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St. Raphael heals a stroke patient

St. Raphael of Lesvos, the Newly-revealed Hieromartyr and Wonderworker of Christ (source)
Towards the end of August, Mr. Alkistis from Mykonos called the Holy Monastery of St. Raphael in Ano Souli, Marathon, and asked for directions and accommodations in the area, in order to partake of the Grace of St. Raphael at the Holy Feast of the Monastery on September 2nd. Speaking with some of the fathers by telephone, he asked them to light a candle to St. Raphael for the brother of his house-keeper (who would help with some of the work around the home), because he had suffered a stroke and ultimately had fallen into a coma.

He learned that the doctors said that it was virtually impossible for the sick man to come back, and they told his relatives to prepare for his death. They mentioned furthermore that, even if he came back, something that was ultimately uncertain, he would not be able to move his hands or feet, nor to speak well or to express his thoughts due to the extensive brain damage. The result was that all of the sick man's relatives (who were muslims, along with the sick man) were very distraught, while Mr. Alkistis also shared in their pain.

The same day, therefore, that Mr. Alkistis called the fathers to light a candle to St. Raphael, the sick man began to make some small movements. His relatives noted this. On September 2nd, while Mr. Alkistis was present at the Feast of Sts. Raphael, Nicholas and Irene [at this Monastery], the sick man moved his hand and his foot and began to show signs of life. And this was noted and made an impression on his family, for it coincided with the Feast of the Saints.

When Mr. Alkistis returned to the island, the sister of the sick man, though she was muslim, asked for the icon of St. Raphael from the Monastery and began to embrace it, crying, and entreating for her brother. After 15 minutes, she received a call from Bulgaria, where the brother and the rest of the relatives were, who told her that her brother began to move his head, he awoke, and asked them: “Have you been coming here to see me for many days?” And he fell back into a coma.

No one could describe their joy and how much they were moved. They prayed to St. Raphael sobbing, and he told her that he believed in him, and that he was sure that he would make her brother well. Mr. Alkistis gave her some Holy Oil from St. Raphael and told her to send it to her brother, together with the icon of the Saints. She immediately agreed, and sent them to to her brother through her son, who “coincidentally” had just come to see her from Bulgaria (he had not visited her in four years).

When they brought the icon and holy oil of St. Raphael, the sick man woke up totally from the coma, and asked to eat and go home! It made an impression on everyone, and they were all astonished. St. Raphael had worked his miracle! Of course, as soon as the icon of St. Raphael reached the hospital, the same day, the sick man was discharged and went home. The doctors said that this was clearly a miracle, for the sick man in the ICU in a coma to go directly to his home, and many people heard about this miracle. And the sick man himself learned about his wonderworking salvation by St. Raphael, and as he was sleeping below the icon of the Saint which was above his head, he asked by himself: “Today, why don't you put some holy oil on me...put on some holy oil!”

A few days after, she told his sister: “I know what happened. I died and he brought me back. I saw that I was dead and that they were bringing me to our cemetery. There, however, I saw a Christian church, and a Christian priest, who told me: 'You should have died now, but I am doing you a favor and bringing you back, for your son and for your daughter...'”

The lives of these people changed totally. From the time that the icon of St. Raphael passed into their home, these people became more active, more cheerful, and began to show more love towards each other, and they themselves admit this change, and believe that it is due to St. Raphael.

Truly, great is the Grace of St. Raphael and those with him, and he offers many blessings of God to people who call upon him, whether faithful or faithlessness. May his name be glorified. May we have his blessing. And may people respond to the blessings of the Saints, and at their ends, partake of salvation and Paradise, through the Church and her Mysteries. Amen.
(amateur translation of text from here)
Through the prayers of our Holy Fathers, Lord Jesus Christ our God, have mercy on us and save us! Amen!

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I am a film and television student from Australia and am in the developmental stages of a documentary about the miracles of saint Raphael, Nicholas and Irene. I am currently searching for individuals who have been touched by their miracles to describe their experiences on camera and was wondering if there is any way I could get in contact with the people discussed in this post?
In making this documentary I hope to make known the wonders of these saints to the younger generation, inform those who may not be religious and reaffirm faith in those who are.
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