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Excerpt from the Paraklesis to St. Anastasia Pharmakolytria

Christ is risen! Truly He is risen!
St. Anastasia the Great Martyr and Pharmakolytria ("Deliverer-from-Potions") (
Note: To the sorrow of the whole Church of Christ, on April 23, 2012, the Holy and Wonderworking Skull and Right Foot of St. Anastasia, the Great Martyr and Pharmakolytria ("Deliverer-from-Potions") (along with other Holy Relics), were stolen from the Patriarchal Monastery that bears her name outside of Thessaloniki. 
The Holy Relics have been treasured and protected by the Monastery for 1100 years, until their theft (or as the Metropolitan discusses in the video linked to below, "abducted", as through the Holy Spirit, they are as a living individual). For a video of the Monastery and the Holy Relics, while the Metropolitan of Milteus discusses this tragedy (in Greek), see:
Below I include the megalynaria from the Paraklesis to St. Anastasia (amateur translations from the full Greek text), that we might be mindful of this tragedy, pray for forgiveness of our many sins from the Resurrected Lord, and entreat Him for the return of the Holy and Grace-filled Relics of His great servant and martyr.
Excerpt from the Paraklesis to St. Anastasia Pharmakolytria (amateur translation)
The adornment of Virgin-martyrs, and the inexhaustible treasury of healings, the bride of the Lord, the treasury of graces, O chaste Anastasia, we hymn you.

Hail, O spirit-filled meadow of virginity, which brings forth the joyous flowers of martyrdom, whose fragrance ever fills our minds with rejoicing, O chaste Anastasia.

Hail, you who struggled manfully on behalf of the love of Him Who died upon the Cross, therefore taking up His calling, ever preserve us.

Hail, O lamp of wonders, which shines with the rays of compassion, and drives away the darkness of passions, O glorious Anastasia, the help of the faithful.

Hail, O divine provider, who freely grants your total protection to those who ask, O chaste Anastasia: deliver us from every danger.

Raise up my soul, O Martyr from the abyss of sins in which I have terribly slipped, and lead me who praises you on the roads of repentance, O Martyr Anastasia.

Come, O faithful, let us praise Anastasia, the beautiful and wondrous bride of Christ, and martyr of the Lord, who is wondrous with the beauty of purity.

The Deliver-from-potions of the faithful, who is arrayed in the golden raiment of virginity and martyrdom; let us all praise Anastasia with hymns.

Come, O brethren, let us praise our common father, and the hierarch of Christ, the great Theonas, and the protector of this Monastery, the truly wondrous one and God-bearer.

Your sacred skull, the faithful venerate with fervor, in your Monastery the bears your name, and we richly receive all healings, O chaste Anastasia; we therefore hymn you.

A priceless treasure and spring of healings, your Monastery treasures, O Anastasia, through your right foot, through which you drive away sicknessess, for those who praise you.

You are the hymn of every rank of monastics, with the abbot who hymns you piously, O noble Anastasia, and we praise you with fervor, the guardian and protector of your chaste place.

Your famed Monastery, has become a radiant repository of saints: Theophano the Great, the queen and ruler, and Theonas the righteous and arch-shepherd.

All those who hasten to you on to you, on your famed Mountain and Monastery, grant to them, O chaste Anastasia, the Grace of healings, and unfailing deliverance.
Christ is risen from the dead, by death trampling down upon death, and to those in the tombs, bestowing life!
Truly the Lord is risen!

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