Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Prayer to St. Christopher before driving

Christ is risen! Truly He is risen!
Prayer before driving (to St. Christopher),
Translated from Greek By Fr. Ayman Kfouf.
The Orthodox tradition describes saint Christopher as a tall man of tremendous strength who made a living carrying people across a raging river. One day his passenger was a child who grew so heavy as they crossed the river that St. Christopher feared they would both drown. He was amazed that such a small child could overcome someone so mighty as himself. The child then revealed that he was Christ, and the heaviness was caused by the weight of the world which He bore. St. Christopher a patron Saint for travelers and drivers, thus many Christians place his icon in their modes of transportation, especially upon the blessing of a new vehicle.
Christ is risen from the dead, by death, trampling down upon death, and to those in the tombs, He has granted life!
Truly the Lord is risen!

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