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Selected miracles of St. Matrona of Moscow

St. Matrona of Moscow the Wonderworker (source)
Selected miracles of St. Matrona of Moscow (amateur translation)
Healing of strabismus
It was Sunday morning. I was sitting very worried on the veranda of my house, and was praying to St. Matrona the Blind of Russia, whom I had visited several weeks before at the Church of the Annunciation of the Theotokos, Perissos, where a portion of her Holy Relics and her wonderworking icon is. I had heard of numerous miracles which the Saint worked, and with contrition and tears in my eyes I asked her to grant healing to a problem of my daughter, Angeliki. She was suffering from strabismus of her right eye, and we were trying in every way to have the child avoid an operation.
I had taken some Holy Oil from the vigil lamp of the Saint, and I anointed her little eye, and prayed day and night with tears in my eyes that she be healed.
The Saint, who greatly loves people in pain, and especially young children, did not hesitate to grant healing to my child, and she did not need medical intervention.
I thank the Saint for her great miracle. May her holy name be blessed unto the ages.
With faith,
Maria Apostolopoulos

Healing of physical and mental anguish
I am a sinner, who was made worthy to see a great miracle of God and St. Matrona the Russian. I knew that every Monday evening, the Church of the Annunciation of the Theotokos in Perissos serves Paraklesis to the Saint, and I also came to entreat her help for a great problem of mine. A short time before I had an accident. Nothing could be done to improve my situation. The unbearable pains on the one hand, and my terrible psychological state on the other, had made my life a martyrdom. But God, however, Who heals every sickness and every infirmity of men, through the intercessions of St. Matrona, worked a miracle for me that evening. The Paraklesis service had not even finished, when I began to sense the weight of pain and my bad psychological state disappear, and I felt as when I healthy. Great is my joy, but also my thanks towards the Saint, because from that instant, I the pain and my terrible psychological state ceased, like a threat was cut.
Konstantinos Kostopoulos

Healing of cancer
My honored Elder Athenagora, bless.
Before long I wanted to inform you regarding the goodness and healing which I received from St. Matrona the Russian, the protector of Christians and the refuge of those who suffer and are sick. Burdened by a malignant tumor and terrible pains in my abdominal area, I walked my road thinking that the end was approaching. Within me, however, something told me that nothing is finished. With this thought, and also with the faith which I have had since childhood (a gift of my mother) I began to seek the help of God and the intercessions of the wonderworking St. Matrona. Many times I proceeded to the imposing icon stand of the Saint, crying, entreating; I took holy oil from her vigil lamp and daily crossed and anointed the place on my body where the tumor was. After a time, my doctor ordered a CAT scan, and—O the paradoxical wonder!--the tumor had regressed. The pains had abandoned me, and I returned to my home full of joy and more healthy. Ten months have passed since then, and with the grace of God and the intercessions of St. Matrona, I am blessed with perfect health! Thank you, my Saint, for your general blessing to me, the sinner, which I believed that I received unworthily.
Your entreator,
Spyros Tantaros
St. Matrona of Moscow (source)
Granting a baby boy
We visited the Holy Church of the Annunciation of the Theotokos, when my husband and I were invited to a wedding of one of our friends. Before the mystery began, we were walking through this beautiful church of our Panagia, and at one place, I discerned an large veneration stand with a large icon covered with gold, and I went to venerate.
After a short prayer, a spiritual priest with a large beard approached me, and full of humility, asked me: “Do you know who that Saint is?”
I responded that I didn't know. He, with great goodness, informed me of the life of the Venerable Matrona. He spoke of her miracles.
I had great pain within me, because after a long period of marriage, I had not yet given birth to a child. I cried and I told him that I prayed for myself and for my husband that the Saint entreat us to the Lord to grant us a child. The blessed priest nobly told me: “You and your husband pray daily, and I will light a candle to the Saint every day for you.” After three months, after much prayer, I became pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy, whom we baptized in that church, glorifying God and St. Matrona for their great gift to our unworthiness. I also thank you, O Elder Athenagoras, for your prayers and your love.
Margarita – Alexandros

Healing an ear abscess
The priest of the Church of the Annunciation of the Theotokos in Perissos had a problem with the outside of his ear. He was diagnosed with an acute infection, which caused him great pain and other problems. Many times he entreated the Lord and the Theotokos, whom he served for many years, to heal his problem. One day, having found himself in a desperate state, he went to the veneration stand of St. Matrona, which, besides the the wonderworking icon, protects the Holy Relic of the Saint, and with tears he prayed and called upon her to heal him, saying: “My Saint, Fr. Athenagoras speaks to the whole world and to me so many times regarding your uncountable miracle. Work your miracle for me, too.”
Crying and anointing himself with the holy oil from the vigil lamp of the Saint, he went to the church office, troubled. After a short time, having anointed the area of the infection with the sign of cross, the abscess opened and began to pour forth pus, thus healing the problem that afflicted this aforementioned priest. I furthermore wish to mention that the year before, he faced the same problem with his left ear, but unfortunately, he had to have a procedure for his healing in the past.
Demetrios Dounes, Priest

Healing dyslexia
My Saint Matrona, I thank you for your help and the healing that you offered to my child Nicholas, who had a great problem with dyslexia. Special researchers had informed me that he had a serious problem. They tried therapy to help him, without giving us confirmation that it would be successful. However, as I knew of your miracles, I took my child and, holding flowers in my hands which you love so, I entered the church which treasured your relic and your icon, and with tears in my eyes, I entreated for my child. I believed that you herd me, that you hearkened to the cry of a pained mother. I took holy oil from your vigil lamp and every day for forty days, I anointed the mouth of my child.
The miracle did not delay. My child after some time, and through the help of specialists became well. Receive again our thanksgiving and gratitude.
With our all faith,
Mavra and Nicholas Sideris

Three wonders
I received wondrous help in time of need three time:
Once, my son Gregory had a serious problem with his health, which manifested itself as a problem with his heart. Later after fervent and earnest supplication, St. Matrona worked her wonder and the problem turned for the better, and he had a positive outcome and effective treatment.
A second time, for a serious problem of my wife Ioannas' health, she had a positive resolution through the help of St. Matrona, to whom I had taken refuge again, with faith and fervent supplication for help.
A third time, my father in law Christo had a very serious problem, and through the presence of St. Matrona, he had the best intervention that he could have in everyone's view, with unbelievable and results so far.
They did not have any doubt of the immediate help of our Saint, and when I asked of her, as when anyone with faith asks for the intercessions towards the Lord from some Saint, then he is sure that he will have it.
For our Lord Jesus Christ said Himself: “Ask and it will be given to you...”
Paul Venieres
Source: Archimandrite Athenagoras Kolyva, The Venerable St. Matrona the Russian the Blind and Wonderworking Citizen of Heaven, Athens 2011.
Sts. Matrona of Moscow and Xenia of St. Petersburg, two great Russian female ascetics and wonderworkers, and helpers of untold numbers of people (source)
Through the prayers of our Holy Fathers, Lord Jesus Christ our God, have mercy on us and save us! Amen!

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