from the delusion of the idols.
Rejoice, radiant jewel of youth,
Rejoice, joyous type of struggle.
Rejoice, bold vessel of the youth,
Rejoice, you who freeze the deception of the idols.
Rejoice, O all-spotless Martyr.

As a tree steadfast in soul, you deposed Olymvrios, who was under the influence of the serpent, and was a faithless ruler, while you gladdened the multitude of the faithful through your godly-wise words and sacred sayings, crying out to the Redeemer: Alleluia.
St. Marina the Great Martyr (source)
You willingly bore in your flesh the raking and being burnt by torches, O Marina, and you offered to Jesus a holy regiment of Martyrs, who denied delusion and who cry out to you out of fervent faith:
Rejoice, boast of steadfastness,
Rejoice, adornment of piety.
Rejoice, you who shone with the light of Christ,
Rejoice, you who dispersed the darkness of delusion.
Rejoice, very precious dwelling-place of spiritual manliness,
Rejoice, God-chosen boast of the martyric path.
Rejoice, for you were shown to be more steadfast than iron,
Rejoice, for you appeared as the bride of the Lord.
Rejoice, you who endured the raking of your flesh,
Rejoice, shaming of the multitudes of the faithless.
Rejoice, the wound of the soulless idols,
Rejoice, speedy dispeller of the demons.
Rejoice, O all-spotless Martyr.

Being arrayed in the zeal of martyrdom, O Marina, you wisely put off the garment of fearful nature and manfully proceeded towards steadfast struggles, and the cutting off of your head, as you hastened to Christ, crying out from your depths: Alleluia.

St. Marina the Great Martyr and Christ's Vanquisher of demons (source)

You deposed the ancient enemy who appeared to you as one barren, O Marina, through the power of Christ God, to Whom you gave the beauty of your youth as a dowry, and therefore we cry out to you in joy:
Rejoice, the depth of mighty strength,
Rejoice, the measure of perfection.
Rejoice, rampart of martyrdom founded by God,
Rejoice, utter deposition of the enemy.
Rejoice, unconquerable Martyr, who dashed apart Olymvrios,
Rejoice, all-spotless girl, the sweetness of the pious.
Rejoice, for you endured painful blows,
Rejoice, for you were set afire with torches.
Rejoice, crown of grace plaited with flowers,
Rejoice, stream of healings flowing from God.
Rejoice, healing for the greatly-pained faithful,
Rejoice, great pain to the enemy.
Rejoice, O all-spotless Martyr.

Divine light shined upon you, O Martyr Marina, transforming your dark and unspeakable [prison], filling you with joy as you beheld your wounds being greatly healed, O chaste one, and therefore you opened your all-sacred lips to cry out to Christ: Alleluia.
St. Marina the Great Martyr (source)
You trampled upon the strength of Belial the enemy through the power of the Cross, O Marina, and through the sword of your fervent prayers, you speedily cut off the head of his guile, trampling upon him, and rousing all of the faithful to cry out to you:
Rejoice, virgin bearing virtues,
Rejoice, all-glorious champion.
Rejoice, the fellow-dweller with all the Martyrs,
Rejoice, speaker with the Holy Angels.
Rejoice, fervent boast of pious strugglers,
Rejoice, unassailable surrounding wall for mighty young people.
Rejoice, for you rejoice together with the choirs in Heaven,
Rejoice, for you shine upon the minds of those bearing the name of Christ.
Rejoice, fervent refuge of the faithful,
Rejoice, steadfast destroyer of enemies.
Rejoice, protection for pious souls,
Rejoice, lamp full of spiritual boldness.
Rejoice, O all-spotless Martyr.

Bearing the beauty of virginity, and manliness in soul, you gave your spotless wealth to your Bridegroom Christ, O Marina, and you suffered terrible tortures for Him, ceaselessly changing to Him with a thankful tongue: Alleluia.
St. Marina the Great Martyr (source)
Shining with love for the Most-high, O Marina, you bore the pain of tortures manfully as one without flesh, and the sharp cutting of your sacred neck with the sword you endured, therefore we magnify you, crying out in worthy manner:
Rejoice, perfect soul of Christ,
Rejoice, icon of radiant virginity.
Rejoice, the divine adornment of the stadium,
Rejoice, the all-spotless lamb of the Lord.
Rejoice, for you were patient out of your fervent reverence,
Rejoice, for you cast down the head of Satan through your faith.
Rejoice, you who in no way spared your flesh,
Rejoice, you who received the cutting of your neck.
Rejoice, jewel of the love of Christ,
Rejoice, boast of His faith.
Rejoice, chaste cypress of Paradise,
Rejoice, pure one, who tramples upon the enemy.
Rejoice, O all-spotless Martyr.

O Martyr of Christ Marina, you lawfully struggled in the stadium, proclaiming your calling from your Bridegroom, and together with Him, you rejoice in the heavenly mansions, and you ever entreat Him, O one who greatly suffered, on behalf of those who cry out with faith: Alleluia.
St. Marina the Great Martyr (source)
You bore the deadening of your flesh, O Martyr Marina, through your timely struggles, and through your divine might, you wondrously showed the enemy to be a weakly dog, and you open the mouths of the faithful to cry out to you:
Rejoice, the casting down of the worship of idols,
Rejoice, the deliverer of the ailing.
Rejoice, you who triumphed over the ancient enemy,
Rejoice, you who love to alleviate illnesses.
Rejoice, fruitful vine of the new life in Christ,
Rejoice, support showing athletic virtue.
Rejoice, for you received the crowns of reward for the virgins,
Rejoice, for you show forth the ways of salvation.
Rejoice, support of the faith of Christ,
Rejoice, driving out of the dangers of the enemy.
Rejoice, spring of many kinds of healings,
Rejoice, all-fragrant incense of wonders.
Rejoice, O all-spotless Martyr.

A strange spring of all kinds of wonders, and a fountain of healings, you are seen to be, O Marina, working together with your Bridegroom Who is sacred and the One desired. We cry out to Him loudly, Who makes those lacking music to be composers, as we cry out to you, O Great Martyr: Alleluia.
St. Marina the Great Martyr, and Christ's Vanquisher of the demons (source)
You have been numbered with the heavenly ranks, O Marina, for you passed through the great sea of life, with Christ being the guide towards peace in soul, and rejoicing, you ever entreat Him on behalf of those who cry out to you with faith:
Rejoice, the giver of healings,
Rejoice, the destroyer of demons.
Rejoice, the first champion in the stadium of martyrdom,
Rejoice, partaker of heavenly rejoicing.
Rejoice, for you despised the prime of youth,
Rejoice, for you offered your head as a gift to Christ.
Rejoice, the speedy protection of those who hymn you,
Rejoice, the guide of your entreaters towards the heavens.
Rejoice, you who shame the boldness of the enemy,
Rejoice, you who were raised through the power of Christ.
Rejoice, breath and helping hand for the youth,
Rejoice, wound of the faithless tyrants.
Rejoice, O all-spotless Martyr.

With fervor in your nous, O Marina, you were directed towards Christ your pure Savior from childhood, and you speedily spat upon the vanity of the idols and the delusion of your father, as you shown with the light of Christ, to Whom you cry out unflinchingly: Alleluia.

St. Marina the Great Martyr (source)
As a fragrant and beautiful divine rose, you sprouted from a terrible and foul-smelling root, filling all the faithful with the breeze of your spiritual graces, O all-chaste Marina, and with the joy of your manliness, therefore we cry out:
Rejoice, you who struggled gloriously,
Rejoice, you who were rightly glorified.
Rejoice, fragrant vessel of springtime,
Rejoice, light-bearing Queen of graces.
Rejoice, for you endured the cutting of your head,
Rejoice, for you dyed the stole of your soul in your blood.
Rejoice, most delicious apple of goodness,
Rejoice, unemptying abyss of perfection.
Rejoice, you who emphatically loved Christ,
Rejoice, hypostasis of His love.
Rejoice, shame of the enemy that hates Christ,
Rejoice, victory of the choir of champions.
Rejoice, O all-spotless Martyr.

You were adorned with the crown of incorruption as a steadfast Martyr and virgin, and you join pasture with the choirs of the Angels, in the bridal chamber above, in which, O all-praised one, you entreat the Lord on behalf of those who piously cry out: Alleluia.

St. Marina the Great Martyr (source)
You are a surrounding wall for the chaste youth and a precious protection, O joyous Marina, the comeliness of steadfast women and the sacred type of champions. Keep under your protection those who entreat you and who cry out in faith:
Rejoice, Queen of graces,
Rejoice, depth of healings.
Rejoice, God-inscribed statue of truth,
Rejoice, you who are the longed for piety founded in God.
Rejoice, foundation of famed women champions strengthened by God,
Rejoice, mighty bravery of athletes.
Rejoice, for you endured unbearable beatings,
Rejoice, for you trample upon the frost of the enemy.
Rejoice, you who dwell in the court of unwaning light,
Rejoice, nourishment for the whole world.
Rejoice, steady ray of Christ,
Rejoice, spring of boldness and well-being.
Rejoice, O all-spotless Martyr.

We place the crowns of our hymns upon you for your struggles, O Marina, to the heavenly glory of your sacred Bridegroom, Christ God, Whose might we praise, we who are upon the earth, singing sweet songs and crying out with fervent voices: Alleluia.

St. Marina the Great Martyr (source)
You shine upon all creation with the rays of your virtues, and with the radiance of your beautiful youth, O comely and chaste Martyr Marina, and your soul was set aflame with the divine, therefore all who praise your memory cry out with faith:
Rejoice, creation of the love of the Lord,
Rejoice, sword against the delusion of the enemy.
Rejoice, example of the perfect truth,
Rejoice, adornment of the spotless way.
Rejoice, priceless emerald of spiritual beauty,
Rejoice, many-colored sapphire of athletic virtue.
Rejoice, you who bury the unclean spirits,
Rejoice, deliverance from incurable illnesses.
Rejoice, mighty strength of the faithful given by God,
Rejoice, ever-flowing spring of wonders.
Rejoice, container bestowing joy,
Rejoice, beautiful trophy of manliness.
Rejoice, O all-spotless Martyr.

Rejoice, O Martyr Marina, for you counted the fire of tortures as nourishment, and the cutting off of your head as a cause for joy, as you proceeded to the heavenly mansions to meet your Bridegroom, crying out to Him: Alleluia.

St. Marina the Great Martyr (source)
Having been enriched with your prayers as with gold, O Marina, we entreat the Giver-of-life that we be granted good things, though we are dead of good deeds, O child Martyr, chaste and full of faith and shining with light, and we cry out these things from our depths:
Rejoice, pillar of godly piety,
Rejoice, gate leading to God.
Rejoice, greatly-fragrant pasture of Christ,
Rejoice, juicy apple of His flower.
Rejoice, golden diadem of steadfast youth,
Rejoice, all-precious one lifted up by the Savior of souls.
Rejoice, the speedy protection of those who honor you,
Rejoice, healing from dangers for those who hymn you.
Rejoice, all-radiant light of struggle,
Rejoice, sheltered forest of manliness.
Rejoice, canon of steadfastness for those in dangers,
Rejoice, mystical verdant tree.
Rejoice, O all-spotless Martyr.

O Martyr of the Lord who suffered greatly, adornment of spiritual youth (3), unflinchingly entreat your Bridegroom that we be granted dual health [of soul and body], as the ranks of virgins praise you, and all cry out in reverence: Alleluia.
And again the Kontakion.
***Note: The author of the akathist, like many other hymnographers, praises the "manliness" of St. Marina. This does not minimize the attributes of her female gender, but means to praise her steadfastness and endurance of terrible martyrdom more than many men on behalf of her love for Christ.
St. Marina the Great Martyr (source)
Through the prayers of our Holy Fathers, Lord Jesus Christ our God, have mercy on us and save us! Amen!

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Elder Aimilianos: How does the Holy Trinity create a person?

The Holy Trinity creating Adam (Source)
Elder Aimilianos of Simonopetra: How does the Holy Trinity create a person?
‘At one exceptional and unique moment in history, the heavenly Father wished to create the material world. Once this had been done, He then went on to make the human body, in collaboration with the other two Persons of the Holy Trinity, and breathed the ‘breath of life’ into it. So God’s creation became ‘a living being’ [2]. God then ceased merely to hover above the waters [3] and entered into the created and material elements and living things. He dwelt in a unique, supreme being who became the king and the reason for the creation. Now the reason for the creation is God Himself. From that moment, the conjunction, the path towards identification and union with God became inevitable, and it’s now impossible to conceive of the human person, the image of the invisible God, without the Holy Spirit.
 So the Holy Spirit, as one of the Persons of the Holy Trinity, collaborates in the birth of every person. Together with the Father and the Son, He gives to the maternal womb the material which is taken from the father and mother, and the embryo thus conceived is flesh, dust. We people give birth to dust: we’re dust and return to dust [4]. To this dust, the parents give all the capacities and characteristics of their personalities, they give themselves, the image of their flesh.
What the heavenly Father did to the first human person, He also does at the birth of every one of us, the difference being that then He first created the dust and afterwards breathed into it the Holy Spirit, whereas now the Holy Spirit enters the person as soon as conception occurs. So from the very first moment, the embryo is alive and is a person, because it’s received the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. It has rational control, is a complete image of the divinity and, until its last moments, bears the features of divine and human nature, unfailingly and unabatedly. There is also internal communication within the person between the human and divine nature, as there is in Christ.
It follows, then, that at everyone’s birth there are, on the one hand, divine actions and, on the other, a human contribution, in accordance with the ancient saying and will of the Godhead: ‘increase and multiply’[5]. The husband and wife, one flesh- ‘you shall be one flesh’ [6]- communicate with the Holy Spirit, and the all-powerful Son brings everything together, puts everything into the womb of the woman and in this way we have a complete person, both God and human. The new persons, created by God and created for God, are endowed, at baptism, with divinity, with the charismatic life, at which point the Holy Spirit becomes the inheritance of their existence. From then on, they’re constantly being challenged internally by the Holy Spirit and also project from themselves the sparks, the light of the divinity. In this way, the dust of the earth becomes a radiant life, through vigilance’.
The Creation of Adam (source)
Through the prayers of our Holy Fathers, Lord Jesus Christ our God, have mercy on us and save us! Amen!