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Akathist to St. Irene Chrysovalantou

St. Irene the Venerable Wonderworker, Abbess of the Monastery of Chrysovalantou (source)
Akathist to St. Irene Chrysovalantou
By Fr. Gerasimos of Mikra Agia Anna
(except the last ode where the available text was lacking, and was supplemented from a different text)
Kontakion in the Plagal of the Fourth Tone.
As the pinnacle of Venerable Saints and Virgins, and a true and greatly flowing spring of wonders, we honor you, O Venerable Mother Irene, but as one nourished with the peace of the Spirit, keep us in the bond of peace, for those who cry out to you: Rejoice, O Mother, equal to the Angels.
An Angel was sent down from heaven to you, O Irene, to relate to you unspeakable knowledge (3), and through revealing hidden and secret things, you were made shining with radiance, through which you illumine everyone who cries out to you, O Venerable one:
Rejoice, through whom Christ was exalted,
Rejoice, through whom the enemy was consumed.
Rejoice, the icon of purity inscribed by God,
Rejoice, the cedar of manliness that is unshaken.
Rejoice, perceptible height of heavenly virtues,
Rejoice, depth of notable and soul-nourishing gifts.
Rejoice, for you appeared as the pinnacle of the Venerable,
Rejoice, for you became the chastity of virgins.
Rejoice, you who unfold the ethos of the Venerable,
Rejoice, you who uproot the tares of the passions.
Rejoice, through whom love shines forth,
Rejoice, through whom delusion groans.
Rejoice, O Mother, equal to the Angels.
You were the perfect and all-joyous root of good planting, and from your youth you were distinguished as beautiful in appearance, but surpassingly beautiful in soul, and you were guided and ordered by fear of the age to come, crying out: Alleluia.
Coming to know your future through the divine Spirit, Ioannikios the Great Ascetic, prophesied that you, O Irene, would remain in the Monastery of Chrysovalantou, and to you we cry out these things:
Rejoice, rose of gladness,
Rejoice, lily of virginity.
Rejoice, imprint of heavenly beauty,
Rejoice, partaker of earthly deprivation.
Rejoice,  refuge of the Bridegroom of souls for those condemned,
Rejoice, spotless diadem of radiant youth.
Rejoice, you who wedded [Christ] the Word without corruption,
Rejoice, joyous fragrance of the Angels.
Rejoice, cinnamon of chaste virgins,
Rejoice, gladsome beauty of souls.
Rejoice, radiant adornment of virtues.
Rejoice, O Mother, equal to the Angels.
You disdained all worldly glory and the time of your youth and superficial honor, counting them as refuse, that you might gain Christ, Whom you loved. And He casts down fire from heaven upon those who chant unto you with fervor: Alleluia.
You hastened as a blessed thirsty doe to the divine Monastery of Chrysovalantou, in which springed forth the eternal waters from the ages, from which you drank in faith, and through which you water all those who cry out to you things like these:
Rejoice, moon of chastity,
Rejoice, vessel of dispassion.
Rejoice, imprint of eternal life,
Rejoice, radiance of unspeakable joy.
Rejoice, vineyard bringing forth incorruption from the beginning,
Rejoice, tree heavy-laden with all kinds of noetic fruit.
Rejoice, for you pour forth the streams of eternal life,
Rejoice, unemptying spring of graces.
Rejoice, river of wonders founded by God,
Rejoice, vessel of chaste fragrances,
Rejoice, waterfall of many healings.
Rejoice, O Mother, equal to the Angels.
You lived according to the writings [of the Scriptures] and with divine praise, you were silent and spoke, O Venerable one, and you were shown to be full of exalted works, O Mother of the ranks of Monastics, whom you taught, and who cry out together with you: Alleluia.
St. Irene Chrysovalantou (source)
You deposed the dark mania of Belial through your voice emanating from God, for you were enriched by Christ Who was your defender, and you readily dissolved the schemes of the evil one. Therefore, offering you the tokens of victory, we cry out these salutations:
Rejoice, the casting down of bodiless enemies,
Rejoice, the pillar of many struggles.
Rejoice, you who overcame the boldness of Belial,
Rejoice, you who glorified the grace of the Savior.
Rejoice, all-magnificent trophy of feminine nature,
Rejoice, all-honored statue standing immovable.
Rejoice, for you shine forth with the rays of divine light,
Rejoice, enclosure keeping out the enemy.
Rejoice, the beloved one among chaste Monastics,
Rejoice, ray of heavenly peace.
Rejoice, vessel towards unapproachable peace.
Rejoice, O Mother, equal to the Angels.
Through divine providence, you received the abbacy of your Monastery, O Venerable one, and you lead it truly with instruction and greater education, by word and example, confirming those who chanted: Alleluia.
You led your chosen inheritance of your sheep, O thrice-blessed and chaste one, to the Promised Land, making them worthy of the peace that surpasses understanding, offering them to the Word, therefore they cry out these things to you, O Mother:
Rejoice, steadfast in guidance,
Rejoice, tongue of counsel.
Rejoice, God-beholding directer of virgins,
Rejoice, fellow dweller with, and equal to the Angels.
Rejoice, sweetest mouth of practical teachings,
Rejoice, peaceful gaze for troubled hearts.
Rejoice, education for those living in holy asceticism,
Rejoice, light for those laying in darkness.
Rejoice, leader of chaste souls,
Rejoice, lifting up of many fallen ones.
Rejoice, mighty deposer of the enemy,
Rejoice, remover of terrible passions.
Rejoice, O Mother, equal to the Angels.
Beholding the Angel's presence, O Venerable one, as a ray of divine light,  you hymned the Source of light, and were lead by the angels to heal those who cry out: Alleluia.
Shining with divine light, with praxis and theoria, you prayed at light and were behold as a radiant lamp, lifting up your arms the whole night, as did Arsenios the Great, fervently praying to your Creator, Who also receives these as we cry out:
Rejoice, ray of heavenly light,
Rejoice vessel of unsurpassable beauty.
Rejoice lamp of praxis and theoria,
Rejoice, lark of the breath of grace.
Rejoice, character and imitator of the famed Moses,
Rejoice, type no lesser than the wise Arsenios.
Rejoice, for you revealed the hidden things of the heart,
Rejoice, for you impart twice as many hearings.
Rejoice, pure and spotless as turtle doves,
Rejoice, lamb marked by Christ God.
Rejoice, equalling joyous flowers,
Rejoice, tuneful song of swallows.
Rejoice, O Mother, equal to the Angels.
Enduring the evil that the prince of darkness breathed against you, as the senseless one waged war against you with temptations. But you wholly laughed at him, and stood as steadfast as a diamond, gazing upon Christ, and never ceasing to chant: Alleluia.
St. Irene Chrysovalantou (source)
A young man of Caesarea was terribly possessed by the demons, and you healed him, O chaste one, calling upon the Blessed Basil together with Anastasia, therefore we cry out to you these things with a proper mind:
Rejoice, the deliverance of the sick,
Rejoice, the dissolver of evil forces.
Rejoice, beautifully-flowing spring of healings,
Rejoice, fully-laden olive tree of gifts.
Rejoice, very precious body of divine energy,
Rejoice, sharp blade cutting away magic energy.
Rejoice, for you do not neglect the cry of those suffering,
Rejoice, for you depose the mania of the demons.
Rejoice, destroyer of bodiless enemies,
Rejoice, savior of lost souls.
Rejoice, fervent protector for those who entreat you,
Rejoice, shield and foundation for those storm-tossed.
Rejoice, O Mother, equal to the Angels.
Strange deeds and various wonders are seen worked by you, O God-bearer, for you hearkened to every voice of those in need and you could tell of their futures beforehand, compelling all to cry out: Alleluia.
Wholly full of amazement, O godly-minded [Abbess], was she who beheld you in an unspeakable manner, for she strangely saw your servant [Angel] standing before you, seeking to fulfill your command, and she cried out things such as these:
Rejoice, the glory of the Church,
Rejoice, the wealth of sympathy.
Rejoice, the joyous adornment of peace,
Rejoice, the sacred resemblance to the bodiless [Angels].
Rejoice, for you revealed a prelude to eternal life,
Rejoice, shining account of the angelic life.
Rejoice, most-ready defender of those in dangers,
Rejoice, most-fervent helper of those who are wronged.
Rejoice, deliverer from unjust judgment,
Rejoice, savior of the blood of the righteous.
Rejoice, you who instruct us by sleep,
Rejoice, you who inform of future things while awake.
Rejoice, O Mother, equal to the Angels.
You were lifted up towards the height of heaven, and in venerable manner, the soulless cypress trees understanding this, bowed before you like rational beings, bowing before the height of your grace which translates towards a godly height those who cry out: Alleluia.
You were truly seen to be a rose of virginity, and a light of purity, O All-venerable one, and you send out the ever fresh apples of your words like flowers, gladdening those who cry out:
Rejoice, haven of many graces,
Rejoice, love of those desiring to be perfect.
Rejoice, myrrh-vessel of sacred holiness,
Rejoice, holy servant of knowledge.
Rejoice, most-fragrant apple bearing the fragrance of chastity,
Rejoice, unfading tree, reaching towards Paradise.
Rejoice, for you were watered by the vine of incorruption,
Rejoice, lamp of divine goodness.
Rejoice, sense of rejoicing from above,
Rejoice, incomparable hearing of the faithful,
Rejoice, most-precious beloved one of God.
Rejoice, O Mother, equal to the Angels.
As you were seen to be chaste and mindful, through your prayers to God, you delivered your servant Nicholas from his terrible possession, and he then glorified you, crying out to you in peace, O Mother: Alleluia.
St. Irene Chrysovalantou (source)
As you were about to repose, you beheld a vision of Angels leading you towards divine glory, for you shone bright light the sun, and hastened to the Word as one bearing a lamp, illumining through grace those who radiantly cry out to you: O Mother:
Rejoice, O God-bearing Venerable one,
Rejoice, lamp-bearer among virgins.
Rejoice, equal in honor to the immaterial Angels,
Rejoice, fellow-dweller with all the Venerable Saints.
Rejoice, fellow traveler of Ascetics bearing many virtues.
Rejoice, astonishing array of many kinds of gifts.
Rejoice, for at the hour of your repose you were shining,
Rejoice, for you shine upon the minds of those approach you.
Rejoice, fellow-converser with the uncreated light,
Rejoice, joyous inheritor of the bridal chamber,
Rejoice, our light-bearing guide.
Rejoice, O Mother, equal to the Angels.
All the multitudes of the Orthodox offered hymns of victory, and divine fragrance, having gathered at your divine body, together with the Hierarchs and Leaders, and their life was filled with fragrance, for those who glorified you, crying out: Alleluia.
You were nourished truly by the uncreated light, as the Lord gladdened your grave in glory like a green pasture, giving fragrance to the ranks of the faithful, and giving immaterial gifts towards the healing of those who cry out:
Rejoice, fragrance of Christ,
Rejoice, shameful stench to the enemy.
Rejoice, for you pour forth immaterial fragrances,
Rejoice, deliverance from every passion.
Rejoice, fragrant peace of heavenly mercies,
Rejoice, mystical deliverance against soul-corrupting pollutions.
Rejoice, for you pour myrrh into the hearts of the faithful,
Rejoice, for you cleanse the bosoms of their souls.
Rejoice, our fervent refuge,
Rejoice, steadfast defense against enemies.
Rejoice, famed defender of Christ,
Rejoice, fervent protector of those who cry out.
Rejoice, O Mother, equal to the Angels.
Your pour forth the grace of peace, O Mother, truly as another life-giving spring, for you drown hateful bitterness as drowning waters against this wretchedness, cleansing those who cry out: Alleluia.
While hymning your pains, we praise you, O Mother, as a bride of the Savior, O Venerable one, for through your pure life you approached Christ as a spotless one. Therefore, make Him to dwell with us, for those who cry out with fervor:
Rejoice, divine chosen one of Christ,
Rejoice, ethical myrrh honored by God.
Rejoice, communicant with immaterial radiance,
Rejoice, treasure of godly goodness.
Rejoice, flowered crown of pious Nuns,
Rejoice, glorious boast of pure Ascetics.
Rejoice, utter deposer of bitterness,
Rejoice, guide towards total peace.
Rejoice, through whom we are delivered from evil,
Rejoice, through whom we are filled with love.
Rejoice, the harmony of these odes,
Rejoice, the healing of my soul.
Rejoice, O Mother, equal to the Angels.
O All-hymned Mother, who has found the Word Who is holier than all the Saints, (3) receive these our salutations, and deliver from every evil of the devil, and save from all trials, those who cry out: Alleluia.
Again, the Kontakion.
(source, and source)
St. Irene Chrysovalantou (source)
Through the prayers of our Holy Fathers, Lord Jesus Christ our God, have mercy on us and save us! Amen!

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