Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blog Info / Updates / Suggestions


It was suggested to me to change to color scheme of this blog to make it easier to read. I've done so, and I hope this is an improvement. If overwhelming opinion is against this change, I can always change it back or to something else. Please note, there's a chance that changing the blog template has affected the formatting of previous posts, so if you notice any problems, please let me know here or on the specific posts themselves.

Also, this post would be an ideal place to include your general comments/suggestions about the blog that don't pertain to a specific post. I will be happy to address any valid concerns or questions you may have. I'm always looking for feedback too to make this blog more helpful.

If there are update of general concern to the blog I will also try to post them here.

Thank you very much!


Athena said...

PLEASE change the format back to what it was! The dark colors were more appealing and less harsh to the eye. Everything is so bright now I almost get a headache trying to read everything. I really prefer the warmth of the dark backgrounds and the beautiful icons and photos stand out much better as well. Please change it back! I really enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work.

David Robles said...

I respectfully disagree with Athena! I tried to forward your blog to members of my parish, and they told me that they could not read it because of the dark background. Take a look at my blog for example at
There is a way to compromise so we all may be able to read your blog.

Agioi_Anargyroi said...
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Agioi_Anargyroi said...

Here is a first shot at a compromise. Please let me know if it is better or worse, or if you have any further suggestions.

Thanks again.

Athena said...

Much better :)
I hope others are happy as well. Thanks for trying to balance everyone's wishes.

Unknown said...
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David Robles said...

Greetings in the Lord!
In the website
there is the services to Elder Paisios the Athonite. Do you know if these services are translated into English anywhere? If not, would you consider translating them for us?
I really want to intercede (presveve)to the Elder for a pressing need in my life.