Sunday, June 1, 2014

A miracle of St. Paisios

Elder Paisios of the Holy Mountain (+1994) (source)
This miracle of Elder Paisios occurred for a police officer, Mr. A.X. in Thessaloniki, as he himself relates:
"On June 8th, 1986, I was on duty in my police service, near the central hospital of Thessaloniki, when I was hit by a "Molotov" bomb. I suffered serious trauma. In the Hospital "Hippocrates", where I was transferred, they let me be, because they thought that death would come soon. I remained in life, but I had lost all contact with my environment. The Elder [Paisios], from the first instant I met him, told me: "You will suffer greatly, but you will live."

"After a few days, I somewhat came to my senses. But one day, however, I felt as if I were dying, and I told the nurse: "My sister, I'm dying, I'm dying." I began then to ascend and leave the earth, to travel among the stars and continue through the galaxies. This is the explanation I gave at that instant. I kept ascending, ascending, and before me went a light, like a lit lamp. Straightaway the journey stopped. I began to move in reverse and landed. I found myself in the hospital, with a tracheotomy and doctors around me, looking at me.

"Five days later, I met the Elder in Souroti. He embraced me, kissed me, and I began to relate how I died. He cut me off, saying: 'Hey, my blessed one, we went together to the other life and returned. Didn't you see me?' Then I understood what that light was that I saw."
Amateur translation of text from source: Geron Paisios Enas Sygchronos Agios (Elder Paisios, a Modern Day Saint), published by Papademetriou, Athens, 2009, pg. 78.
Through the prayers of our Holy Fathers, Lord Jesus Christ our God, have mercy on us and save us! Amen!

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