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Paraklesis to St. Tryphon the Great Martyr and Unmercenary

St. Tryphon the Great Martyr and Unmercenary (source)
Paraklesis (Supplication Service) to the Glorious Martyr and Unmercenary Healer Tryphon

After the "Blessed is our God", the "Lord, hear my prayer...", followed by:
God is the Lord and He revealed Himself to us, blessed is He Who comes in the name of the Lord (x4, with verses)

Troparion in the Fourth Tone. O You Who were lifted on the Cross.
To him who appeared as a trophy-bearer amidst struggles, and who is the namesake of godly nourishment, Tryphon the glorious Martyr of Christ, let us hymn and cry out to him: Deliver your entreaters from abject dangers, those who call upon your wondrous name with fervor, O Unmercenary.

Glory. Both now.
O Theotokos, we shall never be silent...

Then, Psalm 50, followed by the Canon in the Plagal of the Fourth Tone.

Ode I. Crossing the water as on dry land.
O Saint of God, intercede on our behalf.
As you are nourished with godly nourishment in the Heavens, O Martyr Tryphon, as an all-perfect Champion, through your intercessions, deliver my soul from bitter food.

O Saint of God, intercede on our behalf.
You hearkened to the divine words, and put them into practice, O Blessed Tryphon, and you loved them practically in your holy life, therefore make be worthy to live in holiness.

Glory to the Father, and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.
You became a shepherd of your soul, O Tryphon, with wisdom in your thoughts. Make me ever worthy to be shepherded through your compassion, O Martyr, with divine wisdom.

Both now and forever, and unto the ages of ages. Amen.
Illumine me with the noetic Light [Christ], Whom you bore, the radiance of the glory of the Father, O all-spotless Lady, and disperse the darkness of my sin.

Ode III. You are the foundation.
O Saint of God...
You cast down the might of the evil one, O glorious Tryphon, through the power of God. Therefore, deliver us from his schemes.

You trampled upon the fleshly serpent, O Tryphon, and put to end the enemy. Therefore, ever put to death his wiles, through your divine intercessions.

With your presence alone, O Tryphon, you truly made the evil spirits flee, through the power of the Spirit.

Having you as my help, O All-Spotless one, I will not be overcome by any dangers in my life, with you as my protector, who saves me from afflictions.
St. Tryphon the Great Martyr and Unmercenary (source)
Ode IV. I have hearkened and heard, O Lord.
O God-bearer and Unmercenary, surround all those who honor you, and speedily grant them healing through your intercessions to the Savior.
As one nourished with eternal glory and rejoicing, O glorious Tryphon, intercede that those who hymn you might be delivered from every trial.
As one estranged from the love of God through the guile of the serpent, O glorious one, and through your intercessions, call me back, and deliver me from his hands.
I have placed all my hopes in you, O Ever-Virgin, and I cry out to you: deliver me from every danger through your intercessions.
Ode V. Illumine us.
That I might hymn you as my protector, O glorious Tryphon, ever deliver your entreater from every danger through your prayers.
Grant me, the wretched one, victory against the enemy, O ever-memorable Tryphon, through your prayers, that, having been saved, I might ever glorify you.
Grant eternal life to your servant, O Martyr Tryphon, as a physician of souls and bodies, for I know you as a free healer of afflictions.
O Spotless Pure One, the name that is sweetest to me, through your mighty protection, save me, who have hastened to take refuge in you.
Ode VI. Have mercy on my, O Savior.
Wither the atrocious ashes and miasmas and mania of the idols, O glorious one, and water our plants with the waters of piety, for all those who praise you with gracious hymns, O Tryphon.
Your eternal and martyric blood, O Champion, ever pours forth fragrance like myrrh, pouring forth healings, and the dust of your body sanctifies the souls of those who approach you in faith.
Having seen you as a worker of healings, O glorious Tryphon, make the passions to wither, as we ever draw from you as from an unemptying spring, a river of healings and gifts of salvation.
As the true Mother of Christ, the Creator of all creation, I entreat you fervently, O All-Spotless Lady, to grant me forgiveness of my many offenses, and to deliver me from dangers.
Deliver us from dangers and afflictions, O Tryphon, through your intercessions to Christ, O Unmercenary, for those who praise you with fervor and faith.
Spotless One, who by a word did bring to us the Word eternal...
Then, the Priest says the entreaty, followed by the Kontakion in the Second Tone.
O Unmercenary, as one partaking of godly nourishment in the Heavens, through your ceaseless intercessions to God, grant deliverance from every passion of the souls of your entreaters, for you are an invincible Champion, O ever-memorable Tryphon.
Then, the Prokeimenon in Tone Four.
God is wondrous among His Saints, the God of Israel, He will give strength and support to His people, Blessed is God. (2)
Verse: In Churches, bless God, the Lord from the wellsprings of Israel.
God is wondrous among His Saints, the God of Israel, He will give strength and support to His people, Blessed is God.
St. Tryphon the Great Martyr and Unmercenary (source)
The Gospel according to St. Luke (10:19-21).
Behold, I have given you authority to tread upon serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy; and nothing shall hurt you.  Nevertheless do not rejoice in this, that the spirits are subject to you; but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.”In that same hour he rejoiced in the Holy Spirit and said, “I thank thee, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that thou hast hidden these things from the wise and understanding and revealed them to babes; yea, Father, for such was thy gracious will.
Glory to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.
Through the intercessions of the Unmercenary, O Lord of mercy, wash away my many personal offenses.
Both now and forever and unto the ages of ages. Amen.
Through the intercessions of the Theotokos, O Lord of mercy, wash away my many personal offenses.

Verse: Have mercy on me, O God...
Then the Prosomoion in the Plagal of the Second Tone. No one is turned away from you.
No one is turned away from your protection and is sent away without help against the passions and dangers, O Tryphon, Martyr of the Lord, but one asks for the grace of healings, and he receives salvation and healing through your prayers to God.

Then, the Priest says the "Save, O God, Your people, and bless Your inheritance...

St. Tryphon the Great Martyr and Unmercenary (source)

Then, the Canon resumes. Ode VII. Once from out of Judea.
You rejoice, dancing together with the choirs of the Martyrs as one bearing a crown, O Tryphon, and they honor you, and hymn you in faith, as an Unmercenary who grants healing of afflictions and passions through your prayers.
The Master of all and God has placed a heavenly crown upon your head, and you have come to ever dwell in His heavenly mansions. Make us worthy of them, O Saint Tryphon, as you entreat for us.
Dry the streams of my tears, O Unmercenary Tryphon, for my heart is granted a spring welling forth healings from your Icon. Fill me with compunction, that I might be cleansed from the filth of the passions, O Thrice-blessed one.
You bore the God before the ages in your sacred arms, O All-Spotless one. Do not cease to entreat Him that your servants be granted deliverance from fire, earthquake, famine, and incurable afflictions.
Ode VIII. The King of Heaven.
As one tempted by a multitude of illnesses, O Blessed one, I hasten to you, asking for salvation, for you, O Tryphon, are a deliverance of those ailing.
As one nourished and rejoicing with the Angels in the heavenly mansions, intercede with the Lord on behalf of those who hymn you.
O Saint Tryphon, become a physician of the illnesses of your entreater, and of burdensome passions, and cut off their frenzy, through your divine intercessions.
Grant my a stream of tears, O Lady, that I might cleanse the filth of the passions from my soul, and guide me on the ways of salvation.
Ode IX. Saved through you, O Theotokos.
Entreat for us to the God of all, for nourishment with heavenly food, O glorious Tryphon, that we might be granted forgiveness of offenses.
Shining from the light of the first Light [Christ], O Tryphon, and having been set aflame with His divine radiance, through your intercessions, make us to partake of Him as well.
As one partaking of godly nourishment and joy together with the Angels, intercede with the Creator, O Blessed one, on behalf of your servants.
Grant deliverance, O Theotokos, for those ailing and from every danger, for your entreators, for they ever take refuge, praying to you. 

St. Tryphon the Great Martyr and Unmercenary (source)
Then, "It is truly right to call you blessed...", followed by the Megalynaria.

The wondrous Martyr of the Lord, and most-ready helper from Lampsakos, a protector and deliverer for those who call upon him, let us all honor the divine Tryphon.

Come, O faithful, let us venerate the holy Icon of the divine Tryphon, who drives away from us the stench of the passions, and grants healing and deliverance to all.

All the ranks of Angels...

Then, the Trisagion, followed by the Troparion in the First Tone. A Heavenly Place.
You manfully endured the pains of tortures, and truly inherited the life without pain, O ever-memorable Tryphon, the foundation of Champions. Therefore, today, the Church of Christ celebrates your all-holy memory, and rejoices in a godly manner.

Then the Priest says the entreaty, followed by the Dismissal, after which the people venerate the Icon while the hymn is chanted:
Prosomoion in the Second Tone. When from the Tree.
You received from God, O Tryphon, the grace to grant healings for those who have taken refuge in your protection in faith, and who hasten to you, amidst many incurable afflictions, healing the passions through the grace of the All-Holy Spirit, O wise one. Therefore, we also entreat you: pray to the Lord of all to deliver those who honor you from dangers.

Lady do you receive...

My numerous hopes are placed...

Through the prayers...
St. Tryphon the Great Martyr and Unmercenary (source)
Additional Prayer to St. Tryphon
O holy martyr of Christ Tryphon, swift helper of all that seek refuge in thee, and quick to intercede for those that pray before thy holy image! Hearken now and at every hour unto the prayer of us thine unworthy servants, who venerate thy holy memory (in this all-holy temple erected to the praise of thy name, and in every place).  For Thou, O Saint of Christ, thyself hast promised before thy departure from this corrupt life, to pray to the Lord for us, and hast asked of Him this gift: if anyone in their any need or sorrow shall begin to invoke thy holy name, they shall be delivered from every instigation of the evil one. And as thou didst once heal the ruler's daughter in Rome, who was tormented by the devil, so also preserve us from his cruel snares all the days of our life, moreover be thou our intercessor in the dread day of our last breath, when the dark visions of wicked spirits begin to surround and terrify us: be then our helper and swift banisher of evil spirits, and our guide to the Kingdom of Heaven, where thou now standest with the choirs of Saints before the Throne of God;
pray the Lord, that He grant us also to be partakers of everlasting joy and gladness, that we may be found worthy together with thee to glorify the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, for all ages. Amen.
Also see a previous post for the famed Prayers of St. Tryphon said at the Holy Water Blessing in prayer for health and deliverance of Gardens and Farms from pests.

St. Tryphon the Great Martyr and Unmercenary (source)
   Through the prayers of our Holy Fathers, Lord Jesus Christ our God, have mercy on us and save us! Amen!

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