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Some additional healings of St. John the Russian

Christ is risen! Truly He is risen!
St. John the Russian, the Wonderworker of Christ - Commemorated May 27 (source)
Some additional healings of St. John the Russian (amateur translations)
I. A family from Patras brought their baby into the world. What tragedy, however...The child's tongue was hanging outside of his mouth, was abnormally large, with the result that the child could not eat and his saliva ran from his mouth continuously. The mother froze when she saw this, along with the whole family. They began to run to doctors to do treatments, but they were all futile. They even reached Sweden, to a special medical center, but the results were zero: the child's tongue was still large and it was difficulty for him to eat. The bitterness and agony for the future, along with their depression had reached its limit. They struggled with treatments for three years, but did not find even the smallest benefit. Then (the evening as soon as they had returned from Sweden), and while all the relatives were gathered together, with one soul they decided to offer the child to St. John the Russian, and at the same time, to go all together to the church of [Panagia] Pantanassa to serve Paraklesis to the Saint, even though they were tired, thinking that prayer, especially prayer that is pained for others, brings results. In reality, they went and the Priest chanted the Paraklesis. When they returned to their home and turned on the light, what did they see? The tongue inexplicably had shrunk back into its place! That which the physicians and medical centers could not accomplish in at least three years, St. John the Russian did at once! What followed cannot be described. Speechless joy and tears of gratitude filled all their eyes for the help which the Saint so easily and speedily granted, as an end to their ordeal...

II. A. was married for eight years, and did not have children. She tried all those years, but a child did not come, despite how much they desired one. From a young age she would pray and believed, as her mother taught her. Many times, she had visited St. John the Russian and entreated him regarding this issue. She also told him that she was: "waiting for a response from the Heavens," but as time passed, it became more bitter, though her husband tried to console her, even with spiritual words. It was the winter of 1979 when she went again to the icon stand to pray, but she could not even gather her thoughts. She had been "patient" for all these years. She felt as if a knot was choking her, and she wanted to cry outt. In such a bad psychological state, she saw the icon of St. John the Russian, and she told him out loud: "It's over, what did I do to you, my Saint? Why did God not give me children? Why?  Do you hate me, my Saint?"

The next midnight, as she had fallen asleep with her husband, the two heard someone climbing the stairs, and they awoke. They thought that there was someone from the company that had made a mistake at that hours and for some reason came to the house. They heard a knock at the door (which was locked) and it opened straightaway, and within a radiance, appeared St. John the Russian, who told her sweetly: "Ah, what was that prayer that you made earlier? My child, the Saints don't hate anyone. It is not the will of God that you have children yet. Another two years will pass, and then this joy will come!"

In reality, two years passed, and in 1981, A. began to have the children that she so greatly desired...

III. In 2010, a pregnant woman was diagnosed with cancer, and the doctor advised her to terminate the pregnancy so that she could begin chemotherapy. She refused to kill her child, and prayed to God, saying: "Lord, is there no Saint to help me?" That night, she saw in her sleep that she had entered a church where there were four reliquaries. Straightaway, one of them opened, and she found a radiant youth who told her: "I am John from Prokopi, and I will make you well." In reality, the pregnancy proceeded smoothly, the cancer disappeared, and the couple came with their child to venerate and to thank the Saint."

Christ is risen from the dead, by death trampling down upon death, and to those in the tombs, bestowing life!
Truly the Lord is risen!

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