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Selected hymns to Sts. Kerykos and Julitta

Sts. Kerykos and Julitta the Martyrs (source)
Selected hymns to Sts. Kerykos and Julitta (amateur translations below)
Doxastikon of the Stichera in the Plagal of the Second Tone
Come, and let us all behold a strange and paradoxical sight. Who has ever seen a three-year-old child putting to shame a tyrant? O the wonder! A mother is nursing, and the reclining infant cries to the milk-giver: Do not be afraid, O my mother, of the threats of the terrible leader of this world, for Christ is the hope of those who believe in Him.

Doxastikon of the Aposticha in the Plagal of the Fourth Tone
The three-year-old preached the Trinity, and the nursling confirmed the mother: Cease, O my mother, the wailing of tears, for the Creator beholds us above, and saves our souls.
St. Kerykos the Martyr of Christ (source)
Apolytikion in the Fourth Tone
(by Patriarch Cyril VI Patriarch of Constantinople)
Your rational lamb Julitta, O Christ, together with her three-year-old lamb Kerykos, stood before the judgment seat, and boldly preached their Christian calling, not at all fearing the threats of the tyrants, and now they are crowned in the heavens, rejoicing as they stand beside Christ.

Kontakion in the Fourth Tone
Julitta bears Kerykos, the Martyr of Christ, in her arms, and in the stadium, she cried out with motherly rejoicing: O Christ, You are the strength of the Martyrs.

Enlighten my nous, O Christ, with the light of Your commandments, that I might worthily be strengthened to hymn Your Saints, and to tell of their struggles. What tongue could be able to speak of the struggles which they endured, and of their prize of the contest? Therefore I entreat You, O Lover-of-man, grant forgiveness to my wretched soul, granting me time for repentance. For this reason You willingly took on flesh, that You might lead all towards life, which the Champions were made worthy of, as they ceaselessly chant: O Christ, You are the strength of the Martyrs.

On the 15th of this month (July), the Memory of the Holy Martyrs Kerykos and Julitta

Doxastikon of the Praises in the Second Tone
You appeared as a child among Martyrs, and were shown perfect in mind, having received the beginningless Word, O All-praised one, and you did not fear the fire of the lawless. Together with your mother, entreat the Creator, that He might save, as the Savior of our souls
Sts. Kerykos and Julitta the Martyrs (source)
Through the prayers of our Holy Fathers, Lord Jesus Christ our God, have mercy on us and save us! Amen!

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