Tuesday, August 30, 2011

An astonishing miracle of St. John the Russian

An astonishing miracle of St. John the Russian (amateur translation)
For about two hours, Mr. Konstantinos Polychroniou (a senior government official) was praying in tears before the Reliquary of St. John the Russian.

He was wearing pajamas, and a taxi was waiting for him at the door of the Church. When he finished his mystical conversation with the Saint, he turned around, and with slow steps dragging his slippers on the floor, he headed towards the exit.

A priest of the monastery stopped him and asked him why he was crying so long, why he wasn't dressed normally and came to church in pajamas, and he asked if he would like a room to stay in for a short time to rest.

“No Father,” he replied and continued, “the Saint has refreshed me for many years, this great and wonderworking physician whom you serve.”

“This morning, at Evangelismos Hospital, my wife came to see me. Ten years have passed, and once again I am standing upright as you see me now. A chronic neurological disease that I had disabled me to such an extent that I lost my position, and I took an early retirement. After the second year I was led to the hospital with greater than 80% paralysis of the lower extremities. My paralysis, my poor psychological state, my premature exit from life's activities let me down, roughly to death.

“This morning, my wife came to me at the hospital, and found me sleeping. She didn't wake me, but laid down next to my bed in a chair, and in a short time fell asleep herself. She saw in her dream that in the next room was a meeting of doctors. Among them was an unknown, stranger doctor.

“My wife approached him and said: 'My Doctor, are you new? This is the first time I've seen you at the hospital. I beg you, in the adjacent room I have my husband who is paralyzed for ten years. The doctors told me the truth, that I am loosing my companion. I am loosing my foundation. My husband will die. Come, my doctor, see him, give him courage, tell us your opinion, too.'

'Go ahead, madam, wait and I will see your husband.'

'Yes, my doctor, tell me your name, so I wait for you...'

'John the Russian' he replied.

She awoke, and fell from her chair. She saw me try by myself, supported by my elbows, to get up.

'Help me, honey,' I told her, 'someone is holding me under my arms and lifting me up. You help me too...'

I got up and walked, when my wife's cries brought my doctors near us to help.

The head doctor of the department, a pious Christian, was astonished by my wife's account, and told me: 'Mr. Polychroniou, don't ask at all to change out of your pajamas. Leave, take a taxi to the Spiritual hospital in the Church of St. John the Russian, in the green valley of Prokopion of Evia, where his holy Relic is incorrupt. Go, say a great thank you, and return for your discharge. This is rare indeed, due not to a doctor but to a “Saint”. And as a Christian and a scientist, what I told you, I believe. Above our science is the omnipotence of God and His Saints.'

“These things he told us, Father...Give us your blessing too.”

These things he said, these things we saw from that blessed man with his tears (and for men to cry, something serious must be occurring). He said “thank you” to the Saint, and is eager to tell all of the sick people in the hospitals, that for every individual infirmity there awaits some Angel, some Saint, the Lord Himself Who descends to trouble the water that they might enter the miracle called miraculous healing, which truly occurs at times to the sick whom God chooses through His own judgments, utterly unknown to us.

Through the prayers of our Holy Fathers, Lord Jesus Christ our God, have mercy on us and save us! Amen!

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