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Selected miracles and hymns of St. John the Russian

St. John the Russian, the New Confessor of Prokopi and Evia - Commemorated on May 27th (

Additional miracles of the Saint (amateur translation)
I. A couple that was married for ten years (a Greek family from Germany) tried many times to have a child, but were unable (even with in vitro fertilization). They heard of St. John the Russian, and came and entreated him to grant them a child. The woman left her wedding ring on the Saint’s relic and returned to Germany. After a few months, they learned that she was pregnant, and she brought into the world a perfectly healthy little girl, who however, had a small hand disability. After churching the child after forty days, they performed surgery, and the doctors saw in astonishment that in the baby’s palm was the wedding ring that the woman had left the Saint!!!

II. A bus traveled to St. John the Russian in Evia from afar for a pilgrimage. A woman from the group had terrible pains in her back and planned to go put on the wonderworking belt of the Saint. However, she wasn’t satisfied with this alone. She thought to take it back secretly with her to wear it. She therefore went, put on the belt and the hat of the Saint, and secretly hid the belt under her shirt. After some time they boarded the bus to leave. However, the bus wouldn’t start. It was motionless. It suffered unexplained damage. The driver stopped and looked at the engine, but everything looked okay. However, the trouble was that the bus wasn’t moving forward. After some time, everyone became restless.

The driver said: “Hey you guys, did anyone of you take something and not pay for it?”

The woman who was wearing the belt was struck, and raised her shirt, and confessed to taking the belt. They ordered her to quickly go return it from where she took it, and immediately the bus began to move!

III. “…The Saint’s presence in March 1999 in Serbia is moving. As the invincible General, our Panagia, strengthened our [Greek] soldiers in 1940, thus St. John the Russian, confirmed to many who saw him in visions: ‘I am going to Belgrade, because Orthodoxy is being slaughtered.’ And this occurred: the Saint, arrayed as a soldier, strengthened many Serbs at that time through his wonderworking presence, as many credible Serbian witnesses confess…”
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St. John the Russian (
Apolytikion in the Fourth Tone
He that hath called thee from earth unto the heavenly abodes doth even after thy death keep thy body unharmed, O righteous one; for thou wast carried off as a prisoner to Asia, wherein also, O John, thou didst win Christ as thy friend. Wherefore, do thou beseech Him that our souls be saved.

Kontakion in the Fourth Tone
The all‐holy mem’ry of * thy splendid contests * on this day is come to us, * and it doth gladden and rejoice * the souls of all them that honour thee * with faith and reverence, O most righteous Father John.

How shall I, wretched as I am, praise thy struggles, O righteous Father? How shall I tell of the deep sea of thy tears? For by thine excellence in this life, thou didst attain to the choirs of the Angels; by abstinence, thou, who art truly wise, didst mortify the passions; and by submitting thyself to hardship, thou madest the flesh subject to the spirit and didst put to shame the prince of darkness. Wherefore, as thou standest even now before the Master’s throne, thou intercedest for them that honour thee with faith and rev’rence, O most righteous Father John.

On the twenty‐seventh of this month (May) we commemorate our righteous and God‐bearing Father John the Russian, the New Confessor, who was sold as a slave to a certain Hagerene and was taken by him into Asia Minor, into Procopion, a town of Cappadocia, and struggled there in the ascetical life, and reposed in the Lord in the year 1730.

The captive showed himself to be full of graces,
As he led away captive the prince of darkness.
On the twenty‐seventh John ascended in light.

From Ode I of the Canon
A stable today is the majestic place of our festival; * a slave’s sweat and labours are the dainties cheering our souls; an amazing change * from slavery to kingship, * from earth unto Heaven, inspireth our song of praise.

Megalynaria of the Saint (amateur translation)
Those who gather in your church, we entreat you to deliver from every visible and invisible enemy which tyrannizes them, for under your fervent care we all take refuge.

O Father, drive away the fiery arrows of the enemy from us, through your fervent intercessions to the Trinity, so that having been delivered, we may magnify you.

The bright star from Prokopion, that noetically shines on all, the boast of the righteous, and glory of Cappadocia, the divine John we honor in hymns.

Entreat for peace from God, calmness of spirits, patience until the end, salvation of souls, to us through your intercessions, to those who praise your wondrous deeds with longing.
St. John the Russian (source)
Through the prayers of our Holy Fathers, Lord Jesus Christ our God, have mercy on us and save us! Amen!

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