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Canons in the Eight tones to St. Panteleimon, by St. Joseph the Hymnographer: Second Tone

St. Panteleimon the Great Martyr and Unmercenary Healer of Christ (source)

Note: The following is my amateur translation of the second canon (in the second tone) in a series of eight canons in the eight tones written by St. Joseph the hymnographer to honor the great martyr and healer of Christ, St. Panteleimon. These are very beautiful and compunctionate hymns, and rightly praise such a great wonderworker of Orthodoxy. For the full texts of the canons in Greek, see here. If I am not mistaken, these are used around the feast of the Saint (i.e. either in the days leading up to or following his feast) in his Monastery on Mount Athos to more fully celebrate this great feast, the feast of the Russian Monastery of the Holy Mountain. May St. Panteleimon intercede for us all, and grant us healing of the passions of our souls and bodies! Amen!
Canons in the Eight Tones to St. Panteleimon the Great Martyr and Unmercenary
Written by St. Joseph the Hymnographer (+883AD)

Canon II in the Second Tone
The acrostic, from the first to the seventh, according to alphabet, in the eight and ninth: “Song of Joseph”

Ode I. Come, O people.
Entreat for our sanctification and enlightenment from God, O all-joyous one, for those who praise you with holy melodies, and who are enriched by you as a divine protector.

You disdained royal and lawless commandments, and hastened to the eternal, heavenly Kingdom, which you received, having struggled, O Panteleimon.

You clearly denied the generation and the worldly pride, O wise one, and struggled steadfastly. Entreat the Savior, that those who ever hymn you may be saved.

You are the glory of the faithful, O Birth-giver of God. Make those who faithfully hymn you to partake of the joy to come and eternal glory, through your protection.

Ode III. Strengthen us.
Having believed in God and having called upon Him in holiness, you raised the dead man, O blessed one. But entreat that I be saved, who am dead by all kinds of offenses.

Having desired the true life, you endured the storms of tortures, O all-blessed one, and were tied to a tree, as your flesh was torn apart with iron.

The Judgment is now at the gates, be watchful, my soul, and cry out: “Save me, have mercy on me, O Master, through the intercessions of Your divine Champion.”

Having given birth to God in the flesh, O Virgin, ceaselessly entreat on behalf of those who hymn you, O unshameable protection of the world.

Ode IV. I have hearkend, O Lord.
You were offered as a pure sacrifice to Him Who was pierced for us, O greatly-suffering Martyr Panteleimon.

Your flesh was utterly and mercilessly burned with torches, O all-blessed one, as you received divine refreshment from on high.

Enlighten me with the light of repentance, through your bright prayers, O Champion, and deliver me from eternal torments.

Cleanse us all from the pollution of the passions, O Birthgiver of God, for you bore the Source of dispassion.

Ode V. O, the source of light.
Keeping the law of God, and deposing the wiles of the lawless, you were cast into the sea, O Martyr, but were saved by the mighty hand of Christ, our only God.

You struggled in a strange manner, and befriended God, O glorious one. Enlighten the eye of our heart, which was darkened by the passions of life, O wise one.

O Pure and Virgin Mother, the eternal beauty of the Champions, and the refuge of those repenting, help us, who are terribly endangered on the sea of life.

Ode VI. In the abyss of offenses.
Arrayed with divine grace, O all-blessed one, amidst beasts you remained unmoved, O glorious Panteleimon, amazing all who gazed upon you with faith.

We have been enriched by you as our protector and most-fervent intercessor, O Panteleimon,. Deliver us from fatal trials and dishonorable passions, through your prayers.

Those who beheld the multitudes of wonders worked by you came to believe in Christ, O Champion, and you inherited that [eternal] mansion through your blood of martyrdom.

Entreat the All-good Word, O you who are graced by God, on behalf of us all, that we be granted remission of offenses, and that we receive eternal life.

Ode VII. The children were shown to be rhetors.
As your members were utterly flogged on behalf of the Lord, O Champion, you were unjustly bound to a wheel, but preserved by the hand of an Angel, and you conquered the bodiless foes through your body, O blessed-one.

Through the grace and strength of Christ, you joyously cast out our illnesses, O godly-minded Panteleimon, therefore I cry out to you: heal the passions of of my heart, entreating the Good and only Benefactor [Christ].

Preserve my soul from every snare of the enemies, O Panteleimon, I entreat you, that as you formerly healed the paralytic, now heal me, that I might walk the good path righteously, through your prayers.

As the Throne of the King of All, you became fiery, O Chaste One, in which sat He Who raised those bodies long-dead, and refashioned those who had been terribly shattered by sin.

Ode VIII. In the furnace fire.
Rejoicing in mind, you were placed in boiling oil, but were not burned, as you were aflame, O Martyr, with the love of Christ, and you received the refreshment from on high. Therefore, we honor you, O wise Panteleimon.

You stood with your feet immovable on the rock of the knowledge of Christ, and were not shaken by the many forms of tortures which were thrown at you in evil. Therefore, we hymn you, unto all the ages.

I ceaselessly entreat you, O Birthgiver of God, to deliver me from the evil path and impure thoughts, and every other soul-corrupting danger, that I might hymn you, unto all the ages.

Ode IX. God the Word from God.
That you might gain the riches of heaven, O Martyr, you counted the thoughts and joys of this world as refuse, and endured the greatest pains of your flesh manfully, thus righteously pleasing the Master of all.

Having imitated Christ, the Giver of Mercy, O Panteleimon, you were renamed according to the mercy which you showed towards all men, as you truly pour forth healing for every disease, O godly-minded one, for those who hasten to you.

Through your prayers for us, O Martyr, deliver us from the many forms of temptations, and terrible sicknesses and afflictions, O Panteleimon, and deliver from the eternal fire those who hasten to your protection with faith, O all-joyous one.

The awesome [Second] Coming of the Master approaches; who would not be pained at you, O wretched soul? Hasten, arise, cry out to Jesus, my God: “have mercy on me, save me, through the prayers of the wise Champion, as the only Surpassing-Good One.”

I am a lover of sin, and I shudder at the Judgment which awaits me there, O Birth-giver of God and All-Spotless One, namely terrible punishment. Therefore, I entreat your motherly prayers, which surpass understanding, to have mercy on me and save me.
For Canon I (in First Tone) to St. Panteleimon, see here.
Through the prayers of our Holy Fathers, Lord Jesus Christ our God, have mercy on us and save us! Amen!

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