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Akathist to St. Marina the Great Martyr

St. Marina the Great Martyr (source)
Akathist to St. Marina the Great Martyr,
written by Dr. Charalampos Bousias

Kontakion in the Plagal of the Fourth Tone.
She who mindfully abandoned the impiety of her father, and followed the untrodden path of martyrdom out of love for her Bridegroom [Christ] in Heaven, O comely virgin Marina, we praise you who destroyed the enemy, and cry out with fervor: Rejoice, O all-spotless Martyr.

O Marina, perfect and comely martyr and famed sheep of the Chief Shepherd and Word, (3) as His all-praised bride, you reclined your neck unflinchingly in the stadium and were beheaded on behalf of piety, rousing the faithful to cry out to you:
Rejoice, great champion and comely martyr,
Rejoice, greatly-suffering child martyr.
Rejoice, you who were nourished by the love of the Creator,
Rejoice, you who were delivered by the power of the King of all.
Rejoice, for you bore pains in your flesh gently,
Rejoice, for you followed the path of martyrdom.
Rejoice, the chastity of all spiritual champions,
Rejoice, the gladness of youth brave in soul.
Rejoice, greatly-flowing spring of graces,
Rejoice, unending source of wonders.
Rejoice, through whom Pisidia takes boast,
Rejoice, through whom the guile of the serpent is conquered.
Rejoice, O all-spotless Martyr.

An all-beautiful offspring of Pisidia, O Marina, you saddened your father who was a priest of the idols, as you showed his belief to be utter delusion, and you proceeded towards faith in Christ until martyrdom, reclining your neck to beheading, while crying out to Him: Alleluia.
St. Marina the Great Martyr (source)
Being founded upon the truth, O Marina, you remained unshaken by the assaults of the deceiving enemy, O Martyr, therefore you trampled upon his wretched attack through your struggle, therefore we cry out to you with fervor:
Rejoice, elite adornment of the youth,
Rejoice, the healer of all those suffering.
Rejoice, you who dispersed the darkness of your father,
Rejoice, you who struggled mightily and radiantly.
Rejoice, sweet fragrance of the love of Christ,
Rejoice, aromatic myrrh-vessel of manly*** martyrdom.
Rejoice, for you received your call to preach of your Bridegroom,
Rejoice, for you delivered from the delusion of the idols.
Rejoice, radiant jewel of youth,
Rejoice, joyous type of struggle.
Rejoice, bold vessel of the youth,
Rejoice, you who freeze the deception of the idols.
Rejoice, O all-spotless Martyr.

As a tree steadfast in soul, you deposed Olymvrios, who was under the influence of the serpent, and was a faithless ruler, while you gladdened the multitude of the faithful through your godly-wise words and sacred sayings, crying out to the Redeemer: Alleluia.
St. Marina the Great Martyr (source)
You willingly bore in your flesh the raking and being burnt by torches, O Marina, and you offered to Jesus a holy regiment of Martyrs, who denied delusion and who cry out to you out of fervent faith:
Rejoice, boast of steadfastness,
Rejoice, adornment of piety.
Rejoice, you who shone with the light of Christ,
Rejoice, you who dispersed the darkness of delusion.
Rejoice, very precious dwelling-place of spiritual manliness,
Rejoice, God-chosen boast of the martyric path.
Rejoice, for you were shown to be more steadfast than iron,
Rejoice, for you appeared as the bride of the Lord.
Rejoice, you who endured the raking of your flesh,
Rejoice, shaming of the multitudes of the faithless.
Rejoice, the wound of the soulless idols,
Rejoice, speedy dispeller of the demons.
Rejoice, O all-spotless Martyr.

Being arrayed in the zeal of martyrdom, O Marina, you wisely put off the garment of fearful nature and manfully proceeded towards steadfast struggles, and the cutting off of your head, as you hastened to Christ, crying out from your depths: Alleluia.

St. Marina the Great Martyr and Christ's Vanquisher of demons (source)

You deposed the ancient enemy who appeared to you as one barren, O Marina, through the power of Christ God, to Whom you gave the beauty of your youth as a dowry, and therefore we cry out to you in joy:
Rejoice, the depth of mighty strength,
Rejoice, the measure of perfection.
Rejoice, rampart of martyrdom founded by God,
Rejoice, utter deposition of the enemy.
Rejoice, unconquerable Martyr, who dashed apart Olymvrios,
Rejoice, all-spotless girl, the sweetness of the pious.
Rejoice, for you endured painful blows,
Rejoice, for you were set afire with torches.
Rejoice, crown of grace plaited with flowers,
Rejoice, stream of healings flowing from God.
Rejoice, healing for the greatly-pained faithful,
Rejoice, great pain to the enemy.
Rejoice, O all-spotless Martyr.

Divine light shined upon you, O Martyr Marina, transforming your dark and unspeakable [prison], filling you with joy as you beheld your wounds being greatly healed, O chaste one, and therefore you opened your all-sacred lips to cry out to Christ: Alleluia.
St. Marina the Great Martyr (source)
You trampled upon the strength of Belial the enemy through the power of the Cross, O Marina, and through the sword of your fervent prayers, you speedily cut off the head of his guile, trampling upon him, and rousing all of the faithful to cry out to you:
Rejoice, virgin bearing virtues,
Rejoice, all-glorious champion.
Rejoice, the fellow-dweller with all the Martyrs,
Rejoice, speaker with the Holy Angels.
Rejoice, fervent boast of pious strugglers,
Rejoice, unassailable surrounding wall for mighty young people.
Rejoice, for you rejoice together with the choirs in Heaven,
Rejoice, for you shine upon the minds of those bearing the name of Christ.
Rejoice, fervent refuge of the faithful,
Rejoice, steadfast destroyer of enemies.
Rejoice, protection for pious souls,
Rejoice, lamp full of spiritual boldness.
Rejoice, O all-spotless Martyr.

Bearing the beauty of virginity, and manliness in soul, you gave your spotless wealth to your Bridegroom Christ, O Marina, and you suffered terrible tortures for Him, ceaselessly changing to Him with a thankful tongue: Alleluia.
St. Marina the Great Martyr (source)
Shining with love for the Most-high, O Marina, you bore the pain of tortures manfully as one without flesh, and the sharp cutting of your sacred neck with the sword you endured, therefore we magnify you, crying out in worthy manner:
Rejoice, perfect soul of Christ,
Rejoice, icon of radiant virginity.
Rejoice, the divine adornment of the stadium,
Rejoice, the all-spotless lamb of the Lord.
Rejoice, for you were patient out of your fervent reverence,
Rejoice, for you cast down the head of Satan through your faith.
Rejoice, you who in no way spared your flesh,
Rejoice, you who received the cutting of your neck.
Rejoice, jewel of the love of Christ,
Rejoice, boast of His faith.
Rejoice, chaste cypress of Paradise,
Rejoice, pure one, who tramples upon the enemy.
Rejoice, O all-spotless Martyr.

O Martyr of Christ Marina, you lawfully struggled in the stadium, proclaiming your calling from your Bridegroom, and together with Him, you rejoice in the heavenly mansions, and you ever entreat Him, O one who greatly suffered, on behalf of those who cry out with faith: Alleluia.
St. Marina the Great Martyr (source)
You bore the deadening of your flesh, O Martyr Marina, through your timely struggles, and through your divine might, you wondrously showed the enemy to be a weakly dog, and you open the mouths of the faithful to cry out to you:
Rejoice, the casting down of the worship of idols,
Rejoice, the deliverer of the ailing.
Rejoice, you who triumphed over the ancient enemy,
Rejoice, you who love to alleviate illnesses.
Rejoice, fruitful vine of the new life in Christ,
Rejoice, support showing athletic virtue.
Rejoice, for you received the crowns of reward for the virgins,
Rejoice, for you show forth the ways of salvation.
Rejoice, support of the faith of Christ,
Rejoice, driving out of the dangers of the enemy.
Rejoice, spring of many kinds of healings,
Rejoice, all-fragrant incense of wonders.
Rejoice, O all-spotless Martyr.

A strange spring of all kinds of wonders, and a fountain of healings, you are seen to be, O Marina, working together with your Bridegroom Who is sacred and the One desired. We cry out to Him loudly, Who makes those lacking music to be composers, as we cry out to you, O Great Martyr: Alleluia.
St. Marina the Great Martyr, and Christ's Vanquisher of the demons (source)
You have been numbered with the heavenly ranks, O Marina, for you passed through the great sea of life, with Christ being the guide towards peace in soul, and rejoicing, you ever entreat Him on behalf of those who cry out to you with faith:
Rejoice, the giver of healings,
Rejoice, the destroyer of demons.
Rejoice, the first champion in the stadium of martyrdom,
Rejoice, partaker of heavenly rejoicing.
Rejoice, for you despised the prime of youth,
Rejoice, for you offered your head as a gift to Christ.
Rejoice, the speedy protection of those who hymn you,
Rejoice, the guide of your entreaters towards the heavens.
Rejoice, you who shame the boldness of the enemy,
Rejoice, you who were raised through the power of Christ.
Rejoice, breath and helping hand for the youth,
Rejoice, wound of the faithless tyrants.
Rejoice, O all-spotless Martyr.

With fervor in your nous, O Marina, you were directed towards Christ your pure Savior from childhood, and you speedily spat upon the vanity of the idols and the delusion of your father, as you shown with the light of Christ, to Whom you cry out unflinchingly: Alleluia.

St. Marina the Great Martyr (source)
As a fragrant and beautiful divine rose, you sprouted from a terrible and foul-smelling root, filling all the faithful with the breeze of your spiritual graces, O all-chaste Marina, and with the joy of your manliness, therefore we cry out:
Rejoice, you who struggled gloriously,
Rejoice, you who were rightly glorified.
Rejoice, fragrant vessel of springtime,
Rejoice, light-bearing Queen of graces.
Rejoice, for you endured the cutting of your head,
Rejoice, for you dyed the stole of your soul in your blood.
Rejoice, most delicious apple of goodness,
Rejoice, unemptying abyss of perfection.
Rejoice, you who emphatically loved Christ,
Rejoice, hypostasis of His love.
Rejoice, shame of the enemy that hates Christ,
Rejoice, victory of the choir of champions.
Rejoice, O all-spotless Martyr.

You were adorned with the crown of incorruption as a steadfast Martyr and virgin, and you join pasture with the choirs of the Angels, in the bridal chamber above, in which, O all-praised one, you entreat the Lord on behalf of those who piously cry out: Alleluia.

St. Marina the Great Martyr (source)
You are a surrounding wall for the chaste youth and a precious protection, O joyous Marina, the comeliness of steadfast women and the sacred type of champions. Keep under your protection those who entreat you and who cry out in faith:
Rejoice, Queen of graces,
Rejoice, depth of healings.
Rejoice, God-inscribed statue of truth,
Rejoice, you who are the longed for piety founded in God.
Rejoice, foundation of famed women champions strengthened by God,
Rejoice, mighty bravery of athletes.
Rejoice, for you endured unbearable beatings,
Rejoice, for you trample upon the frost of the enemy.
Rejoice, you who dwell in the court of unwaning light,
Rejoice, nourishment for the whole world.
Rejoice, steady ray of Christ,
Rejoice, spring of boldness and well-being.
Rejoice, O all-spotless Martyr.

We place the crowns of our hymns upon you for your struggles, O Marina, to the heavenly glory of your sacred Bridegroom, Christ God, Whose might we praise, we who are upon the earth, singing sweet songs and crying out with fervent voices: Alleluia.

St. Marina the Great Martyr (source)
You shine upon all creation with the rays of your virtues, and with the radiance of your beautiful youth, O comely and chaste Martyr Marina, and your soul was set aflame with the divine, therefore all who praise your memory cry out with faith:
Rejoice, creation of the love of the Lord,
Rejoice, sword against the delusion of the enemy.
Rejoice, example of the perfect truth,
Rejoice, adornment of the spotless way.
Rejoice, priceless emerald of spiritual beauty,
Rejoice, many-colored sapphire of athletic virtue.
Rejoice, you who bury the unclean spirits,
Rejoice, deliverance from incurable illnesses.
Rejoice, mighty strength of the faithful given by God,
Rejoice, ever-flowing spring of wonders.
Rejoice, container bestowing joy,
Rejoice, beautiful trophy of manliness.
Rejoice, O all-spotless Martyr.

Rejoice, O Martyr Marina, for you counted the fire of tortures as nourishment, and the cutting off of your head as a cause for joy, as you proceeded to the heavenly mansions to meet your Bridegroom, crying out to Him: Alleluia.

St. Marina the Great Martyr (source)
Having been enriched with your prayers as with gold, O Marina, we entreat the Giver-of-life that we be granted good things, though we are dead of good deeds, O child Martyr, chaste and full of faith and shining with light, and we cry out these things from our depths:
Rejoice, pillar of godly piety,
Rejoice, gate leading to God.
Rejoice, greatly-fragrant pasture of Christ,
Rejoice, juicy apple of His flower.
Rejoice, golden diadem of steadfast youth,
Rejoice, all-precious one lifted up by the Savior of souls.
Rejoice, the speedy protection of those who honor you,
Rejoice, healing from dangers for those who hymn you.
Rejoice, all-radiant light of struggle,
Rejoice, sheltered forest of manliness.
Rejoice, canon of steadfastness for those in dangers,
Rejoice, mystical verdant tree.
Rejoice, O all-spotless Martyr.

O Martyr of the Lord who suffered greatly, adornment of spiritual youth (3), unflinchingly entreat your Bridegroom that we be granted dual health [of soul and body], as the ranks of virgins praise you, and all cry out in reverence: Alleluia.
And again the Kontakion.
***Note: The author of the akathist, like many other hymnographers, praises the "manliness" of St. Marina. This does not minimize the attributes of her female gender, but means to praise her steadfastness and endurance of terrible martyrdom more than many men on behalf of her love for Christ.
St. Marina the Great Martyr (source)
Through the prayers of our Holy Fathers, Lord Jesus Christ our God, have mercy on us and save us! Amen!

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