Saturday, February 16, 2013

A miracle of St. Theodore Tyron

St. Theodore Tyron the Great Martyr (source)
A miracle of St. Theodore Tyron (amateur translation)
"You teach soldiers to abandon pillaging..."

These words are included in the service of the Saint, and relate to the following miracle:

One soldier, who had great reverence to the Saint, was compelled to go to war. Before he left, however, he went and venerated the Saint, in the Church in which was the reliquary with the Precious Relic of St. Theodore.

After the war, and following a great and radiant victory, when he returned, he went and again venerated the Saint at his Church. He left his sword, which was adorned with gold and precious stones, in thanks.

Another soldier, however, went and venerated the Saint. He saw the beautiful and precious sword, and wanted to take it.

He thought within himself: "The Saint doesn't need it. It is better that I have it, who am a soldier. I would wield it in war with the blessing and help of the Saint."

He therefore took the sword from the reliquary, put it on, venerated, and left with joy. Exiting from the Church, however, the Saint blinded him, and he could not see to walk.

He therefore repented, and again returned the sword to the reliquary, and immediately received his sight.

Seeing again the beautiful sword, and thinking that his blindness did not come from the Saint but from chance, he took up the sword again and left. As soon as he left the Church, however, again he was blinded.

At that instant the priest of the church came and saw the blind soldier, asking him what happened. He related the details of what occurred. He entreated the priest to serve Paraklesis to the Saint to forgive him. He also gave him 100 gold coins as a donation.

The priest then took oil from the vigil lamp of the Saint, anointed his eyes, and immediately he saw again. He fled with joy, glorifying God and St. Theodore.
Through the prayers of our Holy Fathers, Lord Jesus Christ our God, have mercy on us and save us! Amen!

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