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All Saints of Lesvos (Mytilene), Greece

I thought to begin a series of posts, each highlighting a region of the world and its local Saints. As is clear, the light of Christ has reached the farthest reaches of the earth, and thus, there is not one area which has not produced, as fruit of the Holy Spirit, Orthodox Saints. Lesvos is apparently one of the largest islands of Greece, and I happened to come across much information online about the numerous Saints that have shone from it. Also note, if you are have a preference for information about Saints from a region of your interest, please post to let me know, and I will do what I can to provide what info I can gather online. May Christ have mercy on us all and save us, through the prayers of our Holy Fathers!
All Saints of Lesvos (Mytilene), Greece (amateur translation)
The holy island of Lesvos, besides giving rise to men of the spirit, of the arts and of the sciences, through the blessing of God has revealed at least 40 Saints, who adorn and make radiant the Orthodox calendar of our Church. Some of them were from Lesvos, who lived godly lives and fell asleep in the Lord or were martyred on the island. Others were from other places, but came to Lesvos, where they were martyred, and hallowed the ground through their martyrical blood.
Every year, the memory of All Saints of Lesvos is celebrated the Sunday after the Sunday of All Saints with all radiance and devotion, and is proceeded by a series of festal events, in which the pious people of Lesvos and many visitors to the island, take part.
Older Saints of Lesvos (20)
New Martyrs of Lesvos (20)
  • St. Raphael the Hieromartyr of Thermi, the Newly-revealed (+1463) – April 9 / Tuesday of Bright Week / July 3 (uncovering of his relics)
  • St. Nicholas the Righteous martyr of Thermi, the Newly-revealed (+1463) – April 9 / Tuesday of Bright Week / June 13 (uncovering of his relics)
  • St. Irene the Virgin Martyr of Thermi, the Newly-revealed (+1463) – April 9 / Tuesday of Bright Week / May 12 (uncovering of her relics)
  • The Righteous Basileios, the Mayor of Thermi and Father of St. Irene (+1463) – April 9 / Tuesday of Bright Week
  • The Righteous Maria, the Mother of St. Irene (+1463) – April 9 / Tuesday of Bright Week
  • The Righteous Theodore, the teacher of Thermi, martyred after St. Raphael (+1463) – April 9 / Tuesday of Bright Week
  • St. Doukas the Tailor (+1564)
  • St. Parthenios Patriarch of Constantinople (+1657)
  • St. George Pasgianos (+1693) – February 14
  • St. George (Tzortzes) the Iberian (+1770) – January 2
  • St. Nicholas of Mytilene (+1771) – January 16
  • St. Theodore (Hatzi) of Mytilene (+1784) – January 30 (his martyrdom) / September 4 (uncovering of his relics)
  • St. Theodore the Byzantine (+1795) – February 17 (his martyrdom) / The 4th Sunday of Pascha (Sunday of the Paralytic) (the uncovering of his relics and his miraculous deliverance of the island from the plague in 1823)
  • St. Luke of Adrianoupolis (+1802) – March 23
  • St. George of Chios (+1807) – November 26
  • St. Demetrios from Larissa (+1809)
  • St. Anastasios Paneras (+1806) – August 10
  • St. Demetrios Mpegiazes (+1816) – August 10
  • St. Euthymios Bishop of Zelon (+1921) – May 29
(A total of 40 Saints)
Apolytikion of All Saints of Lesvos in the Third Tone (amateur translation)
A divine assembly of noble righteous ones, and band of archpriests, and unassailable rank of martyrs, the island of Lesvos praises as it dances, for they magnified Christ in her, and they intercede that true peace and great mercy may be granted to our souls.
See the following links for hymns for the individual feasts mentioned above ( and for the full service (in Greek) to All Saints of Lesvos (
Through the prayers of our Holy Fathers, Lord Jesus Christ our God, have mercy on us and save us! Amen!

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