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A prophetic miracle of St. Philoumenos the New Martyr

St. Philoumenos the New Righteous Hieromartyr of the Well of Jacob - Commemorated November 16/29 (source)
A prophetic miracle of St. Philoumenos the New Martyr
Note: the following is an amateur translation / summary of an astonishing story as told by the Metropolitan of Morphou (Cyprus) Neophytos (in Greek) (and additional source):
Once, during the period when the Patriarchate of Jerusalem was examining the life of St. Philoumenos before his canonization, a group of Romanian pilgrims was visiting the Church of St. Photini at the Well of Jacob in Nablus (Samaria). When they were venerating the holy, incorrupt Relic of St. Philoumenos, the whole party noticed a strong fragrance that permeated the whole church. At first, they assumed that the fragrance emitted from the Saint's Relic, but soon they, along with Fr. Justin (the current priest of the church and spiritual successor to St. Philoumenos at the Church of the Well of Jacob) acknowledged that it was coming from somewhere else. Following the aroma, Fr. Justin was led to the Skevophylakion of the church, where the church's various Holy Relics are kept. Soon, they realized that the source was a small silver cup.
Fr. Justin said "I never brought this to the pilgrimage. In a paradoxical manner it was found there in the Skevophylakion, in a mysterious manner, inscrutably."
The wondrous cup that received the blood of St. Philoumenos (source)
Elsewhere, Fr. Justin explained more in detail: "I entered the holy altar, and as I was arranging the vestments that I was using, I noticed in one of the cases there was something paradoxical. It was a swab lifted above a very small Holy Cup. I was mystified! No one else other than me had entered the Skevophylakion, the glass cases were all locked, and I held the keys. I opened the case in curiosity, I lifted up the swab and I saw below it a silver cup, on which was written the following:
"Cup with the martyrical blood which was shed on behalf of the house of the Lord, by the Holy Hieromartyr Philoumenos the Cypriot, November 16, 1979. The cup which I drink, may you drink."
Metropolitan Neophytos goes on to explain how this is an astonishing and moving wonder, and that he feels that St. Philoumenos is a prophetic neomartyr, and that this message was meant for the whole Orthodox world of the modern era. We must all struggle, according to our strength, and give a true Christian witness. For some, this is a confession of faith, for some, this might be the shedding of our blood for Christ.
Fr. Justin, holding the fragrant cup holding the Blood of St. Philoumenos (source)
Through the prayers of our Holy Fathers, Lord Jesus Christ our God, have mercy on us and save us! Amen!

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Anonymous person said...

May we all drink the cup of martyrdom at the hands of the Antichrist and/or his Sorcerer in these last times!
Except for those whom God has chosen to be living in desolate places until His Second Coming, as written in the book of Revelation.
You can't go through martyrdom and become a martyr unless you love Jesus Christ with all your heart, mind, soul, and all your strength. So explained Elder Paisios, when he was asked how the martyrs endured the torture that they received. Saints said the the same thing. And even if you are not tortured, you still are greatly pressured and tempted by many.
And the more torture you receive, the more reward you get in heaven. Hence, the Great Martyr Euphemia said that if she had known what glory the Saints have, then she would have done whatever she could to go through even greater torments (she told this to Elder Paisios after he had asked her in amazement, how did she go through with her torments).