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Akathist to St. George Karslides

St. George Karslides (source)
Akathist to St. George Karslides the Confessor, our New Venerable Father of Drama and Pontos, Founder of the Monastery of the Ascension of Christ, Sipsa
written by Dr. Charalampos Bousias
Kontakion in the Plagal of the Fourth Tone
The indomitable sower of virtue, who sowed piety in the furrows of souls, and whom we hymn nobly with love, for in these latter days he founded the Monastery of the Ascension in Drama, as we cry out in fitting hymns: Rejoice, O blessed George.
An angel bearing flesh, you were shown to be, while your nous was made to dwell in the heavenly mansions, O George, (3), for you were shown to all to be a surpassing one and the type of blessed ascetics, therefore we bless you, crying out in reverence:
Rejoice, foundation of chastity,
Rejoice, radiance of goodness.
Rejoice, the rejoicing of pious people of Drama,
Rejoice, example of God-bearing ascetics.
Rejoice, the ever-verdant and glorious root of Pontos,
Rejoice, undying and most-radiant torch for the world.
Rejoice, founder of the Monastery of the divine Ascension,
Rejoice, great defender and protector of Drama.
Rejoice, lamp-lighter of the merciful life,
Rejoice, our star of brotherly love.
Rejoice, you who confessed the faith,
Rejoice, you who attracted the grace of God.
Rejoice, O blessed George.
You lived a divine life in these latter days, O offspring of Argyroupolis of Pontos, and ever-verdant protector and defender of the people of Drama, as you hastened to heaven, O George, unceasingly chanting: Alleluia.
Being the Elder of the honored Monastery of the Ascension in Drama, O George, you built it with your very own hands, and there you lived in chastity with faith, while your divine Relics are ever venerated there, as you hearken to those you cry out to you:
Rejoice, fragrance of new Monastic Saints,
Rejoice, ode of godly gifts.
Rejoice, newly-lit light of Pontos,
Rejoice, newly-founded foundation of grace.
Rejoice, newly-shown life of the age to come, equal to the Angels,
Rejoice, fragrant cinnamon of an honorable life.
Rejoice, for you sanctified your Monastery through your pains,
Rejoice, for you grant holiness richly to Drama.
Rejoice, defender of prayer and nepsis,
Rejoice, vessel of love of the Creator.
Rejoice, you who inspire the struggles of the Venerable,
Rejoice, instrument of many wonders.
Rejoice, O blessed George.
Drama was made chaste through your asceticism and your chaste way of life, O blessed George, and you unflinchingly protect it in a godly manner, and it is sanctified by the container of your wholly sacred Relics, O Venerable One, compelling us to ceaselessly chant: Alleluia.
Having fervor engraved within your heart, O George, through your divine forbearers, you were watered with the sacred and living streams of the Orthodox faith, and you chanted mindfully to the greatly-compassion Lord, as we cry out:
Rejoice, new boast of the faith,
Rejoice, divine house of grace.
Rejoice, director towards greater wisdom,
Rejoice, most-ready deliverer of the faithful.
Rejoice, telling that is spoken of by God-bearing ascetics,
Rejoice, all-wise reading of pious strugglers.
Rejoice, for you came from Pontos to Drama,
Rejoice, you who play the beautiful-sounding lyre of the Most-High.
Rejoice, dweller in the divine mansions,
Rejoice, foretype of divine wonders.
Rejoice, icon of the life equal to the Angels,
Rejoice, canon of love for the Creator.
Rejoice, O blessed George.
Having fiery faith and an icon of the All-Pure [Theotokos], O George, you were granted these joys from your Mother before her repose, and you hastened to Theodosiopoulos, ceaselessly chanting: Alleluia.

St. George Karslides (Source)

You came to Tbilisi of Georgia, O thrice-blessed George, at the inspiration of God, and hastened to the sacred Monastery, in which you fought the good fight, as a man equal to the Angels, therefore, we cry out to you these things:
Rejoice, beautiful depth of struggles,
Rejoice, precious stream of accomplishments.
Rejoice, handiwork of Him Who fashioned all things,
Rejoice, beautifully-sounding bird of the Most-High.
Rejoice, for you bore ascetical pains in your flesh,
Rejoice, for you showed to everyone the divine strength of your soul.
Rejoice, for you spat upon the mania of the demons,
Rejoice, for you gladdened the choir of the Angels.
Rejoice, steadfast support of the faith,
Rejoice, radiant knowledge of grace.
Rejoice, sacred defender of piety,
Rejoice, scepter against the madness of the enemy.
Rejoice, O blessed George.
Desiring, O divine George, to join the choir of the Angels, they rejoiced together with you at your sacred tonsure, and at that hour, the bells of the Monastery began to ring in a strange and wondrous manner, and the mouths of your sacred fellow monastics were opened to chant: Alleluia.
You feet were bound by the shackles of the faithless who had fallen into terror and wretchedness, that you might receive the incorruptible crown of the Confessor, O Father George, and from all of those who honor you, you receive these reverent cries:
Rejoice, the stream of piety,
Rejoice, cradle of the wisdom of God.
Rejoice, for you endured prison like the bodiless,
Rejoice, for you showed wondrous strength as a godly one.
Rejoice, for with humility, you drove away the terrible stench of lawlessness,
Rejoice, for you truly bore pains in your flesh.
Rejoice, for you endured difficulties without complaining,
Rejoice, for you cast out the desires of the flesh.
Rejoice, for you join the choirs of the Angels,
Rejoice, for you are the unsleeping defender of the faithful.
Rejoice, krater of health for the pious,
Rejoice, star of spiritual goodness.
Rejoice, O blessed George.
You endured evil things in your flesh from the faithless, while three times you were shot at unjustly, but by the divine will, you remained unharmed, as you chanted hymns to God Who saved you, O George, as you cried out to Him in reverence: Alleluia.
You shown forth with the lightning rays of the priesthood, O George, and were made to behold things to come as present, and things far off as close, through your pure heart, O Saint. Therefore, with hymns we praise you, crying out in faith:
Rejoice, vessel of the graces of God,
Rejoice, container of many wonders.
Rejoice, flower of virtue and prudence,
Rejoice, type of expectation for heavenly glory.
Rejoice, for the Creator magnified you greatly,
Rejoice, for the God-man radiantly glorified you.
Rejoice, for you healed the afflictions of the faithful,
Rejoice, for you showed forth the grace of prophecy.
Rejoice, you who were filled with the love of God,
Rejoice, war against the delusion of the enemy.
Rejoice, ray of the wisdom of the Most-high,
Rejoice, all radiant bolt of piety.
Rejoice, O blessed George.
Praising your way of life at all times, I hymn your coming to the village of Sipsa, in which you founded a monastery in honor of the glorious Ascension of the Lord, while I cry out with melodious hymns: Alleluia.
St. George Karslides (source)
The streams of your sacred sweat you mixed with clay to build your monastery of the Divine Ascension, and in it, you struggled ascetically with pains and chastity wondrously, O George, and you open the lips of the pious to cry out to you:
Rejoice, example of asceticism,
Rejoice, myrrh vessel of knowledge.
Rejoice, refuge for the pious people of Drama,
Rejoice, protecting wall for the faithful in dangers.
Rejoice, lily of holiness gladdening the faithful,
Rejoice, pillar of goodness and canon of meekness.
Rejoice, all-bright lamp of struggles day and night,
Rejoice, precious boast of ever-flowing tears.
Rejoice, spigot of prayer and understanding,
Rejoice, unassailable wall of silence and nepsis.
Rejoice, the light and protection of the faithful,
Rejoice, horn of godly providence.
Rejoice, O blessed George.
You work strange wonders like a many-headed waterfall, through the container of your Sacred Relics, O Wonderworker George, and we who venerate them reverently offer up a hymn to Christ Who made you wondrous, to Whom we cry out in compunction: Alleluia.
You came to Drama living a life of joy, and together were numbered with the choirs of the Venerable Saints and rejoiced together with the radiant Angels, as your newly-lit flame reached the City Above [of Heaven] through your faith, and we cry out in joy:
Rejoice, harp of the wisdom of God,
Rejoice, lyre of dispassion.
Rejoice, the fire-bearing teacher of the people of Drama,
Rejoice, you who followed the Unmercenary Physicians.
Rejoice, you who were seen as a boast for pious Priests,
Rejoice, very-precious adornment of God-bearing Ascetics.
Rejoice, for your eye beholds your refugees in dangers,
Rejoice, for your mouth offers teachings of salvation.
Rejoice, vessel showing the way to Heaven,
Rejoice, frost that crushes the enemy.
Rejoice, you who show us the way to God,
Rejoice, sanctuary against noetic foes.
Rejoice, O blessed George.
O Father, you were shown to be a vessel of the Holy Spirit in these latter days, and a myrrh vessel of incomparable streams of wonders, and you became the defender and unsleeping protector of the people of Drama, O George, your refugees, who in unflinching faith, cry out to you: Alleluia.
The all-sacred container of your Holy Relics truly pours forth streams of healings for the choirs of the faithful who embrace them with reverence, O Venerable One, and they cry out to you, in this Monastery built by you:
Rejoice, spring of wonders,
Rejoice, deliverer of those in afflictions.
Rejoice, you who received the gift of healings,
Rejoice, you who partake of the drink of incorruption.
Rejoice, very-precious vessel of the graces of God,
Rejoice, you who crushed the innumerable ranks of enemies.
Rejoice, you who alleviate the pains of the faithful,
Rejoice, you who strengthen the pious in sickness.
Rejoice, our ready help,
Rejoice, sacred promontory of the Venerable.
Rejoice, speedy physician of those ill,
Rejoice, protection from the terrible demons.
Rejoice, O blessed George.
Through your providence, and speedy help, O George, and the protection that you bring, Drama is made holy through you, and with your help, O Father, and having you as a protector, O Venerable One, she honors you and chants in faith to him who strengthens her: Alleluia.
St. George Karslides (source)
You traveled the way of pain and difficulties of the Venerable Fathers, O George, and became a radiant icon and pious prototype of asceticism. Therefore, we bless you, crying out to you in compunction:
Rejoice, type of the monastic way,
Rejoice, lamp of wonders.
Rejoice, you who were nourished by noetic prayer,
Rejoice, emblem of sacred compunction.
Rejoice, greatly-voiced trumpet of the way of God,
Rejoice, melodious instrument of an all-spotless life.
Rejoice, divine founder of the Monastery of the Ascension,
Rejoice, deliverer of the choir bearing the name of Christ.
Rejoice, for your light shines to the ends of the earth,
Rejoice, rain that waters the whole world.
Rejoice, spring of heavenly gifts,
Rejoice, tree pouring forth the fragrance of wonders.
Rejoice, O blessed George.
We chant melodious hymns and divine praises to you, O thrice-blessed George, as the unflinching protector of the people of Drama, and they in faith embrace the container of your Relics, O Venerable One, crying out to Him Who glorified you: Alleluia.
Your precious struggles have shown throughout all creation, O George, with the multitude of your bright and wondrous and sacred ascetical deeds, shining anew with the faith of Christ, and driving away the clouds of darkness for those who cry out to you:
Rejoice, light of confession,
Rejoice, lamp of dispassion.
Rejoice, you who enlightened the city of Drama,
Rejoice, you who gladdened the group of your refugees.
Rejoice, for you shown forth from famed Pontos,
Rejoice, for you drove away the wiles of the enemy.
Rejoice, ever-verdant shoot of dispassion,
Rejoice, wall of piety founded by God.
Rejoice, song of the love of Christ,
Rejoice, ray of nepsis golden with light.
Rejoice, protector of the virgins of your Monastery,
Rejoice, you who cease the evils of the demons.
Rejoice, O blessed George.
The sacred Hierarch of Drama removed your Relics from your grave, that richly poured forth grace, granting unassailable joy to the faithful who now venerate them in faith, O George, crying out to Christ: Alleluia.
We chant of the wonders that you worked, O George, and we hymn you as a soul-nourishing worker of virtue, and an all-radiant and bright star of the faith of Christ, that illumines the ends of creation, as we cry out:
Rejoice, [bearer of the] Uncreated Light,
Rejoice, horn of goodness.
Rejoice, defender of the Bishop of Drama,
Rejoice, protector of the choir bearing the name of Christ,
Rejoice, unsleeping protector your pious Nuns,
Rejoice, most-sacred rod delivering the faithful.
Rejoice, joyous son of Macedonia,
Rejoice, newly-founded pillar of the Church.
Rejoice, offspring of Argyroupolis,
Rejoice, light of fasting and nepsis.
Rejoice, equal in zeal of the divine Angels,
Rejoice, equal in way of the former Venerable Saints.
Rejoice, O blessed George.
O Father beloved by God, Who richly sowed fruit within your soul, O George, (3) and founder of the Monastery of the Ascension, stand beside us as a defender, and intercede that we might obtain virtue, we who praise you, and in unflinching faith cry out to you: Alleluia.

And again the Kontakion of the Saint.

St. George Karslides (source)
Through the prayers of our Holy Fathers, Lord Jesus Christ our God, have mercy on us and save us! Amen!

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