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Selected hymns in honor St. Catherine the Great Martyr

Icon of St. Catherine the Great Martyr being buried by the Angels (Icon courtesy of used with permission)
The Holy Great-martyr Catherine
(by St. Nikolai Velimirovich)
The wise Catherine, an earthly princess,
Became a martyr for Christ the Savior.
Foolish Maxentius offered her life:
If she would consent to become his wife!
The holy Catherine, pure as gold,
Replied to the emperor thus:
``My betrothed is the Risen Christ,
And I desire not the love of a corrupt man.
You seek my body: the rotten seeks corruption,
Even as the incorrupt spirit seeks immortality.
The physical covering must wither away,
The true man takes care for his immortal soul.
Do what you wish, and torture me-
Burn me in the fire, turn me on a wheel;
I cannot renounce my own soul,
Nor worship any but Christ as God.
Remember, O Emperor, soon you will die,
And worms will erupt from your corpse-
Worms will glorify you, worms will eat you,
A curse will accompany you, and a curse will meet you:
For you dare wage war against Christ, Who is mightier than death.
You stand under the Rock, and He will crush you.''
Holy Catherine, Christ's virgin,
You despised the throne for eternal truth's sake;
And thus now reign in the Kingdom without end,
And sing with the angels, in the midst of sweet Paradise.
(taken from:
Excerpts from the Akathist to St. Catherine the Great Martyr

Kontakion 1
We sing hymns of praise to the chosen and crowned virgin and martyr, the bride of Christ Catherine as the most glorious victor over the tormentor and most wise teacher of philosophers: O holy martyr Catherine, who approaches the Lord with boldness, incline graciously towards the needful petitions of those who call unto you: Rejoice, O Catherine, Most Wise Bride of Christ.

Oikos 1
As pure as the angels, O holy virgin Catherine, you have become like the angels of the Divine illumination, singing with them the Thrice Holy hymn, O hear us who sing to you on this earth:
Rejoice, honorable abode of holiness;
Rejoice, wondrous sing or the Divine Providence that has been made real in you;
Rejoice, vessel of the good will of the Father;
Rejoice, fulfillment of the sufferings of Christ;
Rejoice, pure temple of the Holy Spirit;
Rejoice, you who have been enlightened by pious faith;
Rejoice, you who was born of a holy font;
Rejoice, you who have washed your robes in the Blood of the Lamb on earth;
Rejoice, you who rejoices with the holy virgins in heaven;
Rejoice, O Catherine, Most Wise Bride of Christ.
(taken from:
Megalynaria to St. Catherine in Greek
(matched rhythmically to the Third Stasis of the Lamentations)

Selections from above (amateur translation)
All generations bless you O martyr Catherine.
All generations praise you O wise Catherine
An angel from heaven descended to strengthen you O martyr in the stadium
The angels were amazed by your terrible struggles O martyr Catherine.
On Mount Sinai, O Catherine, Christ preserves your body.
Hail Catherine, the boast of virgins, O beautiful bride of Christ.
Rhetoricians and Philosophers you deposed by the presence of the strength of your words.
The multitude of the faithful honors, O Catherine, your divine struggle.
Grant to those who hymn you release from offenses by your intercessions, O Catherine.
Those on Mount Sinai who honor your body, O Catherine protect.
O great wonder! How the martyr receives nourishment from heaven.

St. Catherine the Great Martyr and All-wise (

Saint Catherine the Great-martyr, intercede for us!
Through the prayers of our Holy Fathers, Lord Jesus Christ our God, have mercy on us and save us! Amen!

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