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Selected hymns to St. Phanourios

Selected hymns to St. Phanourios.

Prosomia of the Stichera in the First Tone
O strange wonder! As a wondrous light, the noble Phanourios, has shown to those on earth, as a foretaste of the age to come. He deposed the unknown enemy through his feats of struggle, and the revealing of his divine church is made known to the ends of the earth. Therefore as we celebrate his holy memory, hymning the Savior, Who radiantly glorified him.

Strange is your steadfastness, O wise one! For you struggled in wrestling beyond nature, and you were shown great among athletes, O Phanourios, and being a newly-revealed sun of the Church of Christ, though you were hidden within the earth, you were radiantly glorified in the highest, and you shine with the rays of wonders on all those who flee to your speedy help, O Martyr.

Your praised struggle, O athlete of the Lord, O glorious Phanourios, which of old you endured for Christ lawfully, was made known to us through the revealing of your divine icon, to the joy of those who cry out to you: hail O boast of champions, support of the Church, and adornment and sanctification of all people of Rhodes.

Apolytikion (Troparion). Tone 4.

A heavenly song of praise is chanted radiantly upon the earth; the company of Angels now joyfully celebrateth an earthly festival, and from on high with hymns they praise thy contests, and from below the Church doth proclaim the Heavenly glory which thou hast found by thy labors and struggles, O glorious Phanourios.

Kontakion. Tone 3.
Thou didst save the Priests from an ungodly captivity, and didst break their bonds by Divine power, O godly-minded one; thou didst bravely shame the audacity of the tyrants, and didst gladden the orders of the Angels, O Great Martyr. Wherefore, we honor thee, O divine warrior, glorious Phanourios.

You manfully struggled, O martyr, in unknown years, and you mindfully overlooked the flower of youth, and for the love of Christ endured a multitude of tortures and death bravely. But according to God's judgments, the trophies of your struggle were hidden unknown in the depths. On the famed island of Rhodes, your church was revealed uncovered from the earth, in which was your all-precious icon as a treasure, from which your radiant struggle was made known, and the whole Church having knowledge of your athletic struggles, and your radiant boldness towards Christ, for armed with all things, through your wondrous intecessions, you drive away many forms of dangers and sorrows, and deliver from slavery, O divine warrior, glorious Phanourios.
(amateur translations from the Greek service here:, except as indicated above)

Through the prayers of our Holy Fathers, Lord Jesus Christ our God, have mercy on us and save us! Amen!

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