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Selected hymns to St. Anthony the Great

St. Anthony the Great (source)
Selected hymns to St. Anthony the Great

Stichera in Tone 4. Called from on high.
You were enlightened by the rays of the Spirit when love inspired by God set you aflame and gave wings to your soul to long for the true highest point of love. Then you despised both flesh and blood and, united to this love by great ascetic toil and stillness, you lived far from the world. Therefore, Antony, you were filled, as you had sought, with good things from there, and, like a shining Star, gave light to our souls.

By the grace of God’s Spirit you smashed the arrows and darts of the demons, and you unmasked their wickedness and ambush for all by godlike teachings, as you blazed with godlike radiance and became the brightest beacon of monastics, and the first ornament of the desert, most experienced and revered physician of the sick and archetypal model of virtuous living, Father Antony.
Filled with God’s gifts of grace, Christ, having found you as an unsullied mirror of the manifestations of God, made the bright lightning flashes of his own light blaze for you. From this you appeared as an unstinted source of healings, nourishment for the starving and quenching through abundant rains the desire of the thirsty, while seeing the dispositions of souls, by your word you wisely made them better for God. Implore him to save and enlighten our souls.
Pure in soul and heart, an Angel on earth, a heavenly mortal, teacher of virginity, accurate measure of self-mastery, blessed Antony, united to your Master and bringing to him with the Angels, all the holy Ascetics and Martyrs the never silent hymn of glory, free from dread dangers and faults all those who ever celebrate your sacred memory.
GloryTone 6. By Sykeotes.
Having preserved unblemished that which is according to God’s image, by ascetic endeavour determining the mind as leader against destructive passions, you ascended as far as possible to that which is according to God’s likeness. For bravely overmastering nature, you hastened to submit the worse to the better, and to make the flesh the slave of the spirit. Therefore you were named ‘summit of monastics’, ‘founder of the desert’, ‘trainer of those who run well’, ‘most accurate rule of virtue’, and now in heaven, Antony, where mirrors are abolished, you look directly at the holy Trinity, appealing with no intermediary on behalf of those who honour you with faith and love.
St. Anthony the Great (source)
Apolytikion in the First Tone
Imitating the manners of Elijah the Zealot, and following the straight paths of John the Baptist, O Father Anthony, you colonized the desert, and you supported the Empire by your prayers. Therefore intercede with Christ our God to save our souls.
You retreated from the tumult of daily life and led your life in stillness, imitating John the Baptist in every way. We honor you and him together, most holy Father of Fathers, Saint Anthony.
Heeding the voice of the Lord, you followed after His commandments. You stripped off the worldly life, and rid your- self of all concern for money, property, and servants, and even the love of your sister, O God-bearer Anthony. Then you most clearly conversed with God alone, and you received the grace of spiritual knowledge. Send me this knowledge, as I am about to sing your praise, most holy Father of Fathers, Saint Anthony.
Doxastikon of the Praises
You boarded a chariot that rode the heavens, and by ascetic endeavor you reached the pinnacle of the virtues, O God-inspired Saint. And coming from the desert, you reached the transcendent destination of the Jerusalem on high. You worthily received the honors for your laborious efforts, and you rejoice together with the celestial hierarchies, O all-blessed one, as an heir to eternal blessings and a resident of the Kingdom. We pray you, O God-bearing Father Anthony, to intercede with the Savior of all, that He grant peace to the world and that He save our souls.
St. Anthony the Great (source)
Through the prayers of our Holy Fathers, Lord Jesus Christ our God, have mercy on us and save us! Amen!

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