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A contemporary miracle of St. Matrona of Moscow

Christ is risen! Truly He is risen!

St. Matrona the Righteous of Moscow - Commemorated on April 19th / May 2nd (

A contemporary miracle of St. Matrona of Moscow (amateur translation)
One Sunday in the Spring of 2008, our family was in the church of Christ somewhere in Attica.

Before me was sitting my 8-year-old daughter. The priest was entoning the Gospel, and I was translating it into Modern Greek into my little one’s ear, so she could understand and learn.

After a short while my little girl asked me: “Mama, who is that Saint above there?”

She showed my an icon on the right side of the left side of the church. I looked there where she showed me, but I couldn’t discern the letters on the icon.

“I don’t know” I replied, but she insisted. “Wait” I told her, “When Liturgy is over we’ll go look.”

At the end we went closer and read: Saint Matrona! I didn’t know this Saint. I had never seen her before. I noticed that the iconographer didn’t depict her eyes at all, as if she were blind.

Therefore I asked my little girl: “My child, why did you insist so much on showing me this icon?”

She replied: “Because during the Liturgy she shook my hand as if to greet me and told me ‘Come here!’”

In the beginning I didn’t pay attention to it. Children at that age have vivid imaginations, I thought. However our little girl ran, found her father, and brought him to this icon we uncovered and told him the same thing.

In the evening we returned home. What she said really made an impression on us, because she is a serious child, very bright, mature and fairly wise. My husband went on the internet to learn more.

We found St. Matrona of Chios, and another names St. Matrona the Blind from Russia! We searched for when she celebrates, and we saw May 2nd.

We were amazed, seeing the date. Immediately I remembered!

Precisely on May 2nd, one year before, our little girl was undergoing a serious surgery in her chest. That day and all while our girl was in surgery, knowing the severity of it—especially because I’m in the medical field—I prayed: “O Saints who celebrate today help my child.” Again and again, until the child came out of the operating room.

Everything went unbelievably well! The surgery was completed unexpectedly fast and with great success!

After a while I looked at the calendar and was gracious to St. Athanasios [the Great]. The uncovering of his relics is celebrated on May 2nd. However, after this incident with our daughter, I am more sure that St. Matrona the Blind from Russia had helped us! Until then I didn’t know her. Our Greek calendar didn’t include her. There was no other way for us to know that St. Matrona had received our supplication and therefore contributed so much towards the success of her surgery, and our child’s health in general. This Righteous Matrona herself, in such a simple, sweet and beautiful way made herself known and showed that she is with us, though I called upon her, even in my ignorance.

Up till today our little girl is robust and strong, in opposition to every medical prognosis.

As a family we glorify God and His Saints who had mercy on us so generously, and granted bestowed health on our beloved girl.

These are the facts. Let us pray that the Lord make us worthy to venerate St. Matrona the Blind from Russia up close.
Athens 4/2/2010

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Troparion of St. Matrona of Moscow
Chosen by the Holy Spirit from thy swaddling clothes O blessed eldress Matrona, / Thou didst receive bodily weakness and blindness from God for spiritual cleansing, / Thou wast enriched with the gift of foresight and wonderworking and hast been adorned with an incorruptible crown from the Lord. / Wherefore, we offer thee crowns of praise, in gratitude crying out: / Rejoice O righteous mother Matrona, fervent intercessor before God for us!

Απολυτίκιον. Ήχος πλ. α΄. Τον συνάναρχον Λόγον.
Αδιάσειστον στύλον Ρωσίας όγδοον, την στερουμένην ομμάτων εκ γενετής, ευλαβώς ανυμνήσωμεν Ματρώναν την αοίδιμον, ως σκεύος θείων δωρεών και αγάπης ακραιφνούς προς πάντας εμπεριστάτους βοώντες σκέδασον ζόφον παθών ημών φωτί Σης χάριτος.
Apolytikion in the Plagal of the First Tone (amateur translation)
Unassailable eighth pillar of Russia, who was blind from birth, we reverently praise Matrona the ever-memorable, as a treasury of divine gifts and fervent love towards all those in danger, crying out scatter the darkness of our passions with the light of Your grace.
Christ is Risen from the dead, by death, trampling down upon death, and to those in the tombs, bestowing life!
Truly the Lord is risen!

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