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Miraculous "Radio" Intervention of Elder Joseph of Vatopedi

Miraculous "Radio" Intervention of Elder Joseph of Vatopedi (amateur translation)

"The following event occurred to a friend of my family on July 2nd 2009, one day after the righteous dormition of Elder Joseph of Vatopedi.

A. was married for a few years but at the end of the past May they faced an especially great trial. This trial had to do with the behavior of the parents of the husband X. towards their daughter-in-law A., but also towards their own son. With quarrels, slander, and envy, they indirectly tried to separate their children who have four children—the one a newborn—with letters of objectionable content filled with bile and slander. Condemnations so deep that the family did not want them. However, with the spiritual guidance of Fr. Ephraim, Abbot of the great Monastery of Vatopedi, there is no other way —from what my own friends related—for couples to act but to forbear with patience and endurance in their efforts to protect to their families.

However as human beings they were still filled with sorrow. A. reached the point of believing that she was responsible and not her husband’s parents who all condemned her. She had in effect reached the point of faithlessness. Fr. Ephraim had told her many times that she was not responsible for anything and to forget about it. However A. continued to think this way and couldn’t change this way of thinking.

The day after the dormition of Elder Joseph, her husband X. entered his car at 7:30 AM to take his children to day care. X. would always listen to the radio station of the Metropolis of Lemesou. When he entered his car he heard on the radio a husky, slim and fast-talking voice saying: “Don’t let satan enter your home, throw him out. Much does satan love to dissolve marriages and families. And so when it occurs you are not responsible, because satan makes you believe that you are responsible and you are tormented unjustly” and the homily stopped. He returned to his home and told his wife that he heard an incredible homily from and Elder with a hoarse voice perfect for their problem. The husband entered his car around 8:30 and heard a homily by Elder Joseph, interviewed by a journalist of the radio station of Lemesou Mr. Louka Louka. It was a very good sermon but he also spoke about other things. He thought then to go seek a copy of the homily of Elder Joseph that he heard on the morning of July 2nd (a sole broadcast) and made him a copy. On Friday night (July 3rd) he left with a friend of his for a vigil at the Holy Monastery of Machaira. He put the homily in his car to listen to it but nowhere did he hear the portion on satan, to drive him from your house, etc.—the homily which I also heard. He thought it was very strange. Then he thought that at 7:30 in the morning the Metropolis radio station carries live the Divine Liturgy from Moni Asomaton Petraki. This they confirmed with the station manager. At that time nothing was being broadcast from the station itself. That which occurred was something unthinkable to us rationally. Elder Joseph spoke to A. through the station at the time which they were broadcasting the Divine Liturgy.

Thus it was clearly confirmed that Elder Joseph with the boldness which it was revealed he has towards God miraculously intervened to calm a very good soul which was unjustly tormented from slander and divisions.

In reality this event shocked us very much because it showed the boldness of the Elder after death, the undeniable existence of life after death, and that our God LIVES. He is not a theory, nor a human invention. We however his fabrications contest him. [Εμείς όμως τα κατασκεύασματά του τον αμφισβητούμε.]

This occurrence I related to the Abbot of Vatopedi Monastery, Fr. Ephraim, who was not amazed knowing the life of the Elder. Furthermore it came to the attention of Metropolitan Athanasios of Lemesou who confirmed that at that time the station was broadcasting the Divine Liturgy and naturally I received permission of my friends to make known the miraculous “radio” intervention of Elder Joseph, naturally not mentioning their personal information.

Nearchos Panage
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May we have his blessing!

Through the prayers of our Holy Fathers, Lord Jesus Christ our God, have mercy on us and save us! Amen!

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thank you for this one, for strengthening my faith.

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