Friday, July 3, 2009

Patron Saints - June

Here are some common Patron Saints for the month of June (and again, this is by no means a comprehensive list). The sources are and primarily.
Menaion Icon of the Saints and Feasts of the Month of June (icon taken from Holy Transfiguration Monastery:
1 – St. Justin the Philosopher – for help in studies

1 – St. Agapit the Righteous Unmercensry of the Kiev Caves – for physicians

5 – Sts. Boniface and Aglais – for help against drinking and other passions

7 – St. Panagis Basias - the protector of students, protector against witchcraft, depressing thoughts and mental diseases and disorders
8 – St. Theodore the Great-Martyr, the Commander - the protector against eczema and gynecological problems, protector of children
9 - Five Holy [Κανονικαί?] Virgins: Sts. Thekla, Mariam, Mary, Martha and Enatha – protectors of virginity
10 – Sts. Theophanes and Pansemni the Righteous - protectors of a pure life
11 – St. Luke the Physician, Archbishop of Crimea - protector against cardiovascular and ocular diseases and illnesses, protector against cancer and all illnesses, patron of surgeons and all physicians, protector of children, protector of those unfairly imprisoned
12 – Sts. Onouphrios the Righteous and Peter of Mount Athos – for captives and court cases

14 – Righteous Elisha the Prophet – protector of olive-growers [ελαιοπαραγωγών?]
20 – St. Nahum of Ochrid – for mental disorders

21 – St. Julian the Martyr – for meeting a difficult situation

21 – St. Nikitas the Neomartyr of Nisyros - helps in times of weak faith
21 – St. Aphrodisios the Martyr - protector against venereal diseases
23 – St. Artemios of Verkola – for hernias and intestinal disorders

25 – Sts. Peter and Febronia of Muron – for marital difficulties and newlyweds

27 – St. Sampson the Innkeeper, the Unmercenary – protector of innkeepers, protectors against disease in general
28 - Sts. Cyrus and John the Anargyroi (Unmercenaries) [the transfer of their relics] - protectors against all sickness and soul-corrupting passions, and for help in meeting a difficult situation
29 – St. Peter the Apostle – protector against stones [λιθιάσεων?]
30 – The Twelve Holy Apostles - protectors of fishermen
Through the prayers of our Holy Fathers, Lord Jesus Christ our God, have mercy on us and save us! Amen!

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