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Akathist to St. Arsenios of Cappadocia

St. Arsenios of Cappadocia (Source)
Akathist to our Venerable Father Arsenios of Cappadocia
Kontakion in the Plagal of the Fourth Tone.
As one who lived a God-pleasing life in asceticism, and was made worthy of the radiance of the Saints, and was adorned with the crown of incorruption, intercede with the Lord, we pray, that we may all be delivered from evils and trials, as we cry out to you: Rejoice, O Father Arsenios.


You appeared as a man of venerable mind in the world, O Venerable Arsenios, and offering of the Venerable Saints, (3), for by your angelic life, you showed forth the radiance of the Paraclete [the Comforter], through Whom you enlighten all who cry out to you things like these:
Rejoice, new one among the Venerable,
Rejoice, equal of the Saints.
Rejoice, sharer of the name of the great Arsenios,
Rejoice, sharer of the ways of the ancient Fathers.
Rejoice, most-pure nous full of divine illuminations,
Rejoice, greatly-flowing river of the graces of God.
Rejoice, for you shown forth in asceticism in our days,
Rejoice, for you appeared as one of heavenly mind in all things.
Rejoice, new star of grace,
Rejoice, new hero against the enemy.
Rejoice, through whom things truly are made to shine,
Rejoice, through whom the Church is made to dance.
Rejoice, O Father Arsenios.
Having abandoned all things of life that pass away, you directed yourself to serve the Lord, and through a life of purity, you followed His commandments, O blessed Arsenios, and to Him you cried out in reverence: Alleluia.
You were shown to be a famed offspring of Cappadocia, and your nature was from pious roots, and you offered your whole being to Christ, while from Him you received heavenly grace, through which we are taught, O Saint, to reverently cry out to you:
Rejoice, flower of Cappadocia,
Rejoice, vessel of incorruption.
Rejoice, treasure of Christ,
Rejoice, casting down of the delusion of the enemy.
Rejoice, newly-founded foundation of the Church of Christ,
Rejoice, boast and confirmation of the faithful of godly mind.
Rejoice, for you dissolved the kingdom of Belial,
Rejoice, for you granted strength to the Orthodox.
Rejoice, for you trampled upon the glances of the enemy,
Rejoice, for you bestow godly gifts on the faithful.
Rejoice, for you water the pastures of souls,
Rejoice, for you uproot the tares of passions.
Rejoice, O Father Arsenios.
You received power from heaven at your holy tonsure, O Arsenios, which increased your zeal in soul towards increasing pains and [ascetical] feats, O Father, having been winged by the love of Christ, to Whom you cried out: Alleluia.
Having the divine fire within your soul, O all-blessed one, you burned up the thorns of the passions, and were arrayed in the stole of the Priesthood, as one truly shorn with purity of heart, and you therefore struggled ascetically, hearing from all these things:
Rejoice, divine healer of God,
Rejoice, pride of all the faithful.
Rejoice, newly-illumined lamp-lighter of monastics,
Rejoice, canon of priests bestowed by God.
Rejoice, vine of sweetest fruit of [Christ] the vine of life,
Rejoice, tree full of fruit of the sacred way.
Rejoice, for you traveled through life in asceticism,
Rejoice, for you neglected the lesser, earthly things.
Rejoice, for you desired death for Christ,
Rejoice, for you were filled to intoxication with light.
Rejoice, lover immortal life,
Rejoice, partaker of immaculate nourishment.
Rejoice, O Father Arsenios.

As one zealous for all things of the ancient Fathers, you came to imitate their lives in our days through your life, and you were made worthy of equal station of their glory, O Arsenios, inspired by God, and with them you cry out to the Lord: Alleluia.
St. Arsenios of Cappadocia (source)

Your holy life truly shown forth throughout your own homeland, O God-bearer, and taught all of the people to be marked with the divine blood of Christ, as one who transmitted divine things to those who were therefore compelled to cry out:
Rejoice, mouth of piety,
Rejoice, casting down of lawlessness.
Rejoice, most practical steward of souls,
Rejoice, transmitter of divine things, O inspired by God.
Rejoice, most radiant lamp of the virtuous way,
Rejoice, God-inspired tongue of the teachings of life.
Rejoice, for you received the grace of the Comforter,
Rejoice, for you censured the delusion that opposes God.
Rejoice, for you cleansed the wounds of souls,
Rejoice, for you trampled upon the worms of the passions.
Rejoice, through whom the faithful are guided,
Rejoice, through whom the pious are illumined.
Rejoice, O Father Arsenios.
The Master of all glorified your life with wonders, O Father Arsenios, for He bestowed on you many gifts during your life, and after your repose does the same through your divine Relic, which grants incorruptible grace to those who reverently cry out to God: Alleluia.
You were shown to be a God-bearing priest and a worthy vessel and friend of the Savior, and you served as a priest spotlessly, being filled with heavenly radiance, directing towards the things to come those who cry out things like these:
Rejoice, divine moon of the East,
Rejoice, lifter of the horn of the Saints.
Rejoice, servant of the divine mysteries,
Rejoice, teacher of Orthodox dogmas.
Rejoice, for you served as a priest like an Angel of Christ,
Rejoice, for you offered everything to Him.
Rejoice, for you distanced yourself from everything earthly with godly mind,
Rejoice, for you were filled with heavenly radiance.
Rejoice, dwelling-place of the light of God,
Rejoice, holy treasure of a holy life.
Rejoice, healer of incurable passions,
Rejoice, scepter against impure spirits.
Rejoice, O Father Arsenios.
From the East came proclaimers of your many wonders, O all-blessed one, who were made worthy of your gifts, and now, they preach of the grace that ever pours forth from your all-precious Relics, O Father, crying out: Alleluia.
Shining in the East as a morning star, was your way of life, O Arsenios, and it lately dawns upon us through the placing of your divine Relics, which dissolve the darkness of passions from those who cry out to you in faith:
Rejoice, you who were enriched with divine glory,
Rejoice, you who crushed the mania of the enemy.
Rejoice, sower of a practical way of life,
Rejoice, chosen one of divine providence.
Rejoice, pillar established by God of the spiritual law,
Rejoice, God-inspired organ of the angelic life.
Rejoice, for you grant divine gifts to the faithful,
Rejoice, for you offer up your exaltations to God.
Rejoice, canon of righteous asceticism,
Rejoice, lamp of holy counsel.
Rejoice, laver purifying souls,
Rejoice, our guide towards things to come.
Rejoice, O Father Arsenios.
You only had the love of Christ within your heart, and therefore proceeded forward in His path, and you had humility in your life, and had no desire for possessions, O Venerable One, as you were lifted high by the divine Spirit, and were united to God, chanting: Alleluia.
St. Arsenios of Cappadocia with scenes from his life (source)
You appeared as a new star of the Church of Christ, O Arsenios, as you lived in asceticism, and you give the help of your wonders to all who approach your divine Relics, as they are granted sanctification and healings, crying out:
Rejoice, clearly beloved one of Christ,
Rejoice, destroyer of the substance of the passions.
Rejoice, deliverer from the bonds of barrenness,
Rejoice, sure guide towards God.
Rejoice, height of humility and treasure of love,
Rejoice depth of purity as a mystic of Christ.
Rejoice, for you instill in the faithful divine fear,
Rejoice, for you teach the law of the Lord.
Rejoice, you who disperse the ranks of the enemy,
Rejoice, you who teach the words of Christ.
Rejoice, rooter of perfect ethos,
Rejoice, uprooter of evil passions.
Rejoice, O Father Arsenios.
Having been estranged from the things of this world, you drew closer to the Lord, and you shown forth with His goodness to those poor and suffering, O wise one, and in all places leading to the Lord by word and deed, O Arsenios, those who cry out: Alleluia.
Your whole mind you made to serve the Lord as a servent, O God-bearer, and within you inherited good things sowed by the divine Spirit, Whom we also receive through you, O Saint, as we cry out in faith:
Rejoice, son of the unsetting light,
Rejoice, hero fighting off the enemy.
Rejoice, most-fragrant pasture of chastity,
Rejoice, most-compassionate father of those in dangers.
Rejoice, unshakable haven of those in the tempest of temptations,
Rejoice, you who dissolve the darkness of soul-corrupting trials.
Rejoice, for you heal the passion of cancer,
Rejoice, for you destroy the kingdom of Belial.
Rejoice, you who tell of the goodness of Christ,
Rejoice, you who lance the evils of the enemy.
Rejoice, deliverer from terrible depression,
Rejoice, founder of rejoicing of the soul.
Rejoice, O Father Arsenios.

Many women approach your Relics with faith and great reverence, and are granted gifts from God through you, as those who were formerly barren become mothers, and with joy, O Arsenios, they cry out to Him Who glorified you: Alleluia.

To you were granted words of prophecy in the Spirit, O blessed Arsenios, for you foretold your venerable repose on the island of Corfu, from where you hastened to God, from Whom you pour forth grace on those who cry out:
Rejoice, fellow-dweller with the Angels,
Rejoice, you who were crowned with the Saints.
Rejoice, you who finished the beautiful race,
Rejoice, you who received the crown of incorruption.
Rejoice, for you grant children to those barren,
Rejoice, for you hearken to our cries in a divine manner.
Rejoice, you who chasten the hearts of the heedless,
Rejoice, you who shine with the love of the Lord.
Rejoice, deliverer from every passion,
Rejoice, guide towards godly good things.
Rejoice, instrument of the compassion of Christ,
Rejoice, lyre of the blessed life.
Rejoice, O Father Arsenios.
Your sacred body, O God-bearer, was given to the venerable grave, while your blessed soul proceeded to Christ, Whose immaculate beauty you behold, as you chant: Alleluia.
St. Arsenios of Cappadocia (source)
Your holy Monastery has been enriched by your sacred Relics, as with a God-given gift, and those who are granted the gift of your wonders all cry out and proclaim with resounding voice and bless you, O Arsenios, and ever cry out with fervor:
Rejoice, inheritor of the Lord,
Rejoice, godly one and God-bearer.
Rejoice, treasure of the Monastery that bears your name,
Rejoice, new adornment of Monastics.
Rejoice, unassailable support of pious Nuns,
Rejoice, saving boast of pious Christians.
Rejoice, for you grant children to those barren,
Rejoice, for you bestow grace on those who are depressed.
Rejoice, flowering of the life to come,
Rejoice, new crowning of the faithful.
Rejoice, rejoicing of our monastery,
Rejoice, true gladness of the faithful.
Rejoice, O Father Arsenios.
With holy hymns we praise you, O Father, and the choirs of Monastics with fervor surround the container of your Relics, and the pious hasten to gather from all places at your grace, O Venerable One, crying out to Him Who glorified you: Alleluia.
Having received the divine light of the Holy Trinity, together with all the choirs of the Saints, dissolve the darkness of temptations for those who approach your divine Relics, granting them deliverance and health, for those who entreat you, crying out:
Rejoice, dissolver of depression,
Rejoice, boast of the Church.
Rejoice, defender of those in pains and trials,
Rejoice, physician of those sick and suffering.
Rejoice, you who grant divine goodness with compassion,
Rejoice, you who drive away temptations with grace.
Rejoice, for you heal terrible afflictions,
Rejoice, for you grant divine guidance.
Rejoice, divine surrounding wall of the faithful,
Rejoice, our fervent consolation.
Rejoice, newest song of the faithful,
Rejoice, our surpassing gift from God.
Rejoice, O Father Arsenios.
Your Monastery rejoices in your holy joy, O all-blessed one, having found you O Father as a protector and divine defender, and it falls before your Relics, praising you, O Arsenios, and ever chants to the Lord: Alleluia.
As you chant the thrice-holy hymn together with the Angels to the Holy Trinity, ceaselessly intercede with them, O godly-minded one, on behalf of your children, O Venerable One, that we be delivered from every trial, as we cry out:
Rejoice, beholder of the glory of God,
Rejoice, spring of many healings,
Rejoice, equal to the ancient ascetics,
Rejoice, equal in station to the noetic Armies [of the Angels].
Rejoice, for you shine noetically upon those who call upon you,
Rejoice, for you visit with sympathy those who ask of you.
Rejoice, the intercessor for this Monastery before the Creator,
Rejoice, you who dissolve every sadness of heart.
Rejoice, through whom we are healed of the passions,
Rejoice, through whom we behold the Lord.
Rejoice, intercessor for the faithful towards God,
Rejoice, my deliverance from dangers.
Rejoice, O Father Arsenios.
O blessed Arsenios, the citizen of Heaven and communicant with all the Saints, (3) fervently entreat together with them that we be delivered from every trial and that we be granted heavenly grace, for those who cry out: Alleluia.
Then, the Kontakion again.
St. Arsenios of Cappadocia (source)
Through the prayers of our Holy Fathers, Lord Jesus Christ our God, have mercy on us and save us! Amen!

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