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Selected miracles of St. Athanasios the Athonite

St. Athanasios the Athonite - Commemorated on July 5th (Icon courtesy of used with permission)
Selected miracles of St. Athanasios the Athonite (amateur translation)
I. In 1911 a pious and very rich Russian man (who had the desire to become a monk) visited Megiste Lavra Monastery, which as is known celebrates on July 5th in the memory of its founder, St. Athanasios the Athonite. There he was observed by a monk to be worried, and after a conversation, this rich man said that he was totally bald and beardless, and was thus embarrassed in front of everyone. The monk told him to anoint his head with oil from the vigil lamp of the Saint. The Russian man did this, and gave some small gifts, and in a short time, he grew hair and a beard. He gave gifts to the Monastery and of course became a monk with the name Athanasios at Megiste Lavra.

II. In 1965 a boat was traveling between Thasos and Kavala when a terrible storm and darkness struck. As the sailors were struggling with the waves, one of them remembered that they were somewhere across from Megiste Lavra Monastery. Then he cried from his soul: “Saint Athanasios, save us!” and instantaneously the boat was found safe in peaceful waters, in the port below the Monastery. The sailors, astonished by that which they experienced and seen, ascended to the Monastery, and stayed for a few days there, thanking St. Athanasios for their salvation beyond all hopes.

III. In 1981 when the Monastery turned to a coenobium from being idiorhythmic, at the vespers of the vigil for St. Athanasios (July 4th into the 5th), an indescribable aroma arose from his tomb for a while, the fact of which was interpreted as joy and satisfaction of the Saint for this change.

IV. In 1984, again during the vespers of the vigil in memory of St. Athanasios, a monk saw with his own eyes, the Saint come from his tomb bodily and as if he were alive, and he was totally astonished.

V. Nikolaos Zachariades, in one of his books on the Holy Mountain, writes that once during the 1980's, he was at the vigil of St. Athanasios at Megiste Lavra. Straightaway from the tomb an indescribable fragrance arose, to the astonishment of all. In fact, from this fragrance, even the clothes of all those who were present smelled, as the author himself relates. This fragrance of their clothes remained for many years (through the year 2000) though they were washed many times (with cleaners with different smells). The aroma remained and was distinguished from other aromas.
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Through the prayers of our Holy Fathers, Lord Jesus Christ our God, have mercy on us and save us! Amen!

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