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Canons in the Eight tones to St. Panteleimon, by St. Joseph the Hymnographer: Third Tone

St. Panteleimon the Great Martyr and Unmercenary (source)
Note: The following is my amateur translation of the third canon (in the third tone) in a series of eight canons in the eight tones written by St. Joseph the hymnographer to honor the great martyr and healer of Christ, St. Panteleimon. These are very beautiful and compunctionate hymns, and rightly praise such a great wonderworker of Orthodoxy. For the full texts of the canons in Greek, see here. If I am not mistaken, these are used around the feast of the Saint (i.e. either in the days leading up to or following his feast) in his Monastery on Mount Athos to more fully celebrate this great feast, the feast of the Russian Monastery of the Holy Mountain. May St. Panteleimon intercede for us all, and grant us healing of the passions of our souls and bodies! Amen!

Canons in the Eight Tones to St. Panteleimon the Great Martyr and Unmercenary
Written by St. Joseph the Hymnographer (+883AD)
Canon in the Third Tone

Ode I
Truly, you have been shown to be a Martyr of the Savior, O glorious Panteleimon, as all of the faithful piously know you to be, and to your fervent protection we hasten and cry out: deliver us from every evil, through your intercessions.

You deposed the lawless King, and found the Kingdom not of this world, and on behalf of Christ you suffered pains, O unconquerable Martyr. Ever entreat Him, that every pain might be driven out of our hearts, O glorious one.

With rejoicing, you set off for tortures, O glorious Panteleimon, and you destroyed all the soul-corrupting power of the enemy. Deliver us from this danger, and strengthen us all through your intercessions, O blessed of God.

Daniel beheld you once as a mountain, O Lady who gave birth to God, from which a stone was cut, which truly was made to shatter all the idols of delusion, while refashioning us.

Ode III.
Through calling upon God, you raised the dead man, O wise one, and rejoicing, you offered to Christ your unwavering mind, O Martyr worthy of praise.

Deliver us from the stupor of sins and afflictions and dangers, O Martyr of Christ, we who are ever enriched by you, our unshakable intercessor.

You have blunted the evil arrows of the tempter, O Martyr, through your holy pains. Deliver us from him, we who call upon you with faith.

The Almighty Lord desired to dwell within your womb, O Theotokos, and gave himself to be born, for our divine rebirth.

Ode IV.
Heal, O Christ, our souls and bodies, through the prayers of Panteleimon, your beloved healer, O Word, and grant us Your good things, O only greatly-merciful One.

You have been shown to the world to be the boast of champions, for you rejoiced in the wounding of your members, O Panteleimon, empowered by the grace of the Bestower-of-Crowns, therefore we praise you.

Deliver us from worldly scandals through your intercessions, entreating for the forgiveness of all kinds of sins, O all blessed one, and the correction of life, for we have been enriched by you, our great protector.

You alone among women remained incorrupt after childbirth, you alone nursed the Nourisher of all with milk, O Virgin-Mother, therefore we glorify you, and out of necessity bless you with faith.

Ode V.
You were reborn as a sanctified Temple of the All-Holy Spirit, and cast down the temples of the idols to the ground, O all-blessed Panteleimon, therefore, we hymn your intercessions with fervor in your divine temple, and we are saved.

Having been pierced in the flesh and lit aflame by torches, O blessed one, you received refreshment from Christ the Lord Who appeared to you, O Panteleimon, and He extinguished the flame of fire, while lighting the eros of your heart.

Those who were darkened by delusion, beholding your wondrous deeds, O Martyr, were led towards the light of godly knowledge, therefore, shine upon me, who am darkened by sins, and through your prayers, lead me towards the paths of repentance.

You were shown to be an all-radiant palace of the King, O All-Spotless One, and a fiery throne on which He sat, while lifting up mortals from their ancient prostration, who out of contrition glorify you.

Ode VI.
Your blood ran upon the earth, therefore drying up the rivers of impiety, and watering the hearts of the faithful, O all-famed one, who honor your sacred gifts.

You stopped the mouths of beasts by calling upon Christ, O all-honored one, escaped being food for the lions. Deliver me from this evil, through your prayers, O holy one.

The evildoers bound you to a wheel, while your intellect was bound to Christ, and thus you were unshakable, O ever-memorable one, equal-in-honor to the Angels.

We honor you with hymns in a godly manner, we who are saved through you, and we pray to you, O Lady Theotokos, to intercede on behalf of all, that we might find your consolation.

Ode VII.
Your nous was mystically radiant and aflame, O ever-memorable Champion, as you hastened to dark tortures, chanting: blessed are You, O God.

O Champion, you rejoiced enduring being boiled, receiving therefore divine refreshment. But entreat that we might be delivered from eternal fire through your prayers.

Chanting unto Holy God, you completed the contest. But we entreat you, O holy one, that we who have gathered unto the glory of God and to honor you, might be delivered from every danger.

As one wider than the heavens, you have birth to God, Who is uncontainable by everything. Entreat Him, that we be delivered from every sadness, O Birth-giver of God.

You were thrown into prison, while you rejoiced in the spirit, O Martyr, and you kept the commandments of Christ, while unbinding through your shackles, the evil of the enemy, crying out: Bless the Lord, all you His works.

Having been set aflame by the fire of divine love, you were not afraid of the fire that ever burns, O wise one, but you ceaselessly cried out to Christ in joy: Blessed are You, O God of our Fathers.

O Martyr who once enlightened the eyes of the blind man, open the eyes of my heart, through your prayers, O Panteleimon, that I might see the divine light and live.

The Lord took on flesh from your, O All-Spotless One, and appeared to men upon the earth, delivering from ignorance and shining upon all with the light of knowledge. Entreat Him, O Virgin, for those who now bless you.

Ode IX.
You finished the contest in holiness, having moved the people who beheld your wonders, O every-memorable one, and you took refuge in God, and received the crowns of the Martyrs in the Spirit. With Him we honor you, O Panteleimon, and magnify you with faith.

As your zeal for the faith was fervent, O adornment of Champions, you quenched the fire of impiety, and appeared to the world as a light, shining forth with the rays of healings, O Panteleimon, for those who ever take refuge in your protection.

In imitation of Christ, you became a spring of compassion, showing mercy on those who hasten to you, O Champion. But I entreat that you might become a helper to me in my infirmity, helping me to lighten the burden of my sins through your prayers.

The day of my death is approaching, O my soul, put off laziness and cry out to Christ in contrition: on that coming day, deliver me, O Word, from condemnation, through the sacred supplications of Your Champion Panteleimon.


You were made to be a most-awesome dwelling place of the Lord and God, a most-holy home, O All-Spotless One, for Him Who dwelt within you. Entreat Him ceaselessly, that all of us might be delivered from the danger of the enemy, and from the condemnation of the fire of Gehenna.
St. Panteleimon the Great Martyr and Unmercenary (source)
Through the prayers of our Holy Fathers, Lord Jesus Christ our God, have mercy on us and save us! Amen!


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