Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Excerpt from the Encomium to St. Mamas the Martyr, by St. Neophytos of Cyprus

St. Mamas the Great Martyr (source)
Excerpt from the Encomium to St. Mamas the Martyr, by St. Neophytos of Cyprus
Hail, O Mamas, the champion of the Lord who is worthy-to-be-praised, for even before your birth, your mother dedicated you to the Lord, like Jeremiah. You were born in the prison in which your parents gave up their souls to the Lord.

Hail, O Mamas, for as a chosen one of God, an Angel of the Lord led Matrona to take you from the prison, and to raise you, and to bury the bodies of your parents with honors.

Hail, O thrice-blessed one, for as Moses received the Law and Staff to lead the people on Mount Sinai, you, having fasted on the mountain of Caesarea for forty days in imitation of Moses, received the Staff and the Gospel, for which the wild animals were obedient to you, revealing thus the former authority which the Forefather [Adam] had [before the Fall].

Hail, O greatly-suffering Mamas, for unjustly you were condemned as a wizard to the atheist and lawless tyrant Alexandros, whom who censured, presenting yourself as a godly-minded servant of Christ, not having any relationship with wizards.

Hail, O Mamas, the Martyr of Christ, for you tamed the wild beasts, which were left before you, and having conquered the various tortures, you were shown to be a surpassingly-bright martyr of Christ.

Hail, O blessed Mamas, for you became a living sacrifice, chosen and pleasing to God. After your slaughter, having held your entrails with your two hands, you went to the Master and Lord Whom you love, not only dyed with the blood of your martyrdom, but bringing your entrails as chosen gifts, offering them to God, to Whom, O thrice-blessed Mamas, you entreat with boldness...
(amateur translation of text from source)
St. Mamas the Great Martyr (source)
Through the prayers of our Holy Fathers, Lord Jesus Christ our God, have mercy on us and save us! Amen!

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