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Excerpt from the Akathist to the Theotokos, the "Life-giving Spring"

Christ is risen! Truly He is risen!
The Most-holy Theotokos, the "Life-giving Spring", who bears Christ, commemorated the Friday of Bright Week (source)

Excerpt from the Akathist to the Theotokos, the "Life-giving Spring"

Note: The following is an amateur translation from the Greek text, and as such, I request reviewing the translation before any public / liturgical use. Also note that the meter of this translation is not set to match the original music. Finally, please note that the Greek source text is missing several pages (about 4 sections in all), so if anyone if able to provide these, I would be happy to complete the translation. 

May the Holy Theotokos fill our lives with healings of soul and body as we praise her Son Who is risen, and her who gave birth to Him!

Kontakion in the Plagal of the Fourth Tone
To your Life-giving Spring, O One graced-by-God,
Your fervent servant now approaches,
O Lady, and has dared to hymn, O Theotokos,
But as you are the Mother of the King of All,
Shed upon me the streams of your mercy,
That I might cry to you:
Rejoice, O water of salvation.

Angels together with men, truly out of need, O Virgin say to you: "Rejoice," (3) and as you gave birth to Christ, and look with motherly favor upon those in pain, we stand in awe and cry out to you such things:
Rejoice, through whom joy has been granted,
Rejoice, through whom the curse has ceased.
Rejoice, the revelation of the ancient mystery,
Rejoice, the fulfillment of the Will of the Most-High.
Rejoice, for the Holy Spirit came upon you,
Rejoice, for He Who was born from you is Holy.
Rejoice, you who are revered by mortals and Angels,
Rejoice, you who are glorified unto the ages of ages.
Rejoice, through whom we receive remission,
Rejoice, through whom we partake of healing.
Rejoice, river in the house of the Lord,
Rejoice spring of saving water.
Rejoice, O water of salvation.

The God-seer [Moses] beheld you as the [Burning] Bush, when he heard the Divine voice, while Leo the great King, within the forest, having heard your holy voice, found the water, and in astonishment cried out: Alleluia.

The race of Adam is saved through you, O All-Spotless Pure One, beholding the Savior and Creator unspeakable and supernaturally born from you. Therefore, you move every tongue to utter these in your praise:
Rejoice, honor of the mortal race,
Rejoice, glory of the whole world.
Rejoice, Mariam, the sweetest name,
Rejoice, the meditation of my wretched soul.
Rejoice, for you gave birth to my Savior, Christ,
Rejoice, for you nursed Him Who is the nourishment of all.
Rejoice, for you sprouted from the root of Jesse,
Rejoice, for you were paradoxically born of a barren womb.
Rejoice, the prelude of God's good pleasure,
Rejoice, the cornerstone of our salvation.
Rejoice, for you are she who is called upon by all the faithful,
Rejoice, for you are the help that is sought for.
Rejoice, O water of salvation.

The power of the Most-High, is truly beheld in the waters of your Spring, O Virgin, for those who hasten to it: blind, deaf, and all people in general, partake of healing of soul and body, crying out: Alleluia.

Your city, having your Spring as a treasure of healings, O Virgin Theotokos, is enriched in the faith, and having you as her firm protectress, we rejoice together with her, and cry out these things:
Rejoice, the glory of the Church,
Rejoice, the radiance of Orthodoxy.
Rejoice, the divine adornment of Kings,
Rejoice, the sacred boast of Patriarchs.
Rejoice, for you are the cornerstone of both Testaments,
Rejoice, for you are the shepherd staff of noble Hierarchs.
Rejoice, the beauty and radiance of priests,
Rejoice, the joy and rejoicing of deacons.
Rejoice, the sacred saying of the Clerics,
Rejoice, the great nourishment of the Ascetics.
Rejoice, the glory of the faithful Orthodox,
Rejoice, the protector of victory for the upright.
Rejoice, O water of salvation.
“Keep searching, and you will find the water within the woods, O Leo. And anointing the blind man with this water, his eyes of clay will be healed. And more so I will dwell in this place, as you cry out with knowledge: Alleluia.

The Life-giving Spring of the Theotokos (source)

Hearkening to your voice, [Leo] uncovered your Spring. And for this truly philanthropic act, Leo was made very wealthy, and thus founded your home, teaching all to cry out to you:
Rejoice, unemptying spring of myrrh,
Rejoice, krater of the ever-flowing stream.
Rejoice, ever-springing river of Paradise,
Rejoice, water that is higher than the pool of Siloam,
Rejoice, the healing of all who cry out: "Mariam"!
Rejoice, for you are the hospital for the sick,
Rejoice, for you cleanse the souls of men.
Rejoice, you who quench the flame of the passions,
Rejoice, you who deliver from every danger.
Rejoice, for you are venerated by your servants,
Rejoice, for you we call upon in faith.
Rejoice, O water of salvation.

The young man from Thessaly, you suddenly raised by the three-fold pouring of water, and though he was dead, he had longed [to venerate you], and you brought him again to life wondrously, as he glorified, and magnified and chanted together with all: Alleluia.

Behold my need, and my sorrow, O Virgin, and visit the corruption which I have in the flesh, for I am terribly ill-treated, and I am ever to be pitied, and therefore, I call upon you, wailing bitterly, crying out:
Rejoice, the visitation of the sick,
Rejoice, the supplication of the mourning.
Rejoice, the lifting-up of those bedridden,
Rejoice, the dissipater of spiritual passions.
Rejoice, the deliverance from all wasting of the flesh,
Rejoice, the speedy correction of those sick in the mind.
Rejoice, for you cease the pains of the flesh,
Rejoice, for you deliver all souls.
Rejoice, physician of soul and body,
Rejoice, giver of every good thing.
Rejoice, the well of life eternal,
Rejoice, from whom divine streams pour forth.
Rejoice, O water of salvation.

A ladder reaching from earth to heaven, you appeared to be, leading from earth to the heights, which our Forefather Jacob saw formerly, which God placed on the earth, O All-pure One, showing you to be a spring of life for us who cry out: Alleluia.

The words of my lips and the fervor of my heart, do receive, O Maid and Unwed Mother, and be my deliverance and protection, O Lady, and make me worthy of your pity of my wretchedness, as I cry out from the soul these words:
Rejoice, the hymnody of the Angels,
Rejoice, the salvation of men.
Rejoice, the Chaste proclamation of the Prophets,
Rejoice, the boast of the First-formed [Adam and Eve], O Pure One.
Rejoice, for you are the gate which Ezekiel beheld,
Rejoice, for you are the mountain which Daniel foresaw.
Rejoice, for you were called a “Virgin” by Isaiah beforehand,
Rejoice, for you are proclaimed the Mother of God.
Rejoice, for you surpass all the prophets,
Rejoice, for you are the Queen of all women.
Rejoice, the honor of all the Righteous,
Rejoice, the glory of all the Saints.
Rejoice, O water of salvation.

As the Church of your Spring was going to be trampled upon, O Most-Pure and Holy Virgin, you kept it upright until the multitude of the faithful had left, for you do not desire the death, but the life of those who cry out: Alleluia.

The Life-giving Spring of the Theotokos (source)
Flowing from your spring profusely and in abundance, are the streams of your wonders, O Theotokos, and they truly cover the face of the earth and the sea, and summon all with one mouth to cry out to you:
Rejoice, the preserver of health,
Rejoice, the dispeller of sickness,
Rejoice, you who deliver many from dangers,
Rejoice, you who draw up praise from babes.
Rejoice, for you we call upon day and night,
Rejoice, for you stand to help mightily.
Rejoice, for you are Mother and nourishment,
Rejoice, for you have become my protection and deliverance.
Rejoice, the refuge of Christians,
Rejoice, the protecting-wall of the faithful.
Rejoice, the foundation of those who stand near you,
Rejoice, the correction of those who are guilty.
Rejoice, O water of salvation.

The water of your Spring, O Virgin, has worked strange and awesome deeds surpassing words, and your deeds are strange to hear and surpassing nature, but for us who believe, we venerate them, crying out: Alleluia.
The Theotokos, the Life Giving Spring (source)

The water of incorruption and drink of ambrosia, and the wine bearing nectar, with joy O brethren, let us drink of with joy and fervor, from the Life-bestowing Spring, and let us venerate her all-sacred Icon, crying out: Alleluia.

Bearing in your womb Him Who, before the ages, was begotten of the Father, the Forerunner, hidden within the barren woman's womb, leaped for joy, and glorified, and cried out to the Virgin:
Rejoice, O Pure One Full-of-grace,
Rejoice, she who is blessed among women.
Rejoice, you who gave birth to the Savior of souls,
Rejoice, you who bore the Giver of good things.
Rejoice, for after you, the Lord began to be praised,
Rejoice, for the fruit of your womb is blessed.
Rejoice, through whom grace was given to men,
Rejoice, through whom the bitterness of the curse has ceased.
Rejoice, you who pour forth sweet flowing water,
Rejoice, for you cast out the leader of delusion.
Rejoice, for you bore the spring of life,
Rejoice, for your wondrously multiply your Spring.
Rejoice, O water of salvation.

I cry out to you “Rejoice”, as you unspeakably have birth to the joy of the world, O Theotokos, and at all times I entreat you to ever make me a partaker of your joy, that with a voice of exaltation and a hymn of celebration you might hear: Alleluia.

“Chant,” cries out the Prophet of God, “let all chant unto the King.” With this hymn, we praise you, the perfect beauty of Jacob, and we together with the Forefathers, cry out the following:
Rejoice, the hymn of the Church,
Rejoice, the ode of your inheritance.
Rejoice, the divine subject of the melodists,
Rejoice, the hymn of choirs of musicians.
Rejoice, the all-joyous Psalter of the Forefather David,
Rejoice, the song of Solomon praised by every breath.
Rejoice, for you enlighten the blind through your water,
Rejoice, for you enlighten the fools through your light.
Rejoice, you who seize the faithful from Hades,
Rejoice, you who save the souls of your servants.
Rejoice, through whom I hope for salvation,
Rejoice, in whom I place my hope when I die.
Rejoice, O water of salvation.

O Life-giving Spring, which pours forth deliverance to all of soul and body, (3) receive this poor prayer, and deliver from dangers of all kinds, and deliver from eternal punishment, those who cry out: Alleluia.

And again Ode I, followed by the Kontakion.

The Life-giving Spring of the Theotokos (source)
Christ is risen from the dead, by dead, trampling down upon death, and to those in the tombs, He has granted life! Truly the Lord is risen!

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