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Selected hymns from the Service to St. Gavrilia the Ascetic of Love (+1992)

St. Gabrilia the New (source)

Selected hymns from the Service to St. Gavrilia the Ascetic of Love (+1992) - Commemorated on March 28th (the day of her repose) and July 18th (the translation of her Holy Relics), composed by Dr. Charalampos Bousias.

Prosomoia of the Vespers Stichera in the Fourth Tone. You have given a sign.

O Gavrilia, you became a lamp of goodness, shining with light to the ends of the world in the last days, working and preaching love to all, O Mother, and having worked with strength like an Angel, you emptied yourself, and through pains and trials, you thus filled up your all-good heart, O all-famed one.

O Gavrilia, you mounted a golden chariot driven by stallions of chastity, and were taken up to the all-radiant mansions of Heaven to rejoice together with the ranks of the Angels, and to be glad together with the divine choirs of Mothers, O Spirit-bearer, and support of love and archetype of compassion, who pleased Christ through your practical ways.

As we celebrate your all-sacred memory today, O Gavrilia, the ranks of the faithful bless you as the new boast of Missionaries, and all-radiant lamp of ascetical Mothers, and they place blossomed crowns of hymns upon your head, O beloved of God, who led mortals without delusion towards the Heavens.

O newly-planted aromatic herb from famed Constantinople, and fragrant flower of the Church, and beautiful rose of the island of Leros, who truly pours forth the fragrance of your ascetical pains, O Gavrilia, along with your all-praised and wise [words], and the fragrance of healings of both soul and body which is carried to the ends of the world.

Doxastikon of the Stichera in the Plagal of the Second Tone.

She who was lifted up by the Angels to the ends of the world, to transmit the springs of her love to water thirsty souls of mortals, O Gavrilia, the Ascetic of Love, in compunction let us honor her, and cry out to her in faith: O Mother, equal to the Angels, who dedicated herself to Christ, and healed those in need and suffering, make us worthy as well to serve everyone in need, imitating your ways, and those of Him Who came to serve, and not to be served: our Lord the God-man.

St. Gavrilia the New (right), depicted with Sts. Maria of Paris (left) and Matrona of Moscow (center) (source)

Idiomelon of the Litia in the First Tone.

She who ever counted the deeds of service to her neighbor to be pleasing to God, let us honor, the noble and all-praised Gavrilia, for she gave this offering to all as a seal of the presence of Christ, and shone forth without ceasing with His love from her whole heart to the whole race of men. And truly, Christ rejoices together with her love, and she ever entreats Him on behalf of our souls.

Apolytikion in the Plagal of the First Tone.

O you worker of love, and most chaste ascetic nun, * O Gavrilia, protector of those in danger and need,  * and great helper and a missionary of our Christ, * let us all praise her with our hymns, * for she offers unto all the great graces of her nepsis, * and she entreats to our Creator * on behalf of those blessing her.

Kontakion in the Plagal of the Fourth Tone. O Champion General.

O fellow traveler of warm love and humility, * and in the world you lived, but your life surpassed this world, * and who ever prayed and offered up her very self, * as a sacrifice most willingly unto Christ, * Gavrilia, let us hymn God's bright ascetic Saint, * and with fervor cry out: * Rejoice, O Mother inspired by God.


An Angel of love, of offering and sacrifice, you were shown to be, O chaste Gavrilia, and the adornment of ascetics, and the most-precious pride of missionaries, and the director of mortals towards Heaven, therefore, we cry out to you these things:

Rejoice, haven of the love of Christ,

Rejoice, protector of those in dangers.

Rejoice, shoot of the City of Constantine,

Rejoice, adornment of Lambs of the Most-high.

Rejoice, most-precious and holy dwelling place for Leros,

Rejoice, beautiful and radiant treasure of Heaven.

Rejoice, seal of the love of Agathangelos,

Rejoice, you who froze the traps of him who hates goodness.

Rejoice, unemptying spring of nepsis,

Rejoice, stacte of fragrant asceticism.

Rejoice, rod for lost sheep,

Rejoice, protection for many who are suffering.

Rejoice, O Mother inspired by God.


On March 28th [or July 18th], the memory of our venerable and God-bearing Mother Gavrilia, the New Ascetic of Love.


With love, O chaste one, you ever covered all,

And a covering covered by God, Gavrilia was shown to be.

Icon of St. Gavrilia, detail, by Julia Bridget Hayes, available for order here. (source)

Prosomoia of the Praises in the Plagal of the Fourth Tone. O strange wonder.

O strange wonder! The lily of Constantinople, Gavrilia the New, the chaste, who filled the world with the fragrance of your pains and groins and your divine words, O Spirit-bearing Ascetic of Christ, who ever emptied herself for all those in need. And those who approached you, to them you made known the name of Christ, O missionary.

Rejoice, dwelling-place of love, O Gavrilia, you became a spring of offering and self-emptying of the treasures of your heart for those far and near. Rejoice, speedy protector of the poor. Rejoice, new adornment of Mothers. Rejoice, example of a life of purity. Rejoice, unassailable shield of piety. Rejoice, banquet of faith.

Rejoice, offering equal in zeal of the chaste Agathangelos, who gave you your dwelling-place which you named "The House of the Angels" in Athens, in which you gave shelter and hospitality and guidance for all those who came to you suffering and in need. Rejoice, O radiant lamp of grace.

As we celebrate your sacred and bright memory, O Gavrilia, and desire to achieve your feats, O most-compassionate Mother, as you gave yourself towards the perfection of virtue and towards love and good deeds, with compunction we cry out to you: Protect and guide and surround all of us, and deliver those in dangers, who honor you with psalms and hymns.

Doxastikon of the Praises in the Plagal of the First Tone.

Those whom you lifted up many from the bed of the passions towards dispassion, and from sinfulness towards repentance, from poverty towards fulness of good things, and from ignorance towards knowledge, and from delusion towards the Orthodox faith, their ranks now honor you, O Spirit-bearing Gavrilia, and they cry out to you: O most-compassionate Mother, equal to the Apostles in zeal, and fellow-dweller with love: do not cease entreating the Lord of glory for peace of the whole world, and for salvation of souls for those who honor your memory.


The Holy Grave and Relics of St. Gavrilia on the island of Leros (source)

Through the prayers of our Holy Fathers, Lord Jesus Christ our God, have mercy on us and save us! Amen!

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