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Miracles of the Precious Cross of Christ, and Fr. Stavros Tsangarakis from Rethymno, Crete

Since the feast of the Holy Cross is coming soon, the following is the incredible account of a Fr. Stavros Tsangarakis from Rethymno, Crete who is the protector of a most precious treasure of Orthodoxy: a piece of the Precious True Cross of Christ which works endless miracles for the faithful. This is a very brief summary of the amazing account of this Cross and Fr. Stavros, which is taken from two tapes by Constantine Zalalas, available online here: and

Many places are blessed to treasure portions of Christ's Cross, but this Cross of Fr. Stavros has certain special properties:
1. When Fr. Stavros or another priest places the Cross on the bare skin of a sick person, it adheres or sticks like a magnet where there is sickness or illness.
2. The Cross heals through various numbers of crossings or blessings of the sick person.
3. When the person is healed, or when the sick person is about to have an operation which will heal the person, it no longer sticks to them.

This great treasure was originally in the possesion of Fr. Stavros' mother. When Fr. Stavros was young, he accidentally fell from a height, and his injuries were so great that even the doctor acknowledged that he had died. Everyone was preparing for his burial, at which point his mother remembered the Precious Cross that was in her possesion, and she crossed him. A few hours later, he was brought back to life. This cross worked countless miracles in the hands of Fr. Stavros' mother, who, after the death of her husband, was tonsured a nun with the name Philothei. In 1975, Nun Philothei passed away, and the Cross was delivered to Fr. Stavros, who treasures it to the present day, and in whose hands it continues to work countless miracles.

One of the many miracles mentioned occured when Fr. Stavros brought the Precious Cross to the Monastery of St. John Chrysostom in Wisconsin. Many sick people hastened to venerate it and seek healing. One of these was a Native-America woman with a large, malignant tumor on her chest. With fear and faith she approached and was blessed with the Cross, and a few days later, her tumor had totally disappeared, to the amazement of her Roman Catholic doctors. She had such selflessness that she said to Fr. Stavros: "Father, pray for the Indian nations and their well-being.” This likely helped attract God’s merciful healing to her.
May Christ have mercy on us, save us and protect us, by the Power of His Precious and Life-giving Cross!

Icon showing the veneration of the Precious Cross (taken from:
Excerpt from the Akathist to the Spiritual Ladder, The Precious Cross
Kontakion 1
Thrice-blessed and all-worshipful Cross of Christ, we the faithful venerate and magnify you being joyous at your divine Exaltation. But since you are the trophy and unconquered weapon, by your grace protect, cover, and shelter those who cry to you: Rejoice, O Wood most blessed.
Eikos 1Angels from Heaven invisibly circle the life-bringing Cross in fear, and seeing it now brilliantly shedding light-bestowing grace upon the faithful, amazed they stand and cry to you such words as these:
Rejoice, O Cross, guardian of the world;
Rejoice, the glory of the Church;
Rejoice, you that bountifully gush forth with healings;
Rejoice, you that enlighten the ends of the earth;
Rejoice, Wood fragrant with life, and treasury of wonders;
Rejoice, fitly-joined, thrice-blessed, and bestower of graces;
Rejoice, for you are the divine footstool;
Rejoice, for you were ordained for the worship of all;
Rejoice, bowl of nectar, full to the brim;
Rejoice, torch of the radiance above;
Rejoice, you through whom the creation is blessed;
Rejoice, you through whom the Creator is worshipped;
Rejoice, O Wood most blessed.
Through the prayers of our Holy Fathers, Lord Jesus Christ our God, have mercy on us and save us! Amen!

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